“Stay at Home”: Propaganda Video Ridicules Postwar Contemporary Witnesses

The following clip is a crude propaganda video from the German government. Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

From THE ANALYST — There rarely is anything that engages our minds more and touches our hearts more deeply than listening to contemporary World War Two witnesses telling us their recollections of the horrors of war, and of post-war austerities. One can barely even imagine today what those people had to suffer through. And yet they found the strength to build Germany back up after the destruction the war left behind.

They are, or more specifically they were, old men and women who — fighting back the tears in their eyes — would tell us of their fates in front of cameras rolling. Today, most of them have since passed away. It would behoove us to never forget their life-time achievements from which we have infinitely profited from.

Peak of Crudity

The Federal Government now ridicules the memory of those contemporary witnesses with a propaganda piece. Made in the exact style of above-mentioned interviews, it encourages citizens to obligingly stay at home, park themselves lazily on the couch all day, and munch potato chips.

The plot is easily told: In front of a rolling camera, an old man recalls his memory of the “Winter of Corona 2020”, with which horror he had been confronted as a 22-year-old man. Back then “the entire country looked at us” as “an invisible danger threatened everything we believed in, and suddenly the fate of our entire country was put into our hands”. He and the other “heroes” of said epoch “did everything that was expected of them, the only right thing”: To stay at home, lazily park themselves on the couch all day and eat potato chips.

It is hard to one-up this infantile piece of tastelessness. The video may be found on YouTube. Through the use of framing, nudging and blatant disinformation, there is no doubt that the message will fall on fertile ground in susceptible brains.

Video transcript:

00:09   I studied mechanical engineering in Chemnitz,
00:12   when the second wave came.
00:15   Twenty-two…
00:18   I mean, at that age you want to party,
00:21   you want to study, meet someone special or something,
00:24   or go have a drink with friends,
00:27   but destiny… had other plans for us.
00:30   An invisible danger threatened
00:33   everything we believed in,
00:36   and suddenly the fate of our entire country
00:39   was put into our hands.
00:42   And so we all gathered our courage, and we did
00:45   what was expected of us:
00:48   the only right thing, we did…
00:52   Nothing. Absolutely nothing at all!
00:55   We were as lazy as sloths!*
00:58   Days and night, we sat on our a**es at home,
01:01   and fought against the spread of the coronavirus.
01:04   Our couch was the front line,
01:07   and our patience…,was our weapon.
01:10   Ha ha, yes, you know, sometimes…
01:13   I have to almost smile a little bit
01:16   when I think back to those days.
01:19   That was our destiny. This was how
01:22   we became heroes! Back in the days…
01:26   in the Corona Winter of 2020.
01:32   [Federal govt text] You too can become a hero by staying at home. Together against Corona.
*   Translator’s note: At 0:55 the old man says, “Wir waren faul wie die Waschbären” — “We were as lazy as raccoons.” European raccoons are different from US raccoons; they are a lot more laid-back and lazy, while their US mates are quite lively. That’s why I translated the word Waschbären as “sloths”, since sloths are known worldwide as the laziest of all animals.

3 thoughts on ““Stay at Home”: Propaganda Video Ridicules Postwar Contemporary Witnesses

  1. Fortunately, PI news in Germany picked up the topic. This video is incredibly tasteless. I grew up in the forties and fifties, when most german cities were still in ruins ( untill the Turks came and built it all up…. LOL)and the streets full of mutilated war veterans in wheelchairs or on crutches. Often defigured faces or missing limbs. I am not going to the diet of those days: a nurishment of that kind served today would require medical supervision. Worst thing is : the young of today will not even notice how stupid this video is.

  2. Prey the German people will form en mass and over run merkels home, and her hideouts,

    The game is long over, the enemy we all know who they are.

    I advise all to get armed and be prepared to fight back, tooth and nail.

    The cops are now the Gestapo, pushing you into the cattle wagons! Do not obey these murders! Open u eyes!

    the fake lockdown is the new Holocaust,

    Do not obey the fake corona lies, there is NO PANDEMIC! Its organised planned communist takeover!

  3. The old man was ironic, but the government took him seriously and used his different opinion as a propaganda tool. Oh, twisted ways of life !

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