Stabbed to Death in Front of the Hauptbahnhof in Leipzig

I’m told that cultural enrichment was involved in the following murder in Leipzig, although there’s no indication of it in the reporter’s narrative.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Deadly confrontation in Leipzig — On Thursday evening around 7:30pm on Willy Brandt Platz
00:05   in front of the main train station, an argument ensued between at least two people.
00:08   A young man was stabbed;
00:11   bathed in blood he collapsed in front of the West Concourse.
00:14   Although the police and rescue workers arrived quickly at the scene, the man could not be helped.
00:19   He died at the scene. According to information obtained by BILD, the perpetrator is on the run.
00:25   The exact course of events and the background are still unclear.
00:28   What is certain is that the man was fatally injured with a stabbing weapon,
00:31   nor is he, apparently, the only victim.
00:34   A few hundred meters further on, at “Hoefen am Bruehl”, a second man was stabbed.
00:39   He survived and was taken to the hospital with bleeding wounds in his legs

5 thoughts on “Stabbed to Death in Front of the Hauptbahnhof in Leipzig

  1. “And I’ll make them numerous as the sands of the beaches, and they will be thorns in

    your sides, and when those thorns fall on the ground, you will pick them up and pierce

    them in your sides again, and no one knows why.”

    How many in Europe are left unstabbed?

    Is this all for oil?

  2. That’s what they want all globalist traitors, Islamization of Europe!! In the speedy way , Merkel you will rotten in prison, for the crime against Germans and Europeans…

  3. Every single bloody day there are 3rd world incidents of violence against the natives. keep them coming, for that is the only way that the average native will wake up and smell the 3rd world invasion and maybe get off their backsides and actually do something about it.

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