En Route to the Promised Land

The following article discusses the disappearance of thousands of registered asylum seekers in Greece, and the possibility — indeed the likelihood — that the missing culture-enrichers are on their way to Germany, if they are not already there.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this piece from JournalistenWatch:

On the way to Germany?

Every second asylum seeker registered in Greece is “missing”

While Germany is worried about virtually blown up “infection numbers” and expects an even sharper lockdown, atrocities that no longer seem to interest anyone are happening every day in Europe unnoticed by the public.

The “refugee crisis” is not interrupted by the worst pandemic: As it became known on Thursday, that no less than half of all refugees who have applied for asylum in Greece are “missing”. Since, according to the Greek Migration Minister Panagiotis Mitarakis, the asylum applications are still open, there are no fewer than 84,000 people, to which may be added another 32,574 rejected but not deported asylum seekers in Greece. This means that almost 116,000 people have gone underground.

One can guess where they are headed: To Germany, where they cross the (mostly green) border every day as one of several major streams of illegal EU “internally displaced persons”.

As the portal “griechenland.net” reports, one reason for going underground could be the fact that the issuing of electronically readable identity papers for asylum seekers should be completed by January 15, 2021 at the latest — a measure that an EU that is concerned about the safety of its citizens implemented first in 2015, right after the refugee crisis initiated by Angela Merkel.

If identification is made easier from now on, a much clearer picture will emerge of who among them is actually in Greece — or who is actually hanging around illegally in other EU countries as a refugee registered in Greece.

The route of the money

It is true that Greece also assumes the possibility that a certain number of those who have gone underground “still live illegally in Greece,” but the majority may have “traveled illegally to other EU countries” — against the background that Turkey, since March 10, is not accepting the return of anymore rejected asylum seekers, which corresponds to the contractual agreement between Ankara and Brussels — a regulation owed to Turkey’s economic weakness (with the accompanying dwindling acceptance of refugees there), which is reinforced against the background of the corona pandemic.

It is no surprise that the migrants do not want asylum in Greece and prefer to move on to Germany — and further proof of the hair-raising misconception that a “solidarity” quota of refugees across all EU states would result in something like a fair sharing of the burden.

In fact, they are economic migrants — who want to use the best possible and most lucrative social system for themselves — and that is — where else? — the one in Germany.

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    • and one should not forget to mention the tax evaders that move to the UK, the city of London and some caribean islands being a tax haven, but only for billionairs. I could drop names here, but I better don’t. It takes millions to buy a home in Chelsea or Kensington.
      California is not a tax haven by all means, but the muslim invaders do not find their way there.I typed in names and found real estate transactions publicized in the millions, right close to Pebble Beach, greenfee 500$ if they let you in.

  1. It’s unreal except that it isn’t. You see these characters of all shades and colours except those related. These herds of alien creatures are Muslims. Their politics and ideology is 100% about getting rid of infidels. The same infidels whose country they have entered illegally or as refuges? Is Western Europe simply in shock? Surely this can’t be a man plan? Hitler and his Axis had one of those. They had to fight all the way. It cost at least fifty million lives eventually. Dumbfounding that the now apparently girly manned lands would even hesitate.

  2. How they on earth hot to Greece???, who let in to Greece??, I tought Greece block this parasites from enter the country, how are they going underground??, is this safe countries like Slovenia , Bułgaria , Macedonia , Croatia, Hungary , cannot stop them !!, I don’t understand…

    • Well, that is obvious: it is impossible to prevent any flip-flop wearing “refugee” from crossing multiple borders. You can lockdown millions easily because of plandemic, but flip-flops are magical.

    • I have heard through various folks that these 3rd world invaders are going through small villages in Serbia and Slovenia and parts of Croatia and simply disappearing. Seems the villagers are not going to put up with them?

  3. New asylum applications in Germany are down from last year, but have since returned to roughly 8000–9000/month (100K/year). That suggests most who are missing in Greece have come to Germoney. The million who came in 2015 are projected to cost 40–50 billion euros each year of their lives. While 2015 may have been a one-off, the present influx is still adding that cost again every decade. The total running cost has since accumulated to roughly the intractable, expected, coming annual deficit in the German pension system (if I remember correctly).

    This can not continue and I bet will be financed through traditional, Italian-style central banking.

  4. Now from Evros river is impossible to enter Europe.
    They have find a new way coming here through Bulgaria.
    They do not stay because they have no benefits,no jobs and they complain that we behave as if they do not exist,they hang about among us like shadows. We simply ignore them.
    The thing that you have not understand is that they are sent here from Turkey who wishes to succeed what did not succeed on 17th century.The Turks wishes to spread Islam all over Europe and these people will be used to attack us in the future helping Turkey to rule Europe at last.
    Erdogan is a dangerous lunatic who immagine himself as a ruler from Caucasus to East Med to north Africa and though Spain and Balkans to Europe.
    The European leaders simply look the other way.

    It is said that these 32.000 who are missing are ISIS fighters,and really we do not know how many of them we have here.
    God help us.

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