Shoot the Mask-Rejecters!

The video below shows excerpts from an entertaining piece of Corona street theater in Germany. Oz-Rita, who translated the clip for subtitles, includes these introductory notes:

This is a “Wake-Up Flash Mob” in the German city of Cottbus. The conceit is that the players are addressing prayers of supplication to the German Core Totalitarian team.

“Söder” refers to Bavarian Minister-President Markus Söder, whose party (the CSU) is the Bavarian Siamese twin of Angela Merkel’s CDU. Mr. Söder is rumored to have ambitions to become the next Chancellor. His totalitarian COVID measures are the worst in Germany — he wants to out-Nazi the Nazis.

Jens Spahn (CDU) is the gay Federal Health Minister. The recent Ermächtigungsgesetz hustled through the Bundestag the other day faster than they used to drive wild pigs through the villages — a law very like the 1933 Hitler law —gives unlimited powers over the people (including the right to enter homes) to Merkel and those whom she designates — e.g. Spahn. (He and his husband just bought a residence worth several million euros, while people are losing their jobs.)

Christian Drosten is the Chief Virologist who had his hands in the PCR test that is now considered discredited by everyone of even mild intelligence. He was the Angela Merkel’s Poster Boy (having previously been involved in the scandal surrounding the Swine Flu) and his “prestige” is fast disappearing.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:05   Double mask and double distance; Söder [Bavarian Premier] hear us.
00:10   Speed tests in all public spaces;
00:14   Drosten [chief virologist] hear us!
00:17   Surveillance by drones;
00:21   Söder hear us!
00:25   Masks with insanity —
00:29   jolts when slipping; Spahn [Health Minister] hear us.
00:33   Shoot the mask-rejecters;
00:37   Merkel [German Chancellor] hear us.
00:41   Spahn hear us.
00:45   Söder hear us.
00:49   Drosten hear us.
00:53   Merkel hear us.
00:57   Spahn hear us.
01:01   Söder hear us.
01:05   Drosten hear us.