Masks Are Good For Your Lungs!

The translator referred to the following video as propaganda from German mainstream TV, but it seems like it must be a spoof. German readers: please let us know if this is for real.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   The mask has not only disadvantages, as we often feel, but also many advantages,
00:03   because the mask trains your respiratory muscles. Of course,
00:06   I have increased resistance when I breathe through it;
00:09   that makes us stronger, and that’s good for the lungs,
00:12   and secondly, we acclimatize to the higher CO2 levels in our air,
00:16   and that improves our overall condition.
00:20   The mask requirement makes double sense: it protects you from germs and trains your lungs,
00:25   and that just by the way. This way you’re well-armed against viruses.
00:30   And don’t forget: TAKE A DEEP BREATH.

12 thoughts on “Masks Are Good For Your Lungs!

  1. Listening to the German soundtrack I see no evidence that this is a spoof. This is because the video stresses that the body can LEARN and TRAIN, which have been virtues central to pre-immi-vasion German culture.

    The female narrator is also uniformly enthusiastic in tone, there is no trace of sarcasm through overemphasis.

    Compare the common belief in Germany that going to a sauna in winter regularly trains the blood vessels to close and open better and hence prevents you from catching a cold.

    Here, the cunning propaganda trick is to suggest that difficulty in breathing is actually only proof that you are building up lung muscle.

    Funny, all those TB and lung cancer patients of bygone years were really being criminally neglected by their doctors who refused to prescribe them masks (irony:off)

    This style of uninvited busybody advice spoken by a nagging female is common enough on German State TV, I recall a late night TV announcer reminding/instructing condo-dwelling viewers to make sure that their TV was not bothering the neighbours on that particular summer night by closing their windows

  2. I doubt this is a parody, the pandemic that does not exist has long past the point of self-parody, and qualifies as the biggest outbreak of mass insanity in human history.

  3. Yes, this is real. I couldn’t believe it, at first, so I looked it up on ZDF’s official website. It’s part of some stupid programme, presumably watched exclusively by elderly ladies (you know, those they call Umweltsau). From min 26:14 there is something about strengthening one’s lungs. Among other, more plausible advice, they recommend mask wearing. That is, a doctor is recommending it. A doctor who should know better.

    I wasn’t going to get upset about these things anymore, because it’s really not worth it, but now I am. I mean, really, this is like telling people, banging your head against a wall is good for the brain!

  4. I agree with the 3 previous commentators. It does not come across in tone, expression or anything else as sarcasm. After just finishing a talk with my sister, the government seems to have the public which doesn’t believe that the government has anything other than the best for them in mind in their propaganda grip.

  5. Unbelievable. These people are idiots. Next they will be telling us that rebreathing CO2 keeps it out of the atmosphere and thus contributed to reducing global warming. Th8s is really very sad that human beings have become so addled.

  6. If the pandemic is not real, why has the US experienced a sharp rise in deaths, compared to the background level?

    It’s not the Andromeda Strain and we’re not all going to die, but we’ve lost 200 thousand and counting. True, most of them up in years and thus destined to die anyhow in a decade or two, for the most part. But now? They needn’t have died this year. In the normal course of events, they’d have lived out 2020.

    There’s also hundreds of thousands of people who didn’t make a full and robust recovery and may never do so. That has to count into the ledger when you try and add up whether Covid is serious.

    • What are you saying,
      – wearing of useless cloth masks that do not filter down to 0.3 microns at least
      – destruction of small and medium business;-
      -higher death rates from delayed GP consults and surgery;
      – the surveillance and bankster-driver abolition of ‘infectious’ cash
      – abolition of habeas corpus and indefinite detention (Melbourne)

      are alright by you?

      Please educate yourself by reading

      “According to the latest immunological studies, the overall lethality of Covid-19 (IFR) in the general population ranges between 0.1% and 0.5% in most countries, which is comparable to the medium influenza pandemics of 1957 and 1968.”

      Do you recall the epidemics of 1957 and 1968? I thought not. But the normie sheeple who lived through them have no recall of them either because at that time there was no media campaign.

      Compare what happened in the USA when Orson Welles broadcast War of the Worlds on radio in 1938. Gotcha….

    • Certainly the Wuhan Virus has been deadly.

      Just think of how many thousands have died from suicide after their businesses went under due to some government thug dictating that they shut down, or the hundreds of thousands of people with needed surgeries or medical treatments who died because they could not get medical attention while their hospital stood idle waiting for the flood of Wuhan Virus patients that never materialized. Certainly those who died from narcotics overdoses or alcohol related causes while they sat at home in an enforced idleness as their meager savings and financial security vanished like a fart in the wind have to count as well. And lastly the partners who died in domestic violence incidents after being forced to shelter in place with someone whom they couldn’t stand to be around any longer must be added to the tally.

      I would agree; all those individuals needn’t have died this year so the extemely elderly, morbidly obese, those with preexisting medical conditions, and fearful Karens ready to throw their precious liberty away for a little temporary security could go on living.

  7. Just little bit of real primary school science.
    Every human exhaled 40,000 parts per million Carbon Dioxide in our breath. That is 4% of our breath.
    It so happens that if I was to breath in 40,000ppm CO2 I would die in about 30 minutes.
    Now as we all know CO2 – far from being pollution as some marxist U.S. judge decided – is an doubtless, tasteless, invisible trace gas in the earths atmosphere at a level of about 400 ppm presently. In order to make our wonderful world greener we need much more.
    All life would end if the CO2 level fell below 280ppm which is what the global warmists are aiming for.
    Back to the masks or muzzels
    It is obvious if you cover your mouth and nose with a piece of rag you will be breathing in dangerous levels of your own CO2 especially those poor workers who are forced to wear them all day.
    This will lead to long term brain damage among other serious health problems.
    That is the reason I refuse to be emasculated.

  8. You should wear them when at high altitudes because plants crave electrolytes.
    I see drooling dullards wearing them while driving or out walking as we live in a Covid Sharia clown world.
    Only a dumbed down degenerated driven mad by materialism globe would fall for this absurd psyop that will be used for the upheaval of everything and societal reset to benefit the inbred globalist pondscum.

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