Pedal to the Metal

I’ll be leaving shortly to pay a visit to my cousins. I’ve become so mask-averse that it borders on obsession, so I’m pleased to say that my relatives aren’t at all mask freaks. They wear them when they have to, like I do, but they don’t rant about it as much.

I’ll be away overnight, so there will be no news feed tonight. However, I should be back early enough to put one up tomorrow night. Comments will be moderated upon my return.

I’ve noticed that a lot of people are now closing their messages with a new pandemic-related signoff. I’ll join the trend, albeit ironically:


2 thoughts on “Pedal to the Metal

  1. Hey! Where are you going with my ’47 Chevy Fleetmaster? You have repainted it. It was originally Cotswald Blue.
    Okay, so I traded it for a ’58 Dodge Power Wagon, a four-wheel drive pickup that was more my taste.

  2. I’ve become somewhat similar.

    They’re fortunately not required in this jurisdiction (except at the initiative of premises owners).

    I made a bit of a scene at the voting station two weeks ago for the provincial election. It was held in a municipal building, and the municipality (being a super-“woke” place) decided that we should wear masks to enter to… vote in a provincial election. There seems to me to be something wrong about a municipality conditioning entry to vote in a provincial election. My view is that if you rent out the space to the provincial election commission, you give up the right to determine who enters for that purpose.

    So I just ignored the municipal employee who was advising people to wear masks, informing him that I wasn’t entering for a municipal purpose.

    Interestingly, nobody tried to “do anything about it”. I think that they knew full well that their position wasn’t a very tenable one.

    I feel this way because it’s quite clear to me that it’s all theatre. I wouldn’t if it actually helped with the situation.

    Incidentally, the provincial government, the same one that is NOT making masks mandatory, increased their number of seats such that they’re now a majority. They got my vote, and this is one of the reasons. They’ve got other flaws, but at least they’re not being *randomly* authoritarian on things that don’t even have a purpose.

    So far.

    At any rate, it’s better than one can say for many of the other governments.

    What a sad sack of overlords we live with.

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