Hooray for Chirectomy! Let’s Hear it for Lapidation!

The German anti-sharia activist Michael Stürzenberger is renowned for his public events in Munich. The clip below is an excerpt from a six-hour live stream at an event that took place yesterday in Berlin. In it you’ll see Mr. Stürzenberger hand the microphone to a Muslim, who celebrates Islam’s religious customs, including amputation for theft and the stoning of adulterers. At the end of the clip Mr. Stürzenberger notes the applause for these practices coming from part of the audience.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling. The translator includes this additional information:

The BPE team was with Michael Stürzenberger on Friday 9 October from 12 to 19 o’clock at Alexanderplatz in Berlin. There were exciting discussions with interested citizens in the capital. It was quite dicey at Alexanderplatz. A bottle was thrown at Michael Stürzenberger, the perpetrator was held by the police. However, there were only a few police officers on site, since the majority of the police were busy with the evacuation of the “Liebig 34” [to be featured in later videos].

Video transcript:

00:00   First, I want to say as a Muslim that I’m not ashamed of anything!
00:04   Social distancing. 1.5 meters.
00:07   Of anything in Islam. According to Islam, in the case of theft,
00:14   the hand is to be chopped off.
00:19   This is applicable when four people, independent of each other,
00:25   witness the theft with their own eyes!
00:29   This is merciful of the creator. How merciful.
00:34   And what about stoning? And stoning by adultery? It’s the same.
00:38   Four independent witnesses, right?
00:41   Then there’s stoning. —Yeah, even with stoning. I’m not ashamed of my religion.
00:46   Why should I be ashamed of laws that the creator decreed for humanity?
00:51   OK, friends, we’re taking a break now.
00:56   I can see that there is applause here for stoning and chopping of hands for theft. Very revealing.

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9 thoughts on “Hooray for Chirectomy! Let’s Hear it for Lapidation!

  1. Clever entitlement, tracing back as it were to pre islamic times, thank the one and real God of Judeo Christianity!!!….

  2. Most of the worst excesses of islam could be neutralized by the introduction of feminist ideologies to its women. Especially in western countries if the leaders only had the cojones to require them to adhere to the same laws as those who have lived here longer than others. Muslim men love to enjoy illicit sex just as much as their non muslim counterparts, and a loosening of morals brought about by infecting muslim women with western feminism would certainly facilitate that. Or we could just [intemperate recommendations redacted] once war becomes inevitable.

    • When Bush sent our soldiers to Afghanistan while searching the home they found pornography rampant among the Muslim men. The men also practiced homosexual acts with Bacha Boys who are men with feminine faces. muslims are the most disgusting people on the planet. and i do not believe in moderate or peaceful muslims because they all follow the same violent death book the Quran.

      • I know, I was there.

        Afghanis are second only to Somalis in repugnance among the various national strains of islamists imho. Although Pakistanis have all of them beat hands-down no-contest when it comes to duplicity and backstabbing.

        • Still a whole other Western European world dallies in the desert with their goods as well as sexual and political favors in tow. Everything from slaves by any other name to national betrayal favors for cash. The primitives once contained in the mountains, deserts and jebels of South Arabia now power down the high streets of the UK and elsewhere – amazed.

        • These people, Afghanis, Pakis, Arabs, were Muslims long before Islam came on the scene. Islam is a function of the people, not the other way round.

  3. “Muslim men love to enjoy illicit sex just as much as their non muslim”

    I think humans do not do the right things, even if those things/ rules laws — are in their interest. Like kids in school. They don’t like a strict teacher even if just and knows what he is doing. But they appreciate him/her when they are 45 years old and they attribute their success to his/ her discipline.

    If laws are not applied with force no one respects them. . . human nature.

    Our problem in USA and other democracies is mockery of laws. Just for a simple violation that a policeman is doing his job, some do resist to death. Many times I have committed traffic violation, not deliberately, I stop, obey, handed a ticket for $163.00 and I get a thank you.

    Through that fine I try to learn a lesson. . . not to infringe.

    Judeo-Christian laws were/ are intended to make one really feel repentant and have internal respect for the rights of others.

    Muslim laws are designed for other purposes: If a mulim rapes or steals from a non Muslim he wouldn’t lose a finger or get a scratch. Muslim laws are designed to colonize non Muslim lands, cities, fields, 9- and above year-old girls, their hills, rivers. And because they have 4 wombs and the earth is too small to have Osamas with 52 siblings , then massacre them to get lebenstraum. Just look at Erdogan ( I detest the name) massacring Armenians. Look ate Jews in Israel.

    Honor killing, stoning, and every other muslim law is designed to create merciless warriors just like janissaries. Did Georgians and Tbilisi forgot that 20% of janissaries were Georgians, and today it is friendly with Turkey and Azerbaijan.

    Muslims surrounding Russia are getting ready to colonize. Just imagine what would have Muslims done to Russians had it not been so strict. Just look now.

    Ok countries like Poland, Bulgaria, Ukraine and others, . . . after getting their independence why do they play the role of a rogue? Why does Poland invite Muslims from previous USSR to empower them and inctigate them against Russia.

    There is a network of chechens stretching from Poland Germany and Austria with all types of crimes. Chechens are raping Oesterreich . . . what the devil put that idea in their dense head.

    Losing faith. Losing principles. Losing honor. Losing own country.

    I forgot : shopping for votes votes votes. Let the country go to hell with the help of blind democracy.

    Ardogan is begging for confrontations.

    Turkey is bursting with litter so he wants space. He told UK foreign secretary “we got back some parts of Europe. That’s our tradition.”

    UK where now the sun shines only a few hours never comprehended a word of it.

    The sun never sets on Pakistan and its colonies in Britain and Aussie.

  4. Freedom will be made a lost cause by our bottomless pit of accommodations for our sworn enemies. Muslims have their own up and running Islamic National Service busy trodding down what they see as their inferiors . Such brilliant thinking EU.

  5. The Battle of Tours, also called the Battle of Poitiers was fought on 10 October 732. Well done Charles Martel.

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