No-Mask Shopping in a German Supermarket

As an antidote to my Corona rant from earlier tonight, consider this supermarket in Germany where the proprietor has instituted no-mask shopping. Customers must feel the way I do when I visit the Amish market out here in the backwoods.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   So, here are we today.
00:03   The REWE [supermarket] is open,
00:06   and now you can go shopping WITHOUT a mask. And it is like this: one needs a code-word
00:10   because the mask-wearers, the Corona believers, are NOT allowed
00:13   to enter today. Exactly, we are today like one [unintelligible].
00:16   Because they, through the use of the real germy Joey [mask], collect germs throughout the week,
00:20   so that it could become life-threatening to people who don’t wear masks.
00:24   And that’s why we’re here today, to do our shopping without a mask.
00:27   My greatest respects to the proprietor. We’re not going to tell you
00:30   where this is, because that would be DENUNCIATION.
00:33   “That must be done away with.” It’s like World War II… here we are again,
00:37   and soon we’ll have to wear those little “armbands” again. [Life] It’s no longer normal in Germany.
00:41   So you denunciators, we won’t tell you where we are.
00:45   And WE are shopping without a MASK, totally relaxed… Have a lovely Sunday.

2 thoughts on “No-Mask Shopping in a German Supermarket

  1. Keep fighting good people, keep fighting this madness scum , for your kids and grandchildren, it’s worth it ..

  2. Out here in New Brunswick, a place that has many faults, there is one redeeming quality: the provincial government has NOT made masks mandatory.

    It has led to very curious results:

    1) They’re most common among the young (and naive) vs the old (and vulnerable?).

    2) Private stores can establish their policies as they wish, and I can choose to shop there or elsewhere.

    The most curious thing, I find, is that in my small town, the private store that has the fewest corona-related “stuff” is… the pharmacy! One of the supermarkets is very big on hand sanitizer on those going in (I really don’t see the harm in that one, and it’s quite conceivable that it helps, especially if people’s fingers have previously been fiddling with virus-ridden masks!). The other supermarket doesn’t seem to care about hands so much, but very heavily recommends masks (though from experience, they don’t outright insist). The one place that totally insists on masks is… a music store. Go figure. Regionally, all Walmarts also seem to insist on masks, which I find curious.

    Meanwhile, bars have re-opened, and my 70+ friends, some of whom are overweight, are planning an outing there this week, which I don’t think is the greatest idea for them risk-wise (but at 45 and borderline underweight, I’ll take my own chances).

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