A Virus of Opportunity

Let’s be clear about it: the Wuhan Coronavirus is not a pandemic.

If we were in a normal situation, and the disease hadn’t been politicized, we could rely on recorded statistics to tell us whether or not COVID-19 should be classified as a pandemic. Unfortunately, this is not a normal situation. Statistics on the infection have been gamed and manipulated to inflate both incidence and fatality rates. I have no confidence in any of the aggregate statistics put out by state and federal governments.

Therefore I am forced to focus on anecdotal evidence and utilize common sense. For the past three or four months, during my very limited social interactions (mostly involving family and close friends), I’ve made it my habit to quiz people about their personal experience with the coronavirus: Do you know anyone who has contracted COVID-19? If so, did any of them die of it?

For myself, I don’t even know anyone who has tested positive for the disease, much less died of it. And the overwhelming majority of the people I asked don’t know anyone who has had it. Out of all the people I have asked, only one person knows someone (a very elderly person) who died of the WuFlu.

If this were a real pandemic, we would all know multiple victims of it. Every family would have seen at least one fatality from it. Every person would be able to give a lengthy roster of friends and relatives who had contracted it, some of whom would have died.

But this is most definitely not the case with COVID-19. The only encounter we have with alarming news about the disease is when we watch TV.

[An aside — I’m certain that nurses and other front-line health care workers would are exceptions to what I just described; none of the people I have talked to fall into that category. However, the experiences of medical professionals do not invalidate the general conclusion that COVID-19 is not a pandemic.]

The evidence is overwhelming that there is no justification for the draconian shutdowns and mask mandates and forced social distancing. The “pandemic” is all hype and hoopla aimed at credulous people with the evident intention of scaring them witless.

I have a couple of other points to make before I conclude this evening’s Corona rant.

Gates of Vienna’s long-time British commenter Mark H has compared the measures taken against the coronavirus — primarily the mask mandate — with those used to combat drunk driving. I have the highest respect for Mark, so it pains me to say that this is an inappropriate analogy. If contracting COVID is like a deadly encounter with a drunk driver, then the strictures imposed on the British public by Her Majesty’s government are like requiring ALL drivers to get off the road until the drunk drivers have all been neutralized. No one would be allowed to get into his or her car for fear of interacting with a drunk driver somewhere out there on the road.

A sane approach to the issue would be to help the small minority of people who are severely at risk — Mark is one of those — to deal with their situation. Detailed, unsensationalized information should be made widely available about the dangers of COVID-19 for the very elderly, people with respiratory diseases, diabetics, and acute sufferers from other chronic diseases. The resources of the state could be utilized to intervene with and protect people in those at-risk groups — to help them in their homes, deliver food to them, provide sanitizing materials gratis, etc. Meanwhile, relatively healthy people — the vast majority of the population — could go about their business unhindered.

That would be the sane approach to the issue, but governments throughout the West are collectively insane at the moment. It seems that scaring the bejeebers out of ordinary citizens is their preferred plan of action.

Here’s another analogy for the current regimen: imagine that the government decided to help everyone with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome (MCS) by banning all perfumes, deodorants, after-shaves, and other commonly-used fragrances. Mind you, that’s what some sufferers from MCS demand — and one can sympathize with them — but governments have so far eschewed the imposition of blanket bans on fragrances.

The draconian response to COVID-19 is similar. In both cases, the affected subgroup is a tiny percentage of the general population. And in both cases the measures imposed (or proposed, in the case of MCS) harm and inconvenience everyone. In fact, the lockdowns and restrictions imposed because of the coronavirus do far more damage to the commonweal than banning perfumes and deodorants ever could.

This seems to me a commonsensical overview of the situation with the Wuhan Coronavirus. Yet common sense is utterly lacking in the government policies concerning the disease.

It’s understandable that political leaders may have invested so much in their initial hardline responses to the hysteria that they are now reluctant to admit error and back away from their earlier positions. And it seems obvious that many of those who were given a taste of absolute power — especially Democrat governors and mayors — like the way it feels and don’t want to relinquish it.

There are major overlapping interests that need the “pandemic” to continue, with all the attendant fear-mongering and totalitarian controls. There doesn’t have to be a single overarching conspiracy behind what is happening now, but it’s clear that some of the wealthiest and most powerful people on the planet view COVID-19 as an exploitable resource.

Bill Gates, Boris Johnson, and Mark Zuckerberg may have quite different reasons for their promotion of the coronavirus scare. For now, however, their interests have converged, and the imaginary pandemic must be inflicted upon all of us.

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  1. @ Baron Bodissey

    Re: “This seems to me a commonsensical overview of the situation with the Wuhan Coronavirus. Yet common sense is utterly lacking in the government policies concerning the disease.”

    Before the discussion, please permit me to ask: How are you? I hope you are soldiering on, doing the best you can. Is there a way to contribute to your blog via snail mail, via personal check?

    The reason why the official response to the “epidemic” makes no sense is because – with some exception – the governments of the west no longer work for their respective peoples, their citizens, but for the billionaire oligarchs of the ruling class and their paid lackeys. You hint at this with your conclusion, mentioning such stalwart oligarchs as Gates, Johnson and Zuckerberg.

    The globalist project, remember, has been decades in the making. We know that from statements by its leaders, including David Rockefeller, who died not long ago having passed his 100th birthday. The globalist oligarchs are extremely powerful, well-connected individuals, and many are wealthy beyond comprehension. These are people accustomed to shaping the world around them to their own liking, notwithstanding such trifles as the wishes of the great unwashed around them or the laws of the land.

    They are, however, vulnerable in a few ways and they know it -which is why they act as they have acted. They are small in number, they wish to operate via indirect methods from the shadows, and insofar as it is possible, they wish to remain anonymous. And if not totally anonymous, then without any hard evidence linking them to their various acts.

    Because they are small in number, gun control has been central to their program from the beginning. They know that disarmed people are much more-easily controlled than ones who retain the means of self-defense. Few things must haunt the sleep of these billionaires, but one nightmare must be of an enraged mob, armed to the teeth, coming for them, torches, pitchforks and rope in hand.

    This is why so many of these men -and they are mostly men – hire the finest ex-military and ex-law enforcement personnel in the world as their security guards, and it is why Davos and other globalist confabs are always surrounded by a phalanx of heavily-armed, fit-looking men with wary eyes and weapons they try to conceal under their clothes.

    Their small numbers is also why the globalists have spent literally years patiently subverting and co-opting the various national and international institutions around the world, to bring them under control. Bill Gates practically owns the World Health Organization, and it is rumored that George Soros has no less than Pope Francis on the payroll. The UN, World Bank, International monetary Fund, you name it – they probably control it. Most likely via proxies, cutouts, and other subtle means – but control none the less.

    Because of their immense wealth, the ruling class have been able to buy or co-opt politicians, major officials, religious figures, as well as the organizations with which they are associated, from the U.S. Congress to NATO to the CIA to the UN. They’ve planned well, too, having a deep bench and plenty of redundancy in case some of their people can’t be relied upon anymore.

    The oligarchs can’t simply walk in and announce that they’re taking over, and that millions of people will no longer be free to lead life as they had before – although nothing would probably give them more pleasure. They can’t reveal themselves or their plans in the open too soon, or it could all come a cropper. Which is why they choose to operate from the shadows, via intermediaries, cutouts, shell companies and non-profits and other clandestine means.

    The globalists have spent years toppling foreign (non-U.S.) governments, recently most-notably in the Ukraine and Libya. They are trying to topple Syria, albeit not yet with success. Their model is the so-called “Color Revolution.” In the Ukraine, U.S.-NATO intelligence agencies interfaced seamlessly with Soros-funded NGOs and non-profits to foment chaos, division, ferment, violence and ultimately civil war, toppling the elected government of then-President Viktor Yanukovych.

    At the Maiden Square, western-backed coup plotters stationed snipers at strategic positions around the demonstrations, sited so as to permit fire upon either side of the barricades. Why fire on both sides? Simple: So that each side will blame the other, not realize that they are being manipulated into a war they needn’t have fought. The outcome in the Ukraine was in the favor of the globalists – installation of a neo-fascist puppet government friendly with the western oligarchs. It wasn’t long at all before the IMF and other vultures moved in to strip what remained of the nation’s wealth.

    The election of Donald Trump was a black swan the globalists apparently did not foresee (there are those, such as Brandon Smith, who believe that DJT actually works for the other side, but let’s lay that theory aside for now). Think of Covid-19 as their counter-attack after the set-backs of Brexit, Trump, the Yellow Vests in France, and the continued intransigence of the Visegrad Four nations, amongst other things.

    It is known as fact that ordinary people will surrender their rights and liberties in the name of public and personnel health – in a way they would otherwise not be inclined to do. The Influence Pandemic of 1918 – a real, genuine pandemic whose lethality was never in doubt – shows this.

    A number of world-renowned scientists and physicians, including a Nobel Prize-winner virologist from France, have come forward to say that the covid-19 virus is man-made, that it is not nearly as dangerous as the powers-that-be portray it to be, and that the draconian lockdowns across the U.S. and the West are doing nothing to halt or slow the illness, such as it is.

    The covid-19 event, let’s call it, was either the luckiest black swan in reverse in history, one this time in their favor, or the globalists and their pals have engineered it from the beginning. The evidence increasingly points to the latter conclusion. Why else were Gates and friends war-gaming pandemic/epidemic response scenarios as long as five years ago? The evidence is not yet conclusive regarding who is ultimately responsible for the virus, the deep-state and the oligarchs here in the U.S., the PRC, or some combination of both. The scientists have already said emphatically that covid-19 did not originate in nature; it has gene sequences found nowhere in the natural world within the covid-type viruses.

    Covid-19 leads to the lock-down of U.S. society, during the run-up to the election, therefore making mail-in ballots plausible and necessary, we are told. Opening a window for the black bag artists to steal the election for their side. Covid-19 is also punishment, in so many words, for what the elites see as the betrayal of the masses against the oligarchs themselves and the brave new world being built for them.

    Covid-19 led seamlessly into the manufactured crisis of the George Floyd incident in Minneapolis-St.Paul, MN, as well as civil unrest in Portland, Seattle and other liberal-left strongholds. Also flare-ups in Kenosha, Racine and other places in Middle America.

    This is nothing more than the opening phase of the color revolution the elites have planned for the U.S.A. After years on the road fine-tuning their act, they’ve brought it home to the land of baseball, apple pie and Chevrolet.

    The endgame of the color revolution, if it succeeds, is the rollout of their globalist agenda, as embodied in Agenda 21, the Georgia Guidestones, and now the World Economic Forum’s “great reset” program. And all the rest of it.

    Bringing our discussion back around to the virus itself, think of it as an unconventional weapon aimed straight at the heart of America and western civilization – and you won’t be far-wrong.

    • Oh, I think our color revolution is already here. It’s just a slo-mo revolution, unfolding under most people’s radar. Getting Biden elected is the short-term goal, and based on what James O’Keefe uncovered in Minneapolis, that’s right on track. And I would assume O’Keefe’s suicide is already scheduled.

      As for donations, until I get my act together with another online payments service, you can send me an email at gatesofvienna {at} chromatism {dot} net, and I’ll give you a snail mail address. And thank you.

      • I have a gut feeling that O’Keefe (and Project Veritas) is a shill for the globalists.

        He does not look honest.

        I cannot prove it at the moment though. I know it sounds far-fetched.

        I think that there may be two sides among the globalist who are somewhat competing. On side is Soros and his mob and superiors (the Rothschilds?) the other globalist mob is a group that controls Google and Facebook etc..

        Till recently, when Soros managed to get more influence in Facebook, he had kept saying that they should be “controlled”.

        O’Keefe must be on the Soros side, because he often exposes Google.

        This all may sound a bit mixed up, but it is just a kind of intuition.

        • there is one thing for certain and that is that your so-called instincts are impaired. You cannot tell by James O’Keefe appearance that he is the enemy. In fact, I think [ad hominem redacted] for slandering an honest man like James. Furthermore, you make an absurd statement that he is a Soros stooge because of google. In fact google is owned by globalists, soros is a globalist which means they are in co-hoots to destroy America. Okeefe is a Conservative. [ad hominems redacted]

        • It IS far fetched…because it is not the truth. Okeefe for many years has exposed various companies, foundations and people for operating scams. Why don’t you go to YouTube and look for Project Veritas’ channel and there you will find all the video proof that he has uncovered. The media slanders him, he sues, and they post the truth and he posts the articles and sources that he has exposed. You will stop shilling for the left. And you will be entertained. I assure you.

  2. According to the International Labour Organization,23 ‘1.6 billion informal economy workers (representing the most vulnerable in the labor market), out of a worldwide total of 2 billion and a global workforce of 3.3 billion, have suffered massive damage to their capacity to earn a living. This is due to lockdown measures and/or because they work in the hardest-hit sectors.’

    According to the World Food Programme,24 a quarter of a billion additional people will be pushed to hunger and 300,000 could die every day … Killing cannot be a prescription for saving lives.”


  3. Very good article, thank you for that.

    “If this were a real pandemic, we would all know multiple victims of it.” – Yes, that’s precisely the point. None of us does.

    • Really, you genius.
      I know multie people that had the virus.
      1 I had the virus in July 2 weeks of weakness, loss of taste,smell and sweating.Not able to do too much except rest.Came out of it after 3 weeks, cough persisted 2 months, now I am fine.
      2 I have 2 coworkers that had similar signs came out of it in 2 weeks.
      3 I have at least 4 clients that had it and in survivable form
      4 my cousin was 3 weeks in intensive care and after she was released home she was left with pleurisy And she. Is back in hospital with a very harsh treatment .I frankly do not know if she will make it’s a normal Person ever, but I hope.
      5 a colleague with the same profession now in hospital and struggling

      It is not for the first time I meet with idiotic articles here and [ad hominems redacted],… just bang on computer keys board .

      I have one wish for you all deniers: GO AND GET INFECTED WITH C9RONA AND SEE HOW FUN IT IS…MORONS

  4. I was recently with my mother at the grocery store and saw a sign that read “No shucking due to Covid-19.” This led to an observation: you know that Wuhan Covid-19 Kung Flu isn’t as serious as various governments want us to believe because we can choose our own fresh fruits and vegetables, nor do we have to wear gloves to do so.

  5. Absolutely!
    Thank you for COMMON (now uncommon) SENSE!

    Have a great day, y’all!
    from the land of o

  6. I stand by my analogy regarding masks; I’m not asking people not to go out, just not to go into shared, confined spaces without one. I especially resent having to wear one (since last Thursday) in the shop where I work (which I do anyway), but not being allowed to insist on customers doing the same.

    Some of the other measures are excessive and ridiculous; I can meet a friend in a pub, but not (in much of England, and London soon if the mayor has his way) invite them round.

    There is a theory- and only that- that wearing a (non-medical) mask may enhance immunity

  7. Good rant. Massive government and corporate intervention, with infringement of rights and the imposition of huge social and physical dislocations, promoted via media-fueled hysteria and fear. Yet, we are still left guessing as to the the origin of the virus, how it was inflicted upon us, who did it, and why.

  8. As an (very) old medical doctor I suggest where you can get good information [against the present odd ‘rules’]:

    1. Sebastian Rushworth – What about…
    at https://sebastianrushworth.com/
    « and »
    2. Malcolm Kendrick, Doctor, author, speaker, sceptic
    at https://drmalcolmkendrick.org/

    In both sites things are very well explained and offer peace of mind. You can find several interesting topics, besides covid.

    Have a good time.

  9. I dare to add…
    As an ex-military, I must say that knowing for sure the pandemic is real (as a bio or chemical atack), top leaders of the world will not appear public without special equipment…such as anti-chemical suits (if a sick person sneeze on you, you are infected, you take the virus home, mask is only for looking idiot), military masks (these masks people wear can stop particles down to 35-40 microns…viruses are under 10 microns) and all personnel having direct contact with them should be 100% germ free. All masters would be paranoid about. Most of them are old people. So, as long the masters don’t bother having real virus protection, why should we?

  10. Another (seemingly effortless) exposition BB; beautifully written and grammatically immaculate. More power to your elbow!

  11. A friend’s brother, whom I met the days before his wedding, recently died from the Wuhan virus. He was hospitalized for sixteen days and died on a ventilator. The next closest I know of were the grandparents of a friend of a neighbor, a few months ago. First one caught it, then the other, and short time later both were dead.

    You will forgive me if I consider it to be a bit more than a flu.

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