Avenging the Prophet in Morges

Morges is a town in the canton of Vaud in Switzerland. Earlier this month a “Swiss” culture-enricher stabbed and killed a man in Morges “to avenge the Prophet”.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Le Matin:

Man stabbed in Morges

Possible terrorist motive cannot be excluded

A homicide occurred Saturday in Morges could have connections to terrorism. The Public Ministry of the Confederation has taken over the case.

The Public Ministry of the Confederation (MPC) has taken over the case of homicide Saturday [September 12] in Morges, where a man was stabbed in the city center. The MPC justifies this measure because “a possible terrorist motive cannot be excluded at the moment.”

The suspect, who was arrested Sunday in Renes (VD) by Vaud cantonal police after a night on the run, had already been in the sights of the MPC. “He is already implicated in a criminal procedure led by the MPC,” states the latter in a statement. The federal prosecution adds that the person has also been known to the Confederation intelligence service (SRC) since 2017.

The attack took place Saturday evening around 21:20 at a kebab restaurant located near the Morges train station. The victim, who died at the scene, is a Portuguese national, aged 29. According to several witnesses, the victim was with his companion when the assailant stabbed them with a knife.

“The context of this homicide is in the process of being clarified,” continues the MPC in its statement without giving further details.

The following article from the Central European outlet Remix News “clarifies” the “details” of the case:

Switzerland: Muslim Kills Portuguese Man in Front of Kebab Shop to “Avenge the Prophet”

The 29-year-old Turkish-Swiss man accused of murdering a random victim in front of a kebab shop Saturday evening in Morges has confessed to his crime, saying it was justified for “revenge against the Swiss state” and “the Prophet”, revealed Swiss news outlet RTS.

Arrested on Sunday in possession of the murder weapon and a copy of the Quran, he justified his crime by “revenge against the Swiss State” by attacking a man representing its population. He also said it was “to avenge the Prophet”, a source close to the investigation told RTS on Wednesday.

The Portuguese victim, who died at the scene, was a resident in the area and worked for a transport company. He was present with his girlfriend when the attacker murdered him.

Hat tip for the Remix article: Reader from Chicago.

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  1. What I don’t understand is why these countries keep letting Muslims in. After the first attack, they should have decided that Muslims belong in their own countries, where they can kill each other all they want and thus leave the rest of us alone. They are not civilized enough for the western world.

    Just my opinion. I’ve been reading about this for years now and people keep repeating the same behavior and getting the same results. You’d think they would learn from all this experience.

    • The reasons lie in government policy Maria. For years now the EU elite and others on the “progressive left” have had an agenda to turn Western and central Europe into some kind of Eurabia {that’s their term for it}.

      The electorate fall into two camps, those committed to white civilisation race hate and self loathing and those who prefer to maintain their social, religious and cultural manifestations as they were.

      This is of course now condemned as “racist”.

  2. Ask Merkel&CO, they know everything about this barbaric invasion !!, traitors, traitors, traitors,Why Switzerland let in this parasites???, they even not part of EU. Can be that stupid?

  3. How does a great country land a character like Boy Boris. Or, “Boris the Turk” as he is referred to by the Turkish media. Without diversity management the whole place is going to burn down.

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