“We’ll Take Your Kids Away”: The Unlawful Actions of the Coronavirus Regime in Germany

The RT interview below is with Markus Haintz, a German lawyer for a non-profit legal foundation that helps ordinary citizens fight the increasingly tyrannical actions of the German government under the COVID-19 “protection” law.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   You have to think about what is stated there: “If you don’t comply, we’ll take your kids away”.
00:05   This may be the shock of a lifetime for the child. It is so unlawful that it has nothing to do
00:12   with the practice of an official constitutional state. This is, at best, coercion.
00:17   For me, it’s a completely different kind of crime that’s being committed.
00:21   Actually, something like this is in fact child abuse. This is child abuse.
00:25   I hope these people working for the authorities will have to answer for what they are doing.
00:29   That it has come to this in Germany, so quickly, even shocks me.
00:37   Mr. Haintz, you are a lawyer. I would like to discuss with you the legal side of a matter
00:41   which is now occupying many parents in Germany. Based on the Infection Protection Act,
00:46   health authorities can require families to isolate children suspected of having Corona
00:51   within the family, and if this is not done, children can even be placed in closed facility.
00:56   What do you say as a lawyer? —Yes, that’s what the authorities are demanding in some cases.
01:01   Whether they can demand that, now that’s perhaps a completely different question,
01:05   because I think it is legally untenable. My most prominent case was in Bruchsal near Karlsruhe,
01:11   where a teacher tested positive who taught in two classes.
01:15   Following that, 46 students or their parents
01:19   received letters with the corresponding forced isolation under the threat of severe punishment,
01:25   including removing the children and forced isolation in a government facility.
01:29   Of course I don’t think it is legally acceptable in any way and it is completely excessive.
01:34   It leaves one speechless and I’m not sure if the authorities are aware of what they have done.
01:41   This probably will not stand in court, but the problem we have is for the parents.
01:47   Of course, legally, they are the first who have to pay, in advance. Sometimes they don’t even know
01:52   what their rights are. That’s where I see the main problem, because if the authorities do something
01:57   grossly illegal, you can still defend yourself legally. Which probably would have been possible
02:02   in this case. Now however, with the Infection Protection Act, and the way it is formulated,
02:07   it is simply being abused by many. There is no other way to formulate it.
02:11   It is actually written within the German constitution, I mean, in the Infection Protection Act.
02:16   At the moment, it seem to be almost as valid as the constitution. So, it actually states this and
02:20   these threats are justified in this way.
02:24   I also have a letter which was handed out to parents of children who were in contact with
02:32   a person who had Corona. It was in the county of Ludwigslust-Parchim in Mecklenburg Vorpommern.
02:40   I can just briefly quote to you what is written. It’s actually severe, what is written here.
02:45   It seems more like a summons for serious criminals. I will quote a few sentences.
02:50   “Your child is being summonsed by the public health department. You can also be summonsed
02:56   together with your child. Furthermore, you are obligated to allow the health department’s
03:00   representative to enter your residence for the purpose of questioning or examinations and
03:04   to provide information upon request for any circumstances concerning their state of health.”
03:11   Furthermore it says: “If you do not comply with the orders concerning your isolation, the isolation
03:18   will be done by force with suitable accommodation in a locked facility. The basic right to freedom
03:24   of a person can be restricted in this respect.” So it says it right there.
03:28   How would you comment on this as a lawyer? —It is an unbelievable scandal.
03:33   It’s so illegal, that it leaves one speechless. Just recently I spoke with a doctor from Italy,
03:41   and he suggested a comparison, which I didn’t really
03:46   want to repeat, but the way those who test positively
03:51   are being dealt with there, well, yes, it brings to mind a time from the past.
03:57   People are being deliberately excluded because they have some kind of characteristic.
04:02   This characteristic is currently the positive Corona test or rather a positive result from
04:06   Dr. Drosten’s non-validated test. The authorities’ writing such a letters is blackmail.
04:11   It is coercion, and not only from a legal point of view. This is so illegal and it has nothing to do
04:18   with how a functioning constitutional government works. I can’t imagine that this will stand up
04:22   in court. However, nowadays there remains concern. Once a legal basis has been established,
04:30   and some time passes, let’s say five, six, seven, months later, this is the result.
04:36   That it has come to this in Germany, so quickly, even shocks me.
04:42   There is no legal basis to enforce it in this way. It’s necessary to examine everything.
04:46   So if a teacher enters the room, after having a test that hardly works anyway, for which
04:51   even Dr. Drosten himself says that results are coincidental, and then to threaten parents
04:55   with such severity. The parent and the children will be traumatized. This is, at best, coercion.
05:00   For me, it’s a completely different kind of crime that’s being committed.
05:04   Well, it has nothing to do with a constitutional state. —Can you imagine why
05:08   the authorities would write such letters? These authorities are still people, though.
05:12   The Infection Protection Act actually provides the wording for these kinds of threats.
05:16   There could also be fines, which would at least be a lesser punishment. Why would they
05:20   choose to go the severe way? What do you think? —Because they want to create fear.
05:25   They said from the very beginning that they want to create fear and panic.
05:30   That was clearly exposed in the leaked letters from the Ministry of the Interior.
05:34   The government, its ministries and departments cause massive fear.
05:40   This fear by way of panic propaganda is wanted, and was wanted from the beginning.
05:45   Of course it affects the lower levels of government. There’s always government employee
05:49   here and there who still believe that there’s a deadly killer virus out there that surpasses
05:56   anything that has ever been seen before. That’s just not the case. This has apparently
06:00   not yet been accepted by all authorities and unfortunately not by all the courts.
06:03   Therefore, they believe they can take children away from their parents. All I can do
06:08   is warn these authorities against implementing such an order. It will only create a
06:12   huge level of escalation. Not just legally, but socially as well. It will no longer be containable.
06:18   You have to think about what is stated there: “If you don’t comply, we’ll take your kids away.”
06:22   In this manner, it is just unbelievable. If this is implemented,
06:28   it has nothing to do with a democracy. Period. —When they take this too far, aren’t they
06:34   shooting themselves in the foot? Even as a journalist, I normally always try to behave
06:39   very neutrally. However, I have to say, it’s not possible to react neutrally in this case.
06:47   Isn’t it almost stupid for them to do something like this?
06:51   I actually asked myself with my case in Bruchsal and the letters that were written,
06:55   if it is wasn’t perhaps someone who was from “our side”. I don’t have to be neutral, and I’m not,
06:59   because I defend democracy, and others want to abolish it. So I think,
07:04   if I worked for the authorities and sent something like this came out, then it might be to create
07:08   a certain reaction. That means, by writing such a letter, I knew that someone would
07:12   really overreact. I think the school authorities or the school in Bruchsal were somewhat horrified
07:17   about what was going on, because parents reacted accordingly. As a result, the authorities
07:22   were under pressure and even received threats. I don’t approve of that, but I can understand it
07:28   very well, because parents were being threatened with having their children taken away.
07:32   I believe some government employees simply ignore their common sense and then think
07:41   they can do whatever they want. So what’s happening here right now is
07:44   that those who have tested positive are treated like lepers. They are interned,
07:49   and the choice of words is carefully chosen, but used deliberately.
07:54   Some child protection agencies have reacted with shock and have already spoken out.
07:58   They all say the same thing. They say that it’s not proportionate and that children’s rights must
08:03   always have priority. Do you think that the statements of the child protection agencies
08:08   could have any effect on the government? —I think, with regard to our government,
08:12   or those governing, that they are largely resistant to receiving any advice.
08:19   So you really have to exert massive pressure. We’re doing that with our fund-sharing lawsuits.
08:24   We take action by submitting suits by the hundreds and thousands, so people can defend themselves.
08:30   Right now the government is implementing grossly illegal orders
08:33   and instructions, and whatever else,
08:36   laws and regulations. The first problem people have is how to defend themselves legally.
08:42   We’re now turning the table on the game a bit. We’re trying to ensure a level playing field.
08:46   It’s unacceptable that a single mother is blackmailed by the government or state authorities,
08:50   and is unable to defend herself, so she has to be afraid of going to prison and that
08:54   her children will be taken away. That’s simply a crime. If something like this stands up in court,
09:00   then I’ve really come to the point where i have to say Germany is no longer a democracy.
09:05   I’m not sure if it will stand up in court. I don’t know yet.
09:08   Actually, something like this is in fact child abuse. This is child abuse.
09:12   I hope the people doing this for the authorities will have to answer for what they are doing.
09:16   You spoke briefly about Klage Paten.de (lawsuit fund-sharing). Can you briefly explain what that is?
09:20   Who participates in it, who supports it, and how does it work?
09:25   It is a non-profit association which we’ve restructured in order
09:29   to create a level playing field in the courts. This is how it works.
09:34   We’ve taken advantage of digitization to simplify the process to a great extent.
09:43   The facts of the case can be recorded digitally. This has led to lower costs.
09:48   Following that, the case is then given to individual lawyers.
09:52   This way, for example, just recently we pressed criminal charges against Ms. Esken.
09:56   We have a written draft that could be put into the software, so everyone can
10:01   enter their data and send it directly to their own prosecutor’s office.
10:05   Normally what would cost 400 to 500 Euros in the past by going to a lawyer.
10:09   We accomplish this now by collecting donations, which come from supporting members.
10:14   That’s how we provide sample letters, for example, so people can become active themselves.
10:20   So that they can defend themselves. It’s the same thing when a lawsuit is necessary.
10:24   Very much of the process is digital, which is then forwarded directly to the responsible lawyers.
10:30   It is simply a way to lower the costs. You can also make donations. It is a non-profit organization
10:34   helping anyone who cannot afford legal assistance. This way we can create
10:38   a level playing field, which is urgently necessary. —You just mentioned Saskia Esken.
10:43   You must be referring to her statement in which she called demonstrators “Covid idiots”.
10:48   How many lawsuits have been filed now? Do you know? And do you think it will help?
10:52   I believe we’ve had two to three thousand downloads so far, without really having
10:59   advertised it. I assume that there are umpteen thousand criminal charges being filed.
11:04   In this case, there wasn’t a lawsuit filed. Of course, the authorities have to process all these
11:08   charges. This has an affect and it is meant to have an affect. The government should take notice.
11:13   We’ll drive up the costs for the government. They’ll rise astronomically for these illegal measures.
11:18   If we should win a declaratory judgment, for example, regarding the demonstration in Berlin
11:22   on August 1, we could possibly have everybody who attended sue against the illegal
11:26   interruption of the demonstration. This way, we manage to create immense costs for the
11:31   Government that conducted this illegal enforcement of injustice. That is exactly our objective.
11:35   So if the city of Berlin has to pay tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or millions of euros,
11:40   perhaps at some point they will have to talk to us. It’s simply a method to finally give citizens
11:46   the opportunity to defend themselves, because that’s what is missing at the moment.
11:50   Are there other lawsuits related to Corona measures?
11:54   At the moment the most frequent cases concern the right to demonstrate. Currently, the way
12:00   it works now, if you don’t have a good lawyer with you, the authorities have a relatively easy job.
12:07   That doesn’t mean it’s like that in every city, but I was in a negotiation meeting, and we were
12:11   told: “We will enforce the mandatory mask ordinance.” To which I said, that’s not negotiation.
12:15   They just replied that they would do it their way. In the end, we were able to change that,
12:19   but only with lawyers. That’s why we also made this digital now. So every initiative knows,
12:24   first of all, how they can do things themselves, where they are. We only have to intervene later,
12:28   If necessary. Now people have the opportunity to defend themselves in this area too.
12:32   Another big issue is the mandatory masks. At schools for example.
12:36   Another big issue is discrimination due to mandatory masks. Stores that thrown people out.
12:41   Discrimination against people and criminal procedures in connection with that topic.
12:47   In other words, everything that in any way has to do with masks, because it leads to many disputes.
12:53   And then of course possibly in the future, the forced PCR-test. What do I have to do,
12:58   and what not? What can I refuse to do ? There are very many cases concerning the labor laws.
13:02   I was fired because I attended a demonstration. In all these areas in which Corona plays into it,
13:10   this is where we are carried into. —So lawsuits are one aspect, but what about acute situations?
13:16   Just to get back to the situation with the children, let’s say the health department is
13:22   standing in front of my door with the police, who want to take my child with them?
13:26   What does one do in such a situation? —In that case I would immediately call a lawyer and I would
13:31   even call the police, because someone is trying to illegally rob the child of freedom.
13:38   In this case, I would react drastically. Even when the government acts illegally, I can ask
13:42   the government for help. Whether I receive that help, is another question.
13:46   In this case, call a law firm. Once someone is on the phone, ask them to come immediately.
13:51   When in doubt, I would also call the police. Ask them to come right away, because your child
13:57   is being illegally deprived of liberty.
14:00   That’s where I would play hardball. Inform the neighborhood.
14:03   Set the emotional hurdle as high as possible for this gross injustice. If a lawyer is involved,
14:10   you just have to get a temporary injunction in court. You must act immediately.
14:18   It might be such a shock for your child that it will be difficult to recover from.
14:22   When you speak about the law, it seems like the Infection Protection Act is above the normal law.
14:28   Does the normal law still exist? Is the Infection Protection Act now the law above the law?
14:35   What’s the current situation? —In legal terms, constitutional law is still above normal law,
14:42   and above constitutional law stands European law as well.
14:46   That’s where we still have much to do and will. The Infection Protection Act is there to restrict
14:53   basic rights that can be restricted. The right to assembly, to be able to leave your residence,
14:57   Article 2, the general freedom of movement and so on. These basic rights can be restricted
15:02   by law, and that’s what is happening at the moment. As a layperson, one has the impression that
15:08   the law of the land is the Infection Protection Act. That’s understandable.
15:12   When I watch how the authorities react, they don’t appear interested in the basic law any longer.
15:18   They also admit it quite often. They’ll say: “We’re interrupting this demonstration illegally and
15:22   you can go to court against it.” The policeman or citizens in uniform, as I call them, say
15:26   they’ll do what they want and also say they don’t care. They’ll say: “You can take it to court.”
15:32   They say themselves that they are acting illegally. They don’t recognize basic right any longer.
15:39   It is clearly a reduction of fundamental rights protection. —Do you think that this is
15:45   a permanent restructuring of the legal system? —That’s a good question. That’s where we are now.
15:51   Of course, the best legal system is of no use if no one follows it. So yes, we should have had courts
15:57   that should be checking the parameters of the Robert Koch Institute.
16:02   We have legislation that could be looked at more critically, especially by the opposition,
16:08   but also by the government. So theoretically, we have a separation of powers, but it doesn’t
16:12   work as it should at the moment. If you want to get around this or secure it for the future,
16:18   you have to create mechanisms for when the government declares a lockdown,
16:22   that it isn’t also responsible for deciding the measure to be taken later.
16:25   That would create a very, very high hurdle in the constitution. By calling a state of emergency,
16:31   the government would disempower itself and someone else decides about it.
16:35   Concerning the justice system, for example, in criminal law, in no other European country
16:39   is a judge who set the charges also the judge that decides the verdict. Of course, there’s bias.
16:47   Such mechanisms can be changed. They need to be changed urgently to avoid the situation of
16:53   not always having to justify one’s own decisions, be it as a judge or as a government.
16:57   There are plenty of ideas that have to be implemented urgently.
17:00   Mr. Haintz, thank you very much for these insights. It was very interesting and
17:03   I really thank you for this interview. —I thank you. Any time.

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