Unintended Victim of a Drive-By Shooting in Norsborg

The news from Sweden sounds more and more like it could have come from Chicago or Baltimore. The following report concerns an incident that happened last weekend in Norsborg, a part of Botkyrka Municipality in the suburbs of Stockholm.

NOTE: There’s no indication in the reporting on the crime that any cultural enrichment was involved in this heinous act.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from SVT (Swedish state television):

[Photo caption: The young girl who was shot early on Sunday morning has died of her wounds in a hospital.]

12-year-old girl dead after shooting in Botkyrka

August 2, 2020

A 12-year-old girl was found seriously wounded early in the morning at a gas station in Norsborg. The girl was taken to a hospital, but her life could not be saved. Nobody has been arrested as yet, and police will not say anything about what lies behind the shooting.

At 03:27 a report came in about bangs heard in the area and information about a suspected person being shot. “When we arrived at this location, a person who was shot was found and was taken by ambulance to the hospital, where she later died. The crime scene has been closed off during the day and we have conducted a comprehensive technical investigation,” says Anna Westberg, press spokesperson for the police in Stockholm, to SVT [Swedish state television] at 8 o’clock on Sunday evening.

Police: Working intensively

Shooting being investigated as murder

“We continue to work intensively to find the person or persons behind this, and for that reason, we cannot report more in detail regarding what we are doing. Nobody has been arrested yet,” says Anna Westberg.

What led to the murder is not yet known. According to information obtained by Expressen, it is thought that two men from a criminal network were targets and that the girl was hit by stray bullets.

The police will not confirm or deny the reports.

Unclear why the girl was at the location

“It is always putting a puzzle together and finding what lies behind. That is also what we are doing here, but I cannot report more on how it looks in this case,” says Anna Westberg.

But is there a possible theory that the shooting is connected to organized crime?

“Of course.”

Video material from surveillance cameras has been obtained, but Anna Westberg cannot answer whether it shows the murder. She will not comment on reports that the girl was not the target in connection with the shooting or why she was at the location.

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  1. A relevant question is just what a twelve-year-old girl was doing out on the streets at 3am. Certainly not up to anything good.

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