Revolting Migrants in Treviso Don’t Like Being Quarantined

The following report describes recent events at the Treviso migrant center in northeastern Italy, in the Veneto region. It is currently the biggest breakout “hotspot” for COVID-19 in Italy.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Il Giornale:

The migrants infect the police officers. And now Treviso is in chaos

After the intervention of police officers to put down the revolt in the former military barracks, one of them has tested positive and three are in isolation.

by Francesca Galici
August 9, 2020

The former Serena Military Barracks of Treviso is now the site of the largest active breakout of Covid in Italy, and the chain of contagion linked to this migrant center doesn’t seem to stop.

Besides the guests [resident migrants] and the operators of the facility, at this time a positive test for a policeman has emerged. The officer came into contact with the migrants in the center in order to put down a revolt, together with two colleagues, who now are in isolation.

Last Saturday a request arrived at the Treviso police headquarters from the former Serena Military Barracks for an intervention in the interior of the migrant center, where a revolt had broken out. The residents were in rebellion against the possible decision on the part of the mayor to treat the barracks as if it were a “red zone”. A measure which would prevent any exchange with the outside in order to limit the spread of Covid. The idea of continuing to be under the rules of quarantine caused an outburst among some migrants, who assaulted the infirmary of the structure. At that point, the officers from Treviso police headquarters intervened, who placed a 26-year-old from Gambia under arrest. The man, after destroying some of the equipment in the interior of the infirmary, first assaulted one of the doctors, and then threatened the officers with an iron bar.

A few days after that episode, one of the three police officers showed typical symptoms of Covid-19 and the swab yielded positive results. At that point an immediate swab was also requested for his colleagues. For them, the first test yielded a negative result, but a subsequent test negated the result. They are now awaiting the result of the third swab, but in the meantime they are in quarantine. The former Serena Barracks thus returns to the center of the news after the exponential increase of cases in a week that has exceeded 250.

The management of the emergency in the center has been placed under a microscope due to the possible lack of respect for the prescribed rules against the spread of the epidemic. It seems that in the interior of the former Serena Military Barracks the residents who tested positive were not separated from the those who were negative, and this is believed to have led to the explosion of cases, making the former barracks the largest breakout in the country. As stated by Il Gazzettino di Treviso, the prosecutor has now opened a case in order to understand if the infection of the police officer, and that of his colleagues (to be confirmed), could be attributed directly to the intervention at the reception center.

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  1. What did they expect would happen when they tried to apply the same standards for civilized Europeans to a bunch of assorted orcs? That a spontaneous outbreak of Jeffersonian democracy and rule of law and order would ensue?

    Such primates as the ones in Treviso who are unfortunately not locked up in cages only understand the rule of the truncheon. Thus the axiom remains; that it is possible to remove the orc from africa, but impossible to remove the africa from the orc.

  2. Intervention of police officers? Dat’s wayciss!
    The migrants need some room for enrichmentation and improvement.

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  3. For these incidents, give me 25 rough hard men, some M-416s and the problem is solved. Perfectly!

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