Gerald Grosz is an Austrian politician for the BZÖ (Bündnis Zukunft Österreich, Alliance for the Future of Austria) and the FPÖ (Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs, Austrian Freedom Party). His video rants are quite popular (see recent examples here and here).

In the following video Mr. Grosz mocks an unidentified citizen in the city of Graz who complained that the sound of church bells disturbs his sleep at night. The ethnicity of the frustrated insomniac is not specified, but the context of the sarcastic rant makes it clear that he’s a culture-enricher.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:01   Ding dong. A delicate soul, a sensitive one,
00:04   whose holy night’s rest, the restless sleep of the supposedly righteous,
00:08   is disturbed by church bells, of all things.
00:12   No, it is not the traffic in Austria’s second largest city
00:16   that pulls him out of his wet dreams, not even the loud night-time gastronomy
00:21   or howling passers-by, not even the noise of aircraft or trains.
00:26   Downright forced, dragged by his hair,
00:29   the professional idiot troublemaker was, into a city apartment right next to a church, of all places,
00:36   and he was downright forced to settle down there,
00:40   to live there, to sleep there. Although he overlooked the church tower, the poor human,
00:46   By the heavenly bells, in the same location for centuries,
00:50   he was surprised, of all things, at night.
00:53   Like those idiots of today who build next to a cow pasture
00:58   and are outraged by the “annoying” cow bells.
01:01   Or those donkeys that establish their home cheaply next to a motorway
01:05   and then get upset by the car noise. Or those fools who scramble up to the mountain pastures
01:10   and then wonder why there are animals.
01:13   And what does he do now, the mental sleepwalker in the inner-city area?
01:18   He starts a consumptive petition, and
01:23   wages, as a modern knight of a sad agnostic stature,
01:27   WAR against the church bells.
01:30   Written in the memorial family book of the belligerent idiot:
01:34   If church bells bother you,
01:39   never move near them.
01:42   If you’re sensitive to noise, then for goodness’ sake, do not live in a city.
01:48   If you find the millennia-old Christian culture
01:51   of our latitudes disturbing,
01:54   just fly to Tehran or Islamabad.
01:57   There you don’t have bells, but you have different customs and a muezzin.
02:01   But PLEASE, with a one-way ticket; I’ll pay it for you.
02:05   If you, before the face of God,
02:08   were in the back row of all things when brains were being distributed,
02:12   go to the psychiatry department according to Mr. Monopoly, go straight there.
02:17   Don’t go over, GO! Just put a straitjacket on.
02:21   There the bells are ringing too, but thank God, you are silent! And that’s good!
02:27   DING DONG

8 thoughts on “DING DONG!

  1. “complained that the sound of church bells disturbs his sleep at night.”

    Alas, the video is missing. But what time at night was his repose disturbed? Don’t church bells operate on the same schedule as the muezzin’s?

  2. Must be a nurse who only works Saturday night shifts to get bothered in their sleep by church bells. Now, about caterwauling muezzins at the crack of dawn…

  3. “The ethnicity of the frustrated insomniac is not specified, but the context of the sarcastic rant makes it clear that he’s a culture-enricher.”

    No, he isn’t. There is a petition at Graz against the ringing of church bells at night. Its initiator is one Christoph Mandl, i.e. an Austrian: https://www.krone.at/2207481

    If you consider, how Christian traditions haven been cleared away in Europe during the last decades, and the remaining ones are no longer even understood by many people, while for example the call of the Muezzin is on a good way to be established, I don’t find that so surprising.

    • Thank you for the clarification. Damn, soon as you feel sure enough to skip the double-checking, this happens yet again.

      About the diminishing significance of Christianity, one tends to forget that it’s not native to these lands either.

      The strange and illogical infatuation with Islam will correct itself as soon as that ideology’s duplicity and true goals are understood by the masses, which is inevitable some point along the way of its mandated power grab. The only unknown is the real power distribution at that point, i.e. which way the bloodshed will turn. Hence the sooner it happens, the better.

  4. Would he complain if it were the amplified call to prayer from a mosque?

    Having said which, when we stayed in the wonderfully named Eurostar Maimonides hotel in Cordoba, next to the bell tower of the former mosque, now cathedral, the bells were stopped at night, which seems sensible.

  5. Christoph Mandl, who initiated the petition, is not a migrant. He is a native Austrian.

  6. Objection to the ringing of church bells is not just personal.
    Sharia, in other words, Islam, forbids the ringing of church bells.
    Non-muslim subjects ….”are forbidden to openly display wine or pork (A. to ring church bells, or display crosses,)…….
    Manual of Islamic Law, “Reliance of the Traveller”, o11.5(6).

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