A Kuffar-Pusher Strikes at the Station in Waghäusel

Waghäusel is a German city in the district of Karlsruhe in Baden-Württemberg. Last week a pair of culture-enrichers engaged in the time-honored Islamic practice of pushing the kuffar in front of a train at the station in Waghäusel.

Many thanks to Hellequin GB for translating this article from Heidelberg24:

First announcement: Man is pushed onto the tracks — at the same time a train is approaching

A terrible incident occurred on Tuesday (July 28th) in Waghäusel (Karlsruhe district). As the police reported late in the evening, a man was pushed onto the track bed by a hitherto unknown perpetrator. At the same time, a train was approaching. The victim was caught by the train and seriously injured. The officers are now hurrying to find the attacker who fled the station.

Waghäusel: Unknown man pushes man into the track bed — train hits him

According to the Karlsruhe police, witnesses could see the two men getting into a fight at the train station in Waghäusel at around 6pm The perpetrator pushed his victim onto the track bed. The victim was still trying to save himself, but at that moment a train hit him. While paramedics/first responders rushed to the injured man, the perpetrator fled the scene.

With serious injuries, the man, whose identity is still unclear, was taken to a hospital by helicopter. The police were informed of the incident in Waghäusel and deployed immediately. The station and the railway line was temporarily blocked. The Criminal Forensics Team Karlsruhe then began securing evidence at the crime scene, as reported by MANNHEIM24*.

Waghäusel: Police are looking for “Track Pushers” — hope for eyewitness accounts

At the same time, the police launched a large-scale search with 20 patrol cars and two helicopters. The person they were looking for was about 1.85 meters (6 feet) tall and had short hair. He was wearing completely black clothes at the time of the crime, probably a jogging suit of the Nike brand. He also wore a green surgical mask and, according to witnesses, had an oriental appearance.

There is no further background on the crime. The Kripo Karlsruhe (Criminal Investigative Police) started an investigation into an attempted homicide. Witnesses who can provide information primarily about the perpetrator and his escape route should report to the long-term crime service on 0721 666-5555. pol / jol

Waghäusel: Man (54) pushed onto the track bed — police give frightening details

July 29 Update: After the terrible incident at the train station in Waghäusel, the victim’s identity has now been clarified. He is a 54-year-old German from Karlsruhe. According to the police, after being pushed onto the track bed by his attacker, the man was prevented from trying to get back on the platform. Despite emergency braking, he was hit by an approaching freight train and seriously injured. The 54-year-old is not in mortal danger, but he suffered a fracture of the thigh, various other broken bones and a deep flesh wound.

The Karlsruhe police are still looking for the unknown perpetrator and his companion. The companion is about the same age as the attacker and approximately 1.80 meters (5’11”) tall. Has also short hair and an oriental appearance. He was wearing a dark tracksuit and white shoes.

Police are looking at an attempted homicide at the # Waghäusel train station and want to find the suspects who fled. PM: https://t.co/T97fldYat8

Your #Polizei #Karlsruhe pic.twitter.com/T8bAft4nxH

— Police Karlsruhe (@Polizei_KA) July 28, 2020

The two people escaped shortly after the crime from the station area towards the Waghäusel Hermitage. The first search measures, involving a total of 20 patrol car crews and two police helicopters, including five patrols and a federal police helicopter, were unsuccessful as of Tuesday evening.

The public prosecutor’s office in Karlsruhe and the criminal police department in Bruchsal are carrying out further investigations into an attempted homicide and asking for evidence of the crime and the two men described. The crime detention service receives information at telephone 0721 666-5555.

Waghäusel — A man is pushed into the track bed at the Train Station and hit by a train.

Now the prosecutor announces a search success: two suspects are in custody.

Dramatic scenes at the train station in Waghäusel (Baden-Württemberg) on Tuesday evening (July 28).

A man was pushed onto the track bed by a stranger — at the same time as a train arrived.

The Karlsruhe police investigated and were able to quickly arrest two suspects.

July 30 Update: After the attempted homicide at Waghäusel station, two suspects are in custody! As the prosecutor announced, two suspects were identified last Tuesday (July 28) and provisionally arrested the following Wednesday in a community shelter for asylum seekers. The suspects are a Syrian brother and sister aged 22 and 25.

The 25-year-old is said to have physically assaulted the 54-year-old victim and dragged him onto the track bed, and subsequently prevented him from attempting to leave the track bed at Waghäusel station. The 22-year-old is said to have secured the crime scene and been an accomplice to the crime in this way.

Witnesses are said to have tracked the perpetrators down. In the course of further investigations, the investigative authorities can further substantiate the suspicion. The victim is now on the mend and is ready to be heard. According to the police, the man said he was attacked suddenly for no apparent reason.

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