Matteo Salvini in the Dock, Again

Former Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini is facing yet another political trial.

Mr. Salvini is the most popular politician in Italy. He has been a staunch opponent of mass immigration, thereby earning the enmity of the Italian franchise of the Deep State. A couple of days ago the Italian senate voted to strip him of his parliamentary immunity so that he can be tried for his actions as Interior Minister, when he impounded an illegal migrant-ferry vessel, which his enemies have construed as “kidnapping”.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating the two videos below, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

The first video was recorded before the senate lifted Mr. Salvini’s immunity, during his visit to the island of Lampedusa, which is currently overwhelmed by the flood of migrants arriving in its port:

The second video contains excerpts from Mr. Salvini’s remarks on the floor of the senate after the vote to remove his immunity:

Video transcript #1:

00:00   It is hard to find money for Lampedusa, but…
00:06   but now, live, an example…
00:10   of tourists who don’t pay, but who are paid to be tourists.
00:15   Small boat, large boat, indefinite number of illegals who will remain here,
00:20   Sponging, and at the expense of the Italians. Today, we visited the center
00:24   that is supposed to house 190, but is housing 800, of whom 700
00:28   are males, between 20 and 30 years of age, strong, adults,
00:32   who are bringing cell phones, caps, sunglasses and waste…
00:36   and look, this is the port of Lampedusa in the evening,
00:41   with people who work hard, who love activities, that has a stage, restaurant and shop,
00:46   and that is a landing for small boats and large boats.
00:49   Look, there are dozens and dozens and dozens, from recent days
00:52   with the disembarkation of hundreds of illegals, disembarkations organized
00:56   with a government complicit with criminals, what we say is a government complicit with criminals.
01:02   Yesterday, there was a record for recent years of landings at Lampedusa
01:06   It is not possible. Therefore I can’t wait to see a return of government with serious people
01:09   to again shut down the ports and criminals and reopen them to decent people and fishermen,
01:15   and tourists. All live. Afternoon end of July, anyway, I can say, if you have
01:19   saved a few euros, stay in Italy, take a vacation,
01:23   come to Lampedusa, come to Sicily, summer in Italy
01:27   the sea [unintelligible]. The Italian sea is the most beautiful in the world.
01:30   And we have no more need for those people there.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   I recall that if anyone thinks or thought, having also heard the speeches this morning,
00:05   to bring fear to me, the center-right, my movement,
00:09   with the umpteenth political trial, you have chosen the wrong person;
00:13   you have chosen the wrong party. You give me, if not more strength, more conviction to defend
00:17   our ideas. And every reference to a political trial against Lombardy
00:22   and Lombardians, ignoring what happened in Rome and Lazio
00:26   is definitely wanted. Is definitely wanted.
00:30   On the one hand, a donation is investigated, and on the other hand,
00:34   you pretend as if it is nothing that 14 million public euros
00:37   paid for masks which never arrived.
00:40   But time is a gentleman. Time is a gentleman.
00:46   Today, you send Salvini to trial. A political trial, which seems
00:50   absolutely evident. Tomorrow, as the wheels turn,
00:55   I tell you beforehand, when it happens to one of you,
01:00   because it will happen to one of you, the Lega will stand on the side of guarantees of liberty
01:04   in the citizens’ parliament. We will not send you
01:08   to a courtroom. It will be the citizens who will judge
01:12   you, not the judges. Because it will happen
01:16   to one of you… thanking you for what
01:20   is obviously a political trial, thanking the millions of Italians,
01:25   the silent, industrious, hard-working majority,
01:29   who ask for immigration that is useful, limited, positive, controlled, and qualified.
01:35   Because my pride as a minister — a kidnapper for some —
01:39   is that thanks to the control of illegal immigration,
01:43   we have more than halved the deaths in the Mediterranean Sea.
01:47   The fans of open ports have their hands dirty with blood.
01:51   And they have transformed the Mediterranean into a common grave.
01:55   Thanks to all of you who will send me to trial, because you are giving me a great present.
02:00   And in that trial, unlike many, I will go with my head held high and my back straight. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Matteo Salvini in the Dock, Again

  1. The comrades are thick worldwide. Either humanity rises up and wins or there will be a new Dark Ages.
    Mother Nature is about to get her fangs back which is why the controllers are in a hurry.
    Das Radio just reported on the pimpstress Maxwell case regarding Slick Willie so look for huge distractions and smoking mirrors held together by duct tape and bailing wire.

  2. “Former Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini is facing yet another political trial.”

    The big picture is: Salvini represents a world trend :

    Bush senior talked about globalization . . . the new world order after the invasion of Iraq, the seditions in Syria, Libya. Bomb them in order to get votes in the shape of refugees. Plus we have staunch allies in hating Christianity.

    The new world order was to divide the west into enablers of jihadis to establish caliphate. And resisters of that trend.

    Salvini, Wilders, Spencer, Golding. . . etc. represent the camp that try to save the west from hell awaiting it.

    CAIR and other unmentionable individual names and left parties are the traitor helpers of west’s annihilation.

    How many people are aware that the west is its own enemy…. and erdogan is emboldened when he knows that.

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