Youths Gone Wild in Barcelona

Culture-enriching “youths” have been engaging in mischievous hijinks lately on the streets of Barcelona, stealing motorcycles, breaking into ATMs, and indulging in other sorts of youthful fun, while recording it all on their cell phones. The video below is a compilation of their pranks, as recorded by the youngsters themselves.

Many thanks to Pampasnasturtium for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

The accompanying article from the Catalan digital news outlet El Nacional (also translated by Pampasnasturtium) describes the antics of those high-spirited youngsters in the video:

Youngsters out of control in Barcelona: They break ATMs, steal motorcycles, and they’re armed

May 13, 2020

Mossos d’Esquadra [Catalan regional police force] and Guàrdia Urbana [municipal police force] in Barcelona are worried due to the appearance, in different social media, of several videos in which groups of young people, all of them of Maghrebi origin, show firearms, stolen motorcycles and large amounts of cash.

In the video, which has circulated during recent days, and which is now in hands of the Mossos d’Esquadra, and which has had access to this morning, it can also be seen how the youngsters insult the Mossos and Guàrdia Urbana agents of Barcelona. One of the images shows how one of these youngsters jumps onto a city police van.

Insults towards police, motorbikes against ATMs…

In other video frames it can clearly be seen how the youngsters throw motorbikes, and there’s reason to believe they’re stolen, against the ATM of a branch of ‘LaCaixa’ bank.

Video frames are interspersed with photos where big sums of cash and there’s also a picture where one of the youngsters holds a gun to the head of another person. Small (intentional) fires can also be seen and homophobic insults against Mossos d’Esquadra are heard.

Violence on the streets of Barcelona

The video, which lasts some two minutes and was made out of fragmented clips also published on social media such as Instagram, demonstrates the degree of violence with which these youngsters act against the police and also against other citizens.

Caption for the embedded photo: One of the video frames, where one of the perps is seen holding a firearm.

Although the video has been shared in recent days, it is not clear whether it was recorded during the coronavirus emergency lockdown. Anyway, the images leave no room for doubt: it is in Barcelona.[1]

Open inquiry

According to Mossos d’Esquadra sources, the Catalan police are aware of the existence of these videos, and some of the youngsters that show up in it are known to the investigators. Many of them have a police record, and all of them are nationals of Maghrebi-area countries.

Video transcript:

00:01   [Half-intelligible] We can invite the guys that rule because they’re cool…[2]
00:44   [Half-intelligible] Get over here!
00:59   [Instagram location marker] Alfons el Magnànim Street [3]
01:14   Faggot!

1.   Translator’s note: I’ve only been able to recognize, at 00:32, one of the sites as very likely being Tetuan Square, not a no-go zone at all, but rather a very nice residential and commercial area close by the center of the city.
2.   Translator’s note: Video 00:01: a pun on words, impossible to translate literally from Spanish to English: “Podemos invitar a los chavales del rollo más pollo”, but I think something like the above matches the intention and expression.
3.   Translator’s note: Video 00:59: Alfons el Magnànim Street — A more or less long street cutting through the northeastern-most borough of the city, bordering north with Badalona. Both the borough and Badalona were formerly industrial and working-class areas. Currently both are Latino— Chinese— and Arab-enriched zones, in different proportions. The street ends in La Mina, formerly a slum and an epicenter of Gipsy life in the city.

12 thoughts on “Youths Gone Wild in Barcelona

  1. “Youths”….I hate that word, though sadly the Muslims are indeed much younger than natives everywhere. Its the worst euphemism alongside “Asian” here.

  2. Where has the machismo of the Spanish male gone to that they would tolerate these deliberate insults and provocations from the basest of maghrebian orcs? Have they become as completely cuckolded as their German and Swedish counterparts?

    Seems high time to parachute in Willie Nelson, round up all those bad boys and hang them high in the street for all the people to see, then celebrate afterwards with whiskey for the men and beer for the horses.

    • sorry, moon, but spanish machismo was always just a show-off, like throwing in a round of drinks for 6 people way beyond your means. I always saw spanish young men as friendly, peaceful and pleasant to be with people, never prone to violence.Like their italian counterparts, they were gone when push came to shove.
      As for the Mossos d’ Esquadra, I am disapointed. They are apoarently strong when it comes to taming some drunken danish or german teenagers. Those african savages are a different breed: they know their life is worthless and so do not fear death. So let them have their 72 virgins.

    • Bear in mind, Catalonia seems to be slightly different than Spain in general historic terms. The latter was rather a nation of conquistadores, the former a nation of merchants. Despite the demographic mixing of individuals and of the two cultures through the ages, this difference still seems to hold true nowadays. Think of it in the way you’d think of the difference between types of Frenchmen – a rugged Corsican versus a milquetoast Parisian.

    • It would be nice to have Franco back, for he would have never tolerated them in the first place, he simply had them shot without preamble and no mercy.

  3. People in Europe have just about had it with this stuff. I have friends in Spain and they hate the modern invaders, especially with their country being ruled by these oiks for nigh on 800 years. They don’t want these people again.

    I believe Europe is on the verge of a massive reaction against all this madness. It is already happening in Italy, with several cocky migrant “youths” found dead in various ditches. They ain’t so cocky now.

    Very shortly, after weeks of lockdown and months of these oiks parading and abusing their freedoms, I feel something will snap. We are going to see massive violence I am afraid and these arrogant oiks will be a prime target. The Police too have peed off their own populations. I am told the Mafia in Italy has been active teaching these irritating oiks a few lessons in manners.

    “They squeal and cry like pigs when the local heavies catch them” my Spanish pal reported. As I said this is now a time for wolves not mice and soyboys, which most of these examples shown in the videos are in fact, with their pathetic “gangsta” signing etc. I caught one in Denmark who tried to intimidate me.

    He abused us as we walked through Copenhagen. My pal and I stopped and challenged him. He ran ran away. A hefty boot aimed at his crotch helped immensely. On the same working holiday I caught one in my room trying to steal. He received two black eyes from yours truly.

    He and his kind think the Danes weak and often abuse commuters on their way to work. On another occasion on this trip, two of these invaders decided to show off when I was lecturing on the Roman Army in armour and dressed as a legionary. One of them started swearing and mocking us, so I wacked him with the flat of my gladius. Again he squealed like a pig.

    The best one was on the last day, when one of them decided my lorica segmenta was not real. He punched it. He doubled up on the ground in pain having fractured his wrist in hitting the 18 mil gauge steel. The police were called and these invaders blamed my group and I for the problems they had met. They moaned and made the usual accusations of racism but on being told of the attempt to punch my armour the Police convulsed in hysterical laughter.

    No action was taken against my group Legio XIIII and myself. As I said and will keep saying these importations are brave in a crowd but absolutely yellow when stood up to. We were then invited to the local Police station and asked to give a show. As my host said “You have made our day! These people are always causing problems. We have a big issue getting the authorities to deal with them! Next time we will send for the Romans.

    • The problem is, you let them live, NEVER EVER let these 3rd world savages live to fight another day. Never let the so called authorities take care of problems of the 3rd worlder kind, always deal with them yourselves. That gladius is a nice touch, but carry a Glock.

    • I confirm, Guy. In Agadir, I once slapped a pesky youngster who wanted to drag me into shops. He just ignored my determined invitation to leave me alone.
      He went down and squealed and cried like a baby. And it was a slap, not a real strike.Ridiculous cowards.

  4. It is not just the Spanish. It’s all over Western Europe. Men with their hands over their cobblers and females in various stages of the identity transformation sickness heartily laughing.

  5. It’s just jolly japes, they are just having fun whilst they can, for when they are the majority in Spain (as elsewhere) the taxes that maintain the infrastructure and the 1st world society they are abusing will dry up and Spain will become just like the 3rd world joyless hell holes they escaped from. The question then arises, where do they move to next?

  6. I am not speaking from personal experience. But, from my understanding, it’s a conflict of identity groups. The invaders have a strong group identity and see themselves in a group conflict. The native Barcelona people have a much weaker sense of identity and if they act at all, act individually. Bishop Leven-Torres mentions the involvement of the Mafia, which of course, maintains a strong internal coherence and group identity.

    Individuals are not going to be able to affect events significantly. I would guess the best start is for the native Barcelona population to begin building civic organizations. Get together under any pretense. Once you establish group identity and trust, it becomes easier to defend your boundaries. In the US, groups such as the Proud Boys are the first steps in a systematic movement to act cohesively as a group. The Proud Boys must have threatened the communists in the Justice Department, as they investigated and charged any Proud Boys who defended themselves.

    Such groups are always going to be infiltrated. The best defense is to always stay within the law and not worry about infiltration because there’s nothing to hide.

    • One determined trained man with conviction is an army unto himself. One man can create the conditions of chaos, panic and complete disorder if trained in warfare and counter insurgency operations to be the insurgent every western government fears if said one man goes rogue. Once that man starts, others will follow that example where it will be impossible for police, intelligence and politicians to control.

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