Self-Deportation: The Solution to Migrant Crime in the Netherlands

Theo Hiddema is a Dutch lawyer and a member of the Tweede Kamer for Thierry Baudet’s party Forum for Democracy. In the following video Mr. Hiddema outlines a creative solution to the problem of migrant crime in the Netherlands.

Many thanks to C for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Mr. Hiddema, a terrible murder of a young man, by a Somali [actually Sudanese] asylum seeker.
00:06   Everybody is shocked, of course. —Yes, it is maddening news.
00:11   It won’t end until I’ve taken [State Secretary for Security and Justice] Broekers-Knol’s position.
00:16   There’s no hope for her. This asylum seeker should never, never have been accepted.
00:23   That’s my first point. He already had a record, let’s call it that: “justice system documentation”.
00:31   And it’s the same pattern over and over again. Somebody is accepted as a refugee,
00:36   even though his first contact with the authorities, the police in this case,
00:42   indicates we’re dealing with an antisocial personality.
00:45   That goes for all those “confused types” who were accepted as refugees.
00:50   They’re antisocial personalities. They don’t have a solid refugee story.
00:54   They’re just here to check out how society here works… and leech off it. That’s it.
01:00   And such people, as soon as they violate the law, you have to lock them up immediately.
01:05   I’ve been saying this for two years. It’s really simple:
01:08   you have to put them in “temporary detention”.
01:11   And wait for them to say: “I want to go back to my country.”
01:14   Because if they want to return, there’s no problem whatsoever.
01:17   That goes for Morocco too, for Algeria.
01:20   Sudan won’t be any different; it’ll be a bit easier, I think.
01:23   But you won’t know until you test that.
01:26   But if somebody commits a crime here for which you can be detained, which this man did —
01:31   he committed violent crimes, theft, you name it —
01:34   put him in temporary detention, because he’s a repeat offender.
01:38   Every Dutch person who meets this criterion, repeat offender, [it’s] a sound reason to detain him.
01:46   That’s what the judge should do, consistently. People who, in hindsight,
01:52   only came here to rob and steal, or use extreme violence as in this case.
01:58   Then it’s end of story for the legal system, and the judge should say, “You have to do time.”
02:03   I’ll keep you in temporary detention. And as soon as you express the intention [to leave],
02:07   we’ll initiate the procedure, and the plane is ready to leave,
02:11   I’ll suspend your detention, and you may leave.
02:14   That way, the person who is locked up has to take the initiative.
02:17   Then he’ll want to leave. Then he’ll have the ability to choose:
02:20   Will I stay under lock and key, or do I go out the door?
02:23   And people who choose of their own free will, even though they’re involved in a criminal case,
02:28   if they say they want to leave, there’s no problem, because you suspend the temporary detention,
02:33   and you retract the subpoena or declaration of prosecution. That’s it.
02:38   Then there’s no criminal case and he can board the plane just like that. But you have to
02:42   detain them after they committed a crime for which temporary detention can be imposed.
02:46   Simply because of the likelihood of a repeat offense.
02:49   And a flight risk! They do this all the time, they flee and go everywhere.
02:54   But the risk of repeat offense is obvious, because they came
02:58   for one reason — that’s as clear as day — to commit crimes.
03:01   Well, lock them up.
03:04   And that doesn’t happen, hasn’t happened. Well, we can’t lock up
03:08   all of those people, this would also go against international treaties.
03:12   Not at all. That’s the thing! People hide behind these international treaties
03:17   that “prevent” these people from leaving. That’s BS, if you’ll excuse my French.
03:25   This grinds my gears… If somebody, a refugee, or a foreigner,
03:29   whatever, commits a crime in the Netherlands…
03:33   then you can put him in temporary detention. And you’ll keep him locked up
03:37   as long as there’s the probability of a repeat offense,
03:40   which can be a long time in such a case, because his core business is to commit crimes here;
03:45   otherwise he has no reason to be here. So, if a judge knows this, you lock him up until
03:50   he has “designed” his own deportation procedure. And then you suspend the temporary detention,
03:55   and then he’ll leave voluntarily. And that doesn’t violate any international treaty.
04:01   But you have to force them to make a choice.

7 thoughts on “Self-Deportation: The Solution to Migrant Crime in the Netherlands

  1. We are in deep. So much debate and ignoring the real tsunami of Muslim butchers. Morrocan Algerian Sudanese and you name it cancer grows until eventually to be joined by a more sophisticated locally nurtured fifth column. Bankrupt.

  2. Self deportation via air? Could become a bit expensive unless it’ s by planes with rear hatches run by determined military units. Hence the expression ” manu militari”.

    • Actually, first class tickets by air are incredibly cheap compared to the alternatives.

      • A bullet is orders of magnitude cheaper.

        Provided the Europeans ever find their gonads, announcing any nafris or nafri-looking males without papers or permission to stay in Europe stopped by police will be summarily shot. Watch them flee like rats from a sinking ship.

        When Europe gets to the point where such action is in the realm of possibility, there will likely already be plenty of vigilantes more than eager to send them to their virgins without first stopping and cursory examination of their papers.

  3. As long as the invaders are a relatively small minority, it’s possible to devise a solution involving deportation or, if you’re willing to ignore international “conventions” and why not, locking them away forever.

    The biggest problem is, as has been shown over and over, there’s no determination to do so on the part of the governing authorities. Quite the opposite: the authorities are determined to protect the intruders. It’s like the Brunswick jogger case in the US. The local law enforcement wasn’t too bad, but once you got the state and federal officials involved, the main objective became to protect blacks from any accusation of law-breaking. The Justice Department was even talking about bringing hate crime charges, which means anytime a white kills a black, it will be considered a hate crime.

    The point is, the real problem is not in the mechanics of pursuing a solution, but pursing any intention to protect the native population. For sure, there’ll be some static from the EU and the so-called International Court of Justice. Any Dutch official involved in true justice for the intruders will have to count on staying out of the jurisdiction of the EU countries. If he imprisons and deports an intruder, he’ll have to stay out of any West European country. Hungary and Poland may be OK to visit, but any other country is likely to grab him on an international warrant.

    • RonaldB, It is because of these bloody so called international norms that we find ourselves in this mess in the first place. If this insanity happened before the Second World War, the army would have been called out in every European country including Britain and they would have all been shot down on every street the 3rd worlders could be found, then after the war, they thought they could make war nicer, cleaner and more civilized, and now we have found that being civilized to uncivilized savages is a losing strategy and we are losing our western countries as we speak to the 3rd world invasion with the complete cooperation of our so called elected betters and half the countries native population cheer on their own bloody demise! This now ends up one way, the end of these so called international norms and a absolute fight for our national and cultural survival which means the shackles come off and very uncivilized means deployed against these 3rd worlders and their leftist enablers with a bloodthirsty vengeance, anything less is an exercise in futility. These 3rd worlders have carte blanc to do damn near anything they want and they know it and so does the natives who see it, feel it and are victims of it. Sooner or later the anger is going to rise to a breaking point and regardless of how much the authorities and politicians try to stamp it out, it will grow far beyond anyone’s control at that point, and the armies will then take over and really put an end to the 3rd world invasion or they too will suffer the wrath of the natives, especially when arms start flooding in. Make no mistake my friend, a bloodbath is coming, it is now a question of where and when. It will soon be the land of wolves and you won’t want to be the sheep.

  4. “Two female teenagers in Pakistan have been murdered by family members after a video emerged online of them associating with a man. The pair, said to be aged 16 and 18, were shot dead by male relatives in Pakistan.“ Anyone under fifty now will experience something else. Unless there is a coming of some kind.

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