Stop the Coronamadness!

The following video is a compilation of anti-coronatyranny demonstrations that took place last Saturday (May 9) in Germany. The producers of the video say that there were 180 such demonstrations across the country, but almost no information about them appeared in the media.

Parts of this video are already subtitled in English. Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating the rest, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:05   Demonstration for my freedom
01:23   Yes, well, it’s really difficult to be informed,
01:26   but I think everyone I see here must be well informed or else you wouldn’t be here.
01:31   I assume you weren’t informed by the taxpayer-funded media [GEZ]. I don’t think so.
01:36   That’s the point. I could show you the list. There are 180 demonstrations today all over Germany.
01:46   So where do we hear about it? This should be on the front pages of the BILD newspaper or
01:54   Spiegel magazine. There are 180 demonstrations in Germany and people are on the move.
03:03   You are obliged to leave the area immediately. You presence here is illegal.
03:12   This is the first announcement. The time is 4:05 p.m.
03:18   The police are now blocking all streets that access the old marketplace. No one is being permitted
03:22   to enter the square. They are hoping people will just leave, but that’s not the reaction.
03:27   Resistance! Resistance!
03:33   Resistance! Resistance!
04:47   So, we are here in Frankfurt in front of the old Opera House.
04:51   There are a lot of people gathered here. There are very many of us here. More than before.
04:56   Definitely 500 people here, and more keep coming, despite the rain.
05:01   The atmosphere here is really good. The police are still human. We’ll check back in later.
05:09   With the excuse of a virus that will eradicate, a hate-filled technological tyranny
05:13   will decide over the nameless, faceless people and their fate.
07:56   We are the people! We are the people!
08:05   We are the people! We are the people!
09:29   Thoughts are free. Who can guess what they are? They fly away like shadows
09:39   in the night. No one can know them nor hunter shoot them.

5 thoughts on “Stop the Coronamadness!

  1. It has gone beyond singing “Kumbaya” and “Freiheit”. Hell is here. It will take much stronger medicine to regain what we had. Goons in boots or Beardy weirdies demanding we “revert” don’t understand the above. This is time for wolves.

    • [Your Grace: Please provide translations with Latin sayings.

      Machine translation: “No part of life is empty of duty.”


  2. I’m reminded of Wisconsin when the Wisconsin supreme court decided the governor didn’t have the authority to order lockdowns. The people went bonkers. There was video of people in taverns without masks, sitting on top of one another (figuratively) having beers and mixed drinks.

    The experience of different countries and states seems to be that people will take more-or-less appropriate measures on their own, with a bit of guidance. I’m in a store, and maybe 2/3 of the people wear masks. The few people who don’t wear masks are not really going to threaten me as long as things aren’t too crowded. Of course, the stores are required (outside of Wisconsin) to keep strict tabs on the numbers of people in the store at one time.

    It’s time for the nanny state to retire, and for people to act as adults rather than teenagers testing their limits. If I see people acting unsafely, I have the option of leaving, and probably would do so. But, it’s in the interests of the establishment itself to not get the reputation of being flagrantly unsafe. They don’t need a full-time employee sitting in the front counting shoppers, but if and when the store seems to be getting a bit overcrowded, they then ask people to hold off entering until things clear up a bit.

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