Fill Out the Form, or We’ll Take Away Your Kids!

The latest totalitarian escalation in the German coronavirus crisis is a threat by the authorities to take away people’s children if they don’t fill out a form properly and have their child take it to school every day.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:03   A letter to parents from the school authority in Saxony is really causing outrage at the moment.
00:07   The letter is about a health confirmation form that parents
00:11   now have to fill out every day for school for their children.
00:14   The worst thing isn’t filling out the health certificate form
00:19   itself, but what parents are threatened with if they forget
00:23   to fill it out or simply don’t want to. The state of Saxony
00:26   is threatening parents with absolute severity if they don’t comply.
00:29   The school is obliged to call in the public order office, which could lead to and include
00:34   taking the child into custody. Yes, you read it right. They really are threatening to take children
00:39   away from their parents if they don’t fill out this stupid
00:42   form and give it to their children. That’s how you can tell how that the government
00:45   is going completely crazy. First, we’re constantly being monitored
00:49   with whom we go out to dinner, when and where.
00:52   Now the government threatens to take the children into custody.
00:55   Completely insane! And at this point, it should be mentioned
00:58   that children are not an at-risk group. But they’ll act as
01:05   if it were a huge danger, in order to have an excuse against parents who
01:11   see all these measures critically, and then use this pretext
01:14   to scare them. But as they say in the letter:
01:17   “We are doing this for the health and education of OUR children.” Yeah, sure.

6 thoughts on “Fill Out the Form, or We’ll Take Away Your Kids!

  1. Stop this madness Germans !!!, You want to control citizens now trough the kids ???!!, leave the kids alone .., it’s never end with this horrific ideas from Merkel &CO, STOP, enough…

  2. The parents ought to get together and refuse en masse. Call their bluff.

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