Coronamadness in Germany

The four videos below illustrate various aspects of the coronavirus insanity that has descended upon Germany. To be fair to the Germans, the mass hysteria and political repression are more or less the same throughout the West. The pervasive collective madness may even be worse in some states here in the USA.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations. In fact, I’d like to take this opportunity to express special gratitude for MissPiggy’s work. Over the past couple of years she has carried much of the translation load for German and French, and we should all let her know how much we appreciate it.

Also, of course, a big thank-you to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Video #1: A protester is beaten unconscious by police at a Corona demo in Berlin.

Video #2: The Volkslehrer gets harassed by a media representative at a protest against the coronavirus restrictions.

The man who gently chides the reporter is Nikolai Nerling, a.k.a. Der Volkslehrer [The People’s Teacher]. He became instantly famous after confronting Angela Merkel at speaking engagement in September 2017 by asking her: “What’s going on? You have sworn to serve the German people! What are you doing?”

He also pointed out that there wasn’t a single Native German child in his classroom anymore (video). He’s an elementary school teacher, but was relieved of his employment for being outspoken. In this clip he is at the Corona protest in Stuttgart as a journalist and is being harassed and labeled as a right-wing extremist by the MSM.

Video #3: A knockdown goes down at a locked-down godown.

Actually, this seems to be a supermarket rather than a warehouse. A less than compliant citizen gets into a fracas with a uniformed authority figure. Notice that ordinary zeks have to wear masks, but the uniform doesn’t.

Video #4: Katharina Schulze disses the Corona protesters.

Katharina Schulze is the co-leader of the Green Party in Bavaria. In this video she disparages everyone who showed up to protest the ChiCom flu restrictions in Bavaria.

Video transcript #1:

00:13   Freedom! Freedom!
00:30   Resistance! Yes! Resistance!
00:36   Freedom! Freedom!
00:42   Holy crap!
00:47   The dogs are eager.
01:18   He’s unconscious! He’s UNCONSCIOUS! He’s unconscious!
01:28   He is unconscious! Holy crap! —Are you a**holes or what!? —Totally outrageous!
01:34   Get outta here, you f***ers!
01:46   He’s unconscious.
01:59   Hey man, he’s un-con-scious!
02:09   Yes, he’s in shock, for sure.
02:17   Oh my God!
02:54   He’s injured. —They totally punched him in the eye.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   What do you mean? If you’re doing a survey here, excuse me, excuse me, may I ask you a quick question?
00:05   Did you know that Mr. Nerling here supports Holocaust-deniers?
00:08   Do you think it’s good that someone like him
00:11   is here at this demonstration? —I think everyone is here today to support our basic rights.
00:14   That means the Left and the Right and everyone else are standing together for humanity.
00:20   In everyone there’s a beating heart, and the heart that beats in everyone is spreading.
00:24   That’s what I’ve noticed. I don’t care who thought what up until now,
00:28   and I don’t really believe there are bad people here.
00:31   We’re all here to stand up for life, aren’t we?
00:34   So you have a heart for right-wing extremists, even today?
00:37   No, a heart for people. I don’t care. —So, there you go. 1 to 0 against you, I’d say.
00:43   I mean it, honestly. The time is past in which we have allowed ourselves to be divided.
00:47   That applies to you as well. When you ask questions like that,
00:50   you need to ask yourself if what you are doing is right,
00:53   and whether the division you are creating among people is what we want. I don’t think it is.
00:58   What we are doing here is re-uniting everyone as people.
01:03   Up until now, this labeling of people, saying
01:07   they are right-wing or they are left-wing, they are bad or they are good, and whatever. It’s over.
01:12   Why are you here? —I’m reporting events. I’m a journalist.
01:15   Haven’t you understood that yet? —You are, too.

Video transcript #3:

00:00   Why are the police here? —Hello.
00:03   I’d like to see some identification from you. Turn that thing off.
00:07   No, that’s from my doctor. (?) —What is it? I said to turn off the camera.
00:14   I want your identification. —I’m a person. —I need your ID. I don’t need an identification card.
00:18   I’m a person. And I’m sovereign. I want an answer, what are you doing?
00:23   I would like to see some identification. I don’t want any paper, I want your I.D. card.
00:28   What’s the reason that we have to wear masks and you don’t?
00:31   That’s because we are exempt, but you wouldn’t understand. You can read about it on the internet.
00:35   Yeah, exactly, there you can also read that this all total nonsense.
00:40   I told you, you need to leave the premises. If you don’t do that, I’ll take you directly to jail.
00:43   Is that clear? —Yeah, it’s clear. —Then go now. Now!
00:50   If I see you here one more time! —Do you live here now, or what? —You go now!
00:54   Are you threatening me or something? Hey, don’t touch me, man! Don’t touch me!
01:11   Oh, that’s you. —Hey! Leave him alone!
01:20   That was it! That was it! That was it! Please! Please! So, hey! —Call the police!
01:27   We need urgent assistance. Send a patrol car.
01:33   Hey! Hey! My wife!
01:39   Leave him the **** alone damn it! —Hey, everything’s good.
01:45   Hey, leave him alone! Please, hey! Please. Please, please. Everything’s fine.
01:56   Man, get yourself under control, damn it! —Calm down, what’s going on? —Police!
02:06   You just pushed him down! —We have children here with us.

Video transcript #4:

00:00   Right-wing extremists walk hand in hand the anti-Semites,
00:03   with anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists.
00:06   They all have the same goal, which is to destabilize our society
00:09   and cause division. That is highly dangerous.

6 thoughts on “Coronamadness in Germany

  1. If only German police were as eager to fight muslim gangs and clans, but I am sure I won’t live to see that.

    • Cheer up my friend, there are tiers to what passes for law enforcement these days.

      There is hardass Russia tier police, and castrated, pedophile-tolerating, I-don’t-need -a-gun-and-can’t-use-it against-actual-criminals-anyways British tier. The Bundespolizei sits somewhere in the middle.

  2. Thank you, MissPiggy. Your work helps to keep the whole world abreast of current events so we better understand what’s going on and what we should or could do about it.

    It looks more and more like Germany, France, and Canada are all provinces of China now. At this point, they’re willing to attack their native-born sons if it means toeing the globalist line and maintaining that agenda which China has laid out for them. According to their masters, Germany must be overrun with arabs and africans. Native citizens must be masked and forced into the fringes. No resistance allowed, citizen!

  3. IF only we understood, they Destroy our lives , out of the love in their hearts for our GOOD!!

    • Tunnel vision (or a blind fold) and pursuit of good will only coincidentally result in the desired good. All other results will be something else.

      Kind of reminds me of the thought the devil will tell 99 truths to tell 1 lie. I think some people will do 1 apparently good thing and 5 destructive.

  4. This Merkel gestapo , those disgusting cowards !, they attacking german people wishes with a dogs ,,why they don’t are brave like that with Merkel Pets ??!!!uh , this criminals coming illegal!! Reaping our children and wife’s , nothing is done , they prey lout with the huge group’s in the streets of Berlin , nobody touch them !!, wake up , wake up , they are killing You and your families, big time , Merkel muss Weg !!aber schnell…

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