The De-Platforming of the AfD in Berlin

Throughout the West attacks by the “anti-fascist” Left routinely prevent conservatives and critics of mass immigration from meeting and disseminating their views. We’re all familiar with the phenomenon. But the situation in Berlin has gotten so bad for the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) that a member of the party addressed the state (local) parliament about the fact that the AfD party conference has been blocked by Antifa — that is, the entire party has been de-platformed in the city.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Dear president, Ladies and Gentlemen, January 22, 2020 was a black day for democracy in Berlin.
00:10   The AfD is forced, due to violence, to violate the law. No party conference. No party. This way,
00:21   none of our topics have to be addressed. Nice and practical. This is how the left wing operates,
00:29   by taking the knife in its own hand. Normally these kinds of methods are something we only know
00:36   from countries such as China, Russia or Turkey. Up until now, something like this wasn’t found in
00:40   a western democracy. This is already the second time that the AfD of Berlin, the party conference
00:50   of the AfD in Berlin, was cancelled. Immediately after the announcement of the location,
00:55   the landlords of the venue and their families were harassed and threatened by the
00:59   left-wing extremist group known as Antifa. In the meantime,
01:03   it has even become an issue before the court.
01:06   One week ago, the regional court of Berlin ruled that our landlord and his family were massively
01:13   threatened and acutely endangered. Especially problematic, the verdict practically suspends the
01:20   contractual freedom in our country. Left-wing enemies of democracy are using the threat
01:29   of violence to prevent the AfD, elected by
01:32   almost a quarter of a million Berliners, from complying with
01:35   the law. The AfD is being denied the right to assemble and elect
01:40   the necessary bodies and to make a political decision.
01:46   Freedom of opinion and assembly are effectively suspended in Berlin. There is no longer
01:55   a level playing field among the political parties. Therefore, the holding of free elections in
02:03   the federal capital is endangered.
02:06   In this climate of violence and hate, how is the AfD supposed to
02:10   draw up its regional list of candidates for the parliament and the German Parliament?
02:15   How are we supposed to answer the questions of the citizens during the election campaign?
02:19   There’s only one conclusion to be drawn. There’s a democratic emergency in Berlin.
02:31   Ladies and gentlemen, we don’t need to turn our other cheek to know that the left-wing scene
02:35   is prepared to use violence. We experience it every day, but the senate is playing dead.
02:42   The governing mayor, the interior minister and justice department is silent. No reaction to the
02:50   judicially proven threat. Ladies and Gentlemen, Senator Müller claims to represent a metropolis of
02:59   3.7 million people with international importance.
03:04   He likens himself to a lighthouse for the protection
03:10   of minorities, but in reality he looks the other way when basic rights of the citizens of Berlin
03:17   are trampled upon. This is a scandal. This state government is in the position to hold
03:28   international festivals in Berlin and the governing mayor is courting the international motor show,
03:37   but he doesn’t make an effort to assist a party which is threatened by left-wing extremists
03:42   for holding a state party conference. That he does not want to do. —Would you allow a question?
03:48   No. —No questions please. These are political tactics used against the citizens of Berlin.
03:53   For years the aggressive left-wing extremist group Antifa has been indulged with public funds
03:57   by the Red (Social Democrats), Red (Leftist) and Green Party (coalition government).
04:02   They aren’t given any boundaries. They are permitted to act in a legal vacuum.
04:07   The ever-lamented coarsening of social mores — it takes place every day and intentionally.
04:13   The perpetrators are the left-wing extremists of the Antifa.
04:16   They’re permitted to destroy with impunity freedom of opinion,
04:19   freedom of assembly, contractual freedom and to crush the equality
04:25   of opportunity among the political parties to pulp, as was recently reported in the media.
04:33   The incumbent mayor, who unfortunately is not present, must take the lead in standing against
04:37   the apostles of violence among his own clientele. We demand concrete steps against the democratic
04:47   state of emergency in Berlin. Firstly, public buildings must be made available to the AfD
04:53   as quickly as possible in order to hold a state party conference. Secondly, the activities of
04:59   the state-sponsored left-winged extremists must finally be disclosed and law and order must be
05:05   re-established. Far too much damage has already been done by the inactivity of the senate.
05:15   Ensure that the democratic rules of the game, as laid down in the constitution, are applied to
05:20   all political forces here in Berlin. Thank you for your attention.

15 thoughts on “The De-Platforming of the AfD in Berlin

  1. “Throughout the West attacks by the “anti-fascist” Left routinely prevent conservatives and critics of mass immigration from meeting and disseminating their views” – with the connivance of the state.

  2. It’s getting out of control in Germany with this Antifa criminals!!, they should do something, go to highest court to sue this whole circus , it’s sad , what this country became,

    • Surely you have learned by now that appealing to the state is a waste of time. The state supports Antifa! The AfD need to take matters into their own hands to ensure their security. They should hire a security firm that can deal with mob terrorists and crowdfund the money to pay for it.

      • So we need a Publius Clodius to recruit a gang to counter Milo’s gang? This is not how to stop the slide into tyranny. Once violence becomes the only currency on both sides, decent people will withdraw from politics altogether, thugs will fight to control polling stations, and only violent and unscrupulous men will present themselves as leaders.

  3. What a glorious utopia the replacements will create…we’ll call it the Great Leap Backward.

  4. German mentality and sens of Justice..
    According to one of Germany prominent newspaper De Bild and De Welt
    Alois Brunner SS was protected from prosecution by German State until 2008.
    German State also admit hi was ” working” for German State Intelligence BVD until late 1990’s..
    How many Nazis is stile out there protected by German State ?

    • “How many Nazis is stile out there protected by German State ?” – How old are they supposed to be? 100? 110?

      Your comment might be a little bit off topic.

      • Don’t you dear ..Some Hitlerjugend folks at age 14 .. enter this patriotic German organization ,even in 1945..Let’s do the math…They may have now 75 years..and carry burden of murdering some untermensch..I know ,that this knowledge may not be comfortable for you , but i couldn’t care less..I/m more concern about memory for those innocent ,killed by German Ubermensch or Herrenvolks..i own them that !!..
        It’s not a ” little bit off the topic” ! Is right at the “topic”..
        If you know what ADF is about you wouldn’t open your big mouth..
        As a conservative and practicing faith in Christ ,Polish Catholic you won’t find in me ,to much sympathy and understanding for Germany and Germans ..From our Polish perspective Germans mentality didn’t change at all since Hitler time..They just change colors..from Brown to Red,Green and all colors off the Rainbow..
        In there soul and mind they are still see them self as a Herrenvolk’s
        Story about German State covering up,until know crimes by Alois Brunner and himself just prove my question is valid..How many more Alois Brunner murderers is still protected in Germany by German State..?????

        • So you say, a 14 year old boy who entered the youth organisation of the Nazis was himself a Nazi. And even more so, he remains a Nazi until now, at very old age.

          Joining the Hitler Youth was compulsory since 1935, for every German child from 10 years onwards (with different organisations for boys and girls). In other words, every German of that generation was a member of the Hitler Youth. Even Pope Benedikt XVI., as a young boy in Bavaria, by the way. And they, these children, certainly didn’t commit any crimes. But I suppose, you know that already.

          Since 1989, any number of Poles have come to Germany to find work and live here with their families. Why is that so, if we are so awful and if all these elderly people whose families employ Polish nurses for them, are Nazis?

          The AfD-member in the video above is Georg Pazderski, a retired Colonel of our army, the Bundeswehr. His father was a Pole who came to Germany as a prisoner of war. Obviously, he stayed afterwards and married a German woman, rather than returning to Poland – presumably, because the country was at the time under communist rule (I know of a similar case in my own family). Why did he do that, I wonder, with all those Nazis around?

          • ..”Since 1989, any number of Poles have come to Germany to find work and live here with their families. Why is that so, if we are so awful and if all these elderly people whose families employ Polish nurses for them, are Nazis? “..
            1) Those who where force to come in Germany by circumstances to survive, since fall of Communism in 1989 where by German state consider “illegal workers”
            Without permit to stay and any employment rights..many died in accidents on German constructions sites..Many were cheated by German employers.. If caught working by German Polizai ,where prosecuted for breaking German Low..and after some time in jail..deported to Polish borders and dumped there..Mistreatment of Poles in Germany was legendary and known that time in Europe..
            Germany was forced by by EU treaty to open Labor market for Poland in 2011..7 years AFTER Poland join EU.

            ..”elderly people whose families employ Polish nurses for them, are Nazis? “.. are very fortune to have someone to wipe their German [fundament] and take care for can call it” Polish charity”..
            Yes ,many those ,whose [fundament] where wipe out by Polish as a act of charity ,undoubtfully where German ( sorry ! “nazi” ) people who committed most heinous crime in known History of mind kind.. Irony of History..Victims taking care for their villains..
            Now let’s return to real issue of my question..Cover up and protection until now by German state,Germans ( opppss sorry ! “nazi” ) 2 World War criminals.. Why German State is doing this ?

  5. You Germans are unchangeable :-))
    What “Nazi” ?? From Andromeda or Great Swan galaxy ??
    Germans !! simply ..Germans !! Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer ;-))
    If you have some guts open the link
    You will find Hitlerjugend German ( oppps.. sory ! “nazi” ) boy on it ..
    You Germans ,need some basic education on your contemporary history..
    Ohhh dear..Pole who served German interest in German army is no a Pole :-)) Hi must be “Nazi” ..? Is hi this big “shut” from AFD who stated that “Holocaust Memorial in Berlin is German “national shame” ? or the one who promise to “real Germans” return ” former eastern provinces” (Poland) to Fatherland ?.Do you have stamina to hear some more statement from AFD political leaders ?..:-))
    You Germans are playing very dangerous game again in Europe ! Watch out..when will be over again,this time, may will be no Germany anymore..

    If hi come to Poland hi would be shoot as a Traitor..rightfully so..
    So how many Germans murderers from 2 World War,still German State protect from prosecutions from theirs crime /
    Would yu like to have some links ?

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