Migrants Brawl in an Essen Courtroom

The following videos show a culturally enriched ruction between two groups of migrants in a courtroom in the German city of Essen. The German police correctly identify this as something more than ordinary criminal violence: it’s warfare between clans.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

Video report #1:

Video report #2:

Video transcript #1:

00:00   During a trial in Essen, Germany, eight men are charged. Following the announcement of the verdict,
00:03   a mass brawl breaks out. —An unbelievable scene occurred in a courtroom in Essen
00:06   during the trial of clan members who brutally beat up a young man.
00:09   Following the verdict, other clan members present
00:12   went on a rampage and caused pandemonium in the courtroom.
00:15   These are the unbelievable images from directly after the announcement of the verdict in Essen.
00:19   First the defendants went berserk, followed by multiple courtroom spectators,
00:22   who were most likely members of the warring clans.
00:25   The presiding judge wanted to prevent us from showing you this video,
00:28   but for RTL West it is important in order to demonstrate
00:31   how little respect these people obviously have for the German justice system.
00:35   Let me go, you son of a bitch!
00:39   I have been a reporter a long time, but I have never seen anything like what I experienced today.
00:44   Rioting, shouting, and not one bit of respect for the German justice system. Twenty police officers
00:50   in protective vests were needed to restore a semblance of order
00:53   in the courtroom. For me, an unprecedented event.
00:56   A young man who was a courtroom spectator is seen here
00:59   being escorted out of the building with his hands bound.
01:02   The police banned him from entering the building. The tumultuous scene
01:06   in the courtroom was apparently a reaction to the verdicts the court had announced moments before.
01:10   Incidentally, all the defendants were charged under juvenile criminal law because all the convicted
01:13   are regarded as adolescents in the eyes of the court. They all have a migration background:
01:16   Turkish, Lebanese, Iraqi, and citizenship which is unaccounted for.
01:20   Five of the eight young men will be jailed for somewhere between one and three years.
01:25   It wasn’t a normal schoolyard scuffle. The victim was lured to the schoolyard and ambushed.
01:36   After the verdict against multiple men from the clan scene
01:39   in a district court in Essen, a brawl broke out in the courtroom.
01:42   The eight young men had just been sentenced to juvenile detention for severely beating
01:46   an 18-year-old last summer in a schoolyard.
01:50   According to reports, after the verdict was announced, two of the accused attacked each other,
01:54   which resulted in large commotion among the courtroom visitors.
01:57   Bailiffs and police officers had to intervene.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   Everything is still peaceful here in the courtroom, just before the verdict is pronounced.
00:05   The defendants were just as peaceful as their relatives in the spectators’ area.
00:09   One hour later, security personnel had their work cut out for them. We are prohibited from
00:14   showing the images of the rampaging, screaming and shouting of insults. The defendants attacked
00:18   each other and also the spectators with wild punches. It took several minutes to calm down.
00:23   This trial was about the violence between the Kurdish and Lebanese scenes.
00:27   One of the defendants recorded this video that shows the schoolyard where the perpetrators attacked
00:34   the 18-year-old victim from another family.
00:38   The victim was severely injured in the schoolyard by the eight defendants.
00:43   The defendants continued to kick the victim even though
00:47   he was on the ground. He was kicked in the head, and in the back.
00:51   The defendants punched him in the face to varying degrees.
00:57   The court sentenced them to juvenile prison for up to three years and three months,
01:03   but according to their defence lawyer that is too much. —Based on my assessment of the evidence,
01:09   this is a simple case of rowdies roughhousing. I don’t believe that
01:13   this in any form has anything to do with clan criminality,
01:17   nor does it have anything to do with clan feuds. This had nothing to do with that.
01:21   The police had a different view of things from the very beginning and had concerns
01:26   about conflicts arising between the families involved. Unfortunately, they were correct.

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  1. What’s the matter with the German justice system?

    If a culture enricher stabs a young german in the chest, he gets two years probation.
    If he does something to someone from another clan, he does not get two years probation?

    tsktsk tsk, you are asking for trouble.

  2. Just wait until all the free stuff dries up then you’ll see the big battle.
    The comrades will learn that the lifetime democrat voters are overvalued and the vote for a living crowd will learn too late that they will be thrown overboard just like the whites.

    • They didn’t learn the lesson in their own dunghole countries. Why would they learn the lesson now?

  3. This is not a data point for German authorities. The authorities already are fully aware of migrant crime and disruption. This sort of riot and contempt for the German hosts will continue as long as the migrants are allowed to stay in the country and in particular, are treated as voters. The Muslims comprise a strong identity group. In an evenly-divided electorate, and what electorate isn’t, no politician is going to anger a significant bloc. Therefore, any solution is out of reach of politics, once a (very small) tipping point is reached for group politics.

  4. Detain and Repatriate. Which will never happen in the EUSSR.
    Fortunately, communists well understand the satanic machinery of the Gulag.
    Muslims would do well to heed the lessons of arch-comrades Trotsky and Guevara.
    You always know who your enemies are. It’s the people calling themselves ‘friend’ that you need to be wary of.

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