Rendezvous in Dubai

A culture-enriching “Dutch” criminal mastermind has been arrested in Dubai. Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is an article from De Dagelijkse Standaard (also translated by FouseSquawk) about the arrest of Ridouan Taghi:

Hurray! Dangerous Ridouan Taghi is arrested in Dubai

The Netherlands — and the entire world — is a little bit safer. The Dutch-Moroccan super villain Ridouan Taghi, the brains behind many murders in recent years, has been arrested by the police in Dubai and locked up. A magnificent report on this grey December day.

Hip, hip, Hooray! In recent years the Moroccan-born (but Netherlands-raised) super-villain Ridouan Taghi has sown a trail of death and violence in our country, with the low point being the murder of a lawyer for a so-called crown witness. The unscrupulous lowlife thought he could escape by bathing in luxury in Dubai, but luckily for us and unfortunately for this Moroccan bad guy, the Netherlands has international connections. Therefore, the police can report this afternoon:

“The Dubai police on Monday, 16 December, have arrested the fugitive, Ridouan T. in an apartment in Dubai. This occurred in close cooperation with the Dutch police and the Public Prosecutor. Among other things, he is suspected of involvement (as the one who gave the order) in several murders.”

The arrest of Ridouan T. is thanks to the relentless efforts of the Dutch police and intensive international cooperation with the Dubai police. Their help was essential. “I express great credit for the professional methods of our colleagues and those in Dubai,” says police chief Erik Akerboom, who expressed his thanks to his counterpart in Dubai. “The arrest of T. is of great importance to the Netherlands. With his criminal activities, T. and his henchmen were a threat to the rule of law. It is the job of the police to do everything to protect the rule of law and remove the threats.” The capture was made possible by, among other things, the exchange of information by the Dutch police and intense international cooperation. A team of 100 investigators and specialists from the national police worked day and night on the trail of the fugitive suspect. “In today’s world, the building of a strategic cooperation is more important than ever, and by working closely with each other, it is possible to act effectively and decisively. The arrest of Ridouan T. is a good example of that here,” says Jannine van den Berg, chief of the national police unit.

This murder- and travel-loving drug criminal will probably now be extradited to the Netherlands. And then it is hoped that a judge will give this freak life in prison, and he will never have the chance to continue his criminal empire, here or in Dubai

Video transcript:

00:00   This morning our police chief received a welcome call from the police chief in Dubai
00:04   that Ridouan Taghi had been arrested in Dubai.
00:08   A dedicated investigative team of about 100 investigators and specialists from the national unit
00:13   worked day and night for more than a year on the trail of this fugitive.
00:19   We are also happy that Ridouan Taghi is now in custody.
00:23   With this arrest, a sharp blow is dealt against the criminal group around Ridouan Taghi.
00:29   Ridouan Taghi was the most sought-after criminal in the Netherlands.
00:33   But what do we really know about him? Ridouan Taghi
00:37   is 41 years old and has the nickname “The Little One.” He grew up
00:41   in Vianen. After middle school, he studied nothing but criminality.
00:46   The police suspect that he deals drugs and that he is the boss
00:51   of a large drug gang. He is suspected of bringing thousands of kilos of cocaine a month
00:58   into the Netherlands to sell here. For a long time the police didn’t know that,
01:02   until 2015 when they found out.
01:06   But where he sits is completely unclear.
01:09   In the drug world, he has many enemies, and according to the police,
01:13   he even has his enemies murdered.
01:17   Taghi’s organization is suspected of five murders.
01:21   The police also think he is involved with the murder of a lawyer.