“You Block Documents, We Block the Streets”

Illegal migrants in Calabria and Puglia engaged in protests and blocked the streets as they demanded that they be given immigration documents IMMEDIATELY. Former Interior Minister and leader of the Lega Party Matteo Salvini tweeted video of the protests. In the text of his tweet:

Illegal immigrants attack our police with the shout, “ Documents immediately for all”. But for the left, Italy’s priority is to abolish the Security Decrees…

“You block documents, we block the streets”

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation (text and video), and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   [Unintelligible]
00:17   Back… back…
00:24   [Unintelligible]
00:34   We have the right to have documents and housing
00:38   We have the right to have documents for all immediately,
00:42   Housing for all [Unintelligible] for all
00:47   This morning, we want documents for all
00:50   Immediately! —Documents for all —Immediately! Documents for all —Immediately!
00:55   —Forza (force) immigration — [Unintelligible] —Forza immigration…
00:59   —[Unintelligible] Forza immigration —[Unintelligible] —Forza immigration —[Unintelligible]
01:06   Why are you protesting? Why are you protesting? What are you asking for?
01:10   What are you asking for? Why are you protesting? —I don’t know. —You don’t know? —No.
01:15   [Unintelligible]… —Who are you?
01:18   Journalists… —Huh? —Newspaper… —OK, what do you want to know?
01:21   Why are you protesting? What is the motive? —OK. We are here. We are here…
01:26   [Unintelligible]

7 thoughts on ““You Block Documents, We Block the Streets”

  1. We have the right to have documents for all immediately, Housing for al ”

    Now it’s time to pay the piper.

    Human Rights !

    Who came up with “Human Rights?” When they were in Africa and Asia they got the word that Europe is the mother of all muslims everywhere. Europe respects human rights of muslims but not Natives’, Christians and Jews. Hence: :

    They are reminding Europe of its promises and obligation.

    Food housing and other bodily needs or else.

    What a civilized Continent. This type of thriving happens only at the presence of real democracy and non-fake news and free press.

  2. This is an interesting tactic by the invaders. I wonder what its point is. It is like they are on some kind of suicide mission, for they have no power yet seek to dominate the state.

  3. Only a decade ago, the feared ‘Ndrangheta (Calabrian organised crime) would bring illegal immigrants to Italy, but make sure they went north and did not stay in Calabria.

    What has happened? Has the ‘Ndrangheta gone soft?

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