Mohamed the Butcher Becomes Mohamed the Rapist

A number of years ago, after reading so many stories about rapes and bestiality by Muslim men, I said sardonically to Dymphna: “Muslim men will rape anything that has a hole, and if it doesn’t have one, they’ll cut it a new one — that’s why they all carry knives.”

In the intervening years what began as a sick joke morphed into depressing reality as I read more and more about the rapin’-’n’-gropin’ proclivities of Islamic males. For a Muslim man the principal method of interaction with objects in his environment seems to be to rape them — women, girls, men, boys, infants, corpses, donkeys, goats, swans, and many other species too numerous to mention.

The story below from Philosophia Perennis is a case in point: a Muslim man in Germany took revenge on his wife’s ex-boyfriend — a fellow Muslim — by raping him, with the help of a couple of buddies.

By the way — this case has a Mohammed Coefficient of 100%

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation:

Trial in Görlitz: Mohamed A. allegedly raped the ex-boyfriend of his current partner

by David Berger
November 30th, 2019

Out of jealousy, a 33-year-old Tunisian is said to have brutally raped his present wife’s ex-boyfriend, the 35-year-old Pakistani Saif U. in Görlitz with the help of two other Arabs. “Mohamed locked the door from the inside. Then two more Arabs came along, beat me and kicked me, pressed me to the ground.” Then the 35-year-old Pakistani Saif U. was undressed and raped. Saif gave his testimony yesterday in tears before a court in Dresden.

Mohamed the butcher comes from Tunisia

And the prosecution seems to be certain that this description is correct, even if the Tunisian perpetrator Mohamed A. (33, butcher), who is now on trial, continues to deny the crime. Mohamed A. had already been sentenced in the summer to 3 years and 9 months imprisonment for raping the cook Saif U. in Görlitz. The reason: The victim had once been together with his present wife Anita (28). Mohamed A. was obsessed with the idea that Saif U. had contacted her again to take her away from him. Due to procedural errors, the Federal Supreme Court overturned the verdict, and the trial is now taking place again.

What do the “Fck AfD” T-shirt wearers have to do with the rapist Arab?

Male rape is much more common than generally assumed. And it also has serious consequences, especially if the men have a migration background in which passive anal intercourse (“treating him like a woman”) is considered degrading for a man: “A prejudice that men who have been raped are less traumatised than women is absolutely wrong, on the contrary. Studies show that the long-term effects of rape, whether male or female, usually have serious consequences for life. In addition, men are exposed to greater social stigmatisation, leading to even greater psychological damage for male rape victims.” (according to Wikipedia) Male rape by men is then understood as revenge or simply as violent domination. The now widespread German slogan “Fck xxx (Nazis, AfD, etc.)” remains attached to this anarchistic, misogynistic paradigm.

14 thoughts on “Mohamed the Butcher Becomes Mohamed the Rapist

  1. Time for a #metoo for male victims of Mohammad.

    I can’t feel too much sympathy for Saif though; if the shoe was on the other foot he would be doing unto others as was done to him and cheerfully knowing his rapist in the biblical sense.

    • First, the Moon, your remarks are pointedly funny and witty and realistic. I like reading them

      One was rape there. What about the whole city of Londonistan raped :

      You would not believe your eyes: Mark Easton : Raping London is a story of success.

      Britain is even more sophisticated that scandinavia.

    • Not all Tunsians are of Berber descent. There are plenty of other ethnicities in their gene pool.

    • WRONG!
      98% of Tunisians are Arabs mixed with Berbers (as all of North Africa – majority Arabs mixed with indigineous people) and mostly identify as Arab. There’re also tiny European, Jewish, etc. minorities in Tunisia. Pure Berbers constitute only between 100-300 000 (estimated).
      At least bother opening Wikipedia before you [express a mistaken assertion].

  2. Recently I came across a post on VKontakte. It was about a region in the North Caucasus with Muslim majority. The photo depicted a girl in jeans, a sweater and with her hair loose, looking rather modest. She was waiting for the bus and looking at the smartphone. For balance and comfort, she leaned against the post and spread her legs a little.
    Oh my God! What were these comments! “She stands like a man, let not be surprised if she is raped!”

  3. Stuff like this is why the proto-humans need to be eradicated or otherwise removed from our societies. They are literally less developed than most westerners. I have seen the human genome studies addressing this (in very gingerly-phrased terms, too). Africans and arabs have significantly greater “genetic diversity” than most other groups. That’s another way of saying “less refinement” than other groups. As you move away from Africa, particularly into the northern latitudes, you’ll find progressively greater refinement in the haplogroups. Move closer to the equator as you go out from Africa and you’ll find a little more refinement, but not much. The weather is so warm around the equator that even the dullest of idiots can survive and procreate there.

    So call me a racist. I most certainly am, and it’s based on indisputable facts. Our societies cannot tolerate the burden of proto-human invaders. And I believe the scourge of savages is the work of the globalists, which is a movement spearheaded by communist China. So I say cut all trade with the chinks and remove all the primitives from our societies. Do those two major things and our collective quality of life will skyrocket.

    • I don’t know about arabs, but black Africans do have greater genetic diversity than other humans. This may well be because those of our ancestors who left encountered harsher conditions, and only the “fittest” survived; natural selection in action (sorry, creationists) eliminated the rest.

      “Fitness”, however, is about intelligence and adaptability, and I’m not sure how this relates to empathetic behaviour (intelligence in humans is no guarantee of higher moral standards- most dictators are smart); and if the humans most removed from Africa are the cleverest, the Scandinavians seem to have lost the plot!

    • “Proto-humans?”

      That’s a funny way to spell, “orcs,” my good fellow!

      I agree there is little diversity among the Africans and Arabs.

      One thing our societies must do, is cut off all the welfare, freebies, subsidies, gibs, and other handouts to the immivaders.

      The civilized world owes orcs less than nothing!

    • John, You know as well as I do that one way or another, the situation with these 3rd worlders will be forced, and then watch out as us westerners do what we do best, total war and elimination of these 3rd worlders from our midst. The cold, cruel, harsh reality of it all is thus, them or us.

  4. The degradation of the male victim of rape is the aim of the act. But the roots of this degradation are not found in the homosexual nature of the act but because the victim is forced to play the part of the female.

    The articles states, “Male rape by men is then understood as revenge or simply as violent domination.” But it is far more than this. In the twisted minds of those who would do this, the ultimate revenge is to treat a man as a woman is treated; the ultimate domination is to dominate a man as a woman is dominated. That this is found in the practitioners of Islam, that religion that we are told “honours” women, is telling.

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