The Bosnian Connection

Mario Kunasek, the party chairman for the FPÖ (Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs, Austrian Freedom Party) in Steiermark (Styria), traveled to Bihać in northwestern Bosnia to see for himself if the rumors of a new wave of mass migration were true (they were).

Croatia and Slovenia lie between Bosnia and Austria, so all those male military-age “refugees” have to make their way through both those countries before they get to the promised land. Actually, Germany is probably their preferred destination, but they will definitely be knocking at Austria’s door at some point on the trip.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

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Video transcript #1:

00:02   Threat of a New Asylum Crisis? On-site inspection in Bihac/Bosnien 1/2
00:08   So friends, we are on the highway in Slovenia on our way Bosnia Herzegovina.
00:12   Many might be asking what were doing there.
00:16   We’re doing what responsible politicians should be doing,
00:20   namely finding out what is going on there first-hand.
00:23   We’ve been hearing about a situation developing for the last several days
00:26   on social media. Something that the media
00:29   in Austria are hardly covering. A new refugee wave
00:34   is pressing through from Bosnia-Herzegovina to Croatia.
00:39   On this fact-finding mission it is important for me to see
00:43   what the facts are and to draw the right conclusions.
00:47   So we will be meeting the mayor of Bihac tomorrow morning,
00:52   so he can tell me first-hand what the situation is there.
00:57   I’m happy to keep you all updated on the situation.
01:00   For Steiermark (Styria), Austria and even all of Europe, will be required to make
01:03   a strong response in order to take the right measures
01:08   and avoid being caught by surprise as we were in 2015.
01:15   We all have the images from Spielfeld still in our heads.
01:26   We just passed the border from Slovenia into Croatia.
01:30   I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Croatian friends.
01:35   We have had a great working relationship with
01:40   the Ministry of Defence, especially with Damir Krsticevic,
01:46   who is a great minister who knows what is necessary to create stability
01:52   in Croatia. We are also especially thankful to Croatia
01:58   concerning the defence of Europe’s outer borders,
02:01   because they are doing such a good job. They’re working to stop the flood of migrants,
02:05   so that there won’t be a flood of migration into the Europe Union. They’re giving an
02:08   exemplary performance. We wholeheartedly thank you for that and send you the warmest greetings.

Video transcript #2:

00:02   Threat of a New Asylum Crisis? On-site inspection in Bihac/Bosnien 2/2
00:10   Good morning from Bihac. In a few moments we will have our meeting with the mayor of Bihac.
00:16   We want him to inform us of what the situation is here.
00:20   He will tell us what has been going on here for the past few weeks and months.
00:24   I’m looking forward to this interesting discussion with great anticipation,
00:27   and hope to receive information that we need
00:30   in order to make the right conclusions. I’ll be back with an
00:35   update after our meeting with the mayor.
00:45   At the moment we’re at a migrant camp in Vucjak.
00:48   The camp here holds 1,500 migrants. There are only young men here;
00:52   for the most part they come from Pakistan and Afghanistan.
00:56   The police officer who was our guide told us about 300-400 arrive daily,
01:02   but many of them don’t stay. They continue on their route
01:06   toward the border of Croatia, which isn’t far from here.
01:10   It is easy to see how big this migration wave is already,
01:14   but without a doubt it is going to get much bigger.
01:19   This is a confirmation of many reports that we have all seen recently on social media.
01:25   This situation here is more than just tense.
01:40   Now we are leaving the camp in Vucjak. It’s really a confirmation
01:45   of what many of us have seen reported by people on social media,
01:50   in Austria. It’s true. There’s an ever-increasing wave of migration on the way.
01:58   The police officer who was our guide at the camp told us 300-400 people arrive
02:03   every day, and the same number continue their way
02:08   to the border which is only about 2,000 meters [yards] away. The conditions are unbelievable.
02:18   It is the responsibility of all those decision-makers in Austria
02:22   and the European Union to create a functioning security force
02:27   on the outer border of Europe once and for all. Additionally, in this situation,
02:32   we need to strengthen our national borders immediately.
02:37   These plans need to be drawn up in order to avoid being surprised by a new refugee and migrant wave
02:44   that will be a similar situation to what we had in 2015.
02:47   So I can only encourage all decision-makers to take action now,
02:51   and do it quickly. Don’t close your eyes to what is going on.
02:55   It will be Austria that will suffer the consequences if these conditions
03:00   aren’t dealt with properly. In conclusion, I’m very happy that we undertook this journey.
03:07   In contrast to other politicians, we decided to have a look for ourselves,
03:12   and we spoke with the people on site, with the mayor,
03:17   and other authorities, along with the police. We were given a significant impression
03:21   of the situation, which is, well, very dramatic.
03:26   I really would like to impress upon decision-makers in Austria to do the same for themselves.
03:30   Don’t depend on the images that the media transmits.
03:34   Go to the location and see the situation for yourself
03:38   in order to make the right conclusions and decisions for our homeland of Austria.

5 thoughts on “The Bosnian Connection

  1. When I think back to the beginning of GOV, and I think I was really rather close to the inception as a reader, I can’t help but marvel how WORSE things have become.
    It doesn’t seem to matter what people all over Western Civilization do or say. Your demise is preordained.
    Who was the half Jap guy in European history that wanted a complete mixing of ethnicity because he had a chip on his shoulder?
    GOV used to have a photo of a boat with “refugees” on it and the Baron used to give us the tally of migrants per week. That became impossible in 2015 when the migrant flood became untenable to record.
    I long for 2005 when Dymphna and the Baron were sending up signal after signal of the deluge.

  2. Any country depending on the European Union to provide border security is giving up its own existence. A representative republic that is too large or too diverse becomes governed by bureaucracy, as it is too remote from the constituencies to actually be effected by voting. This was the original Jeffersonian concept of federalism, which included the principle of regions becoming independent, although interlocking, countries. The Confederacy was an example of such a principle, although overcome by an invasion from the US.

    Any European country wishing to maintain its identity and culture will have to resist the EU and its diktats to just the point of forestalling a military invasion. Most likely, the election of Trump in the US set the EU military plans back a few years.

    In other words, the EU will never stop immigration, and likely will continue to encourage it. The European courts will continue to invalidate a nation’s efforts to protect itself, for example not allowing a country to deport a violent criminal because the criminal might be mistreated in his home country.

  3. This is alarming!!, if not prevent it will be another 2015 !!, watch out Germans , they all going to Merkel, speechless..

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