Salvini is Gone, and the Flood of Migrants Resumes

The following video reports on North Africans who are now flooding into the Italian island of Lampedusa, or are waiting on the Libyan shore for passage across the Mediterranean. They’ve all heard that Matteo Salvini is no longer the interior minister, so they expect that they will be allowed to land in Italy and then be processed expeditiously so they can travel to their new homes in Europe.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:12   This is a video that was sent to us by one of the immigrants
00:16   waiting to depart for Lampedusa from the Libyan coast.
00:19   He is located in the shed of a human trafficker from Zuwara (Libya).
00:31   “All the embarkations that depart this month for Italy will arrive,”
00:34   writes a trafficker on his Facebook page, with this [unintelligible] his trips.
00:48   More than 2,000 immigrants have arrived in Italy in the month of September alone,
00:52   a peak the cause of which cannot be said to exclude the agreement to achieve
00:56   a policy less hostile than that of the ex-Minister of the Interior, Matteo Salvini.
01:05   This is the second trip that Zouel, a Tunisian, has made to Italy.
01:09   He has already been expelled once. A few days after
01:13   meeting him upon his arrival at Lampedusa, he tells us he has been again repatriated to Tunisia.
01:20   And look what he asks us. He wants information on the change of government
01:24   in Italy and the possible effects on the immigrants who arrive. He tells us
01:28   he is again ready to return.
01:34   This is the [unintelligible] of Lampedusa; at this moment there are about 300 people
01:38   in a place with a capacity for 100. They are almost 100% Tunisians
01:42   who arrived a few days ago on board small boats directly to the island.
01:48   All Tunisians? —Yes, Tunisian.
01:52   This is not the first time you came here? Hmm, no, I came in 2011.
01:56   They gave me an order of expulsion [unintelligible] 2019.
02:01   I had a residence permit… —You were reported… —But [unintelligible] for nothing, because
02:05   during that period, there was Salvini. —But now Salvini is no longer minister of the interior.
02:08   Now I know he is no longer there. I’m also happy. — Now there is a new government in Italy.
02:11   Yes. Something is changing, yes.
02:14   What is it? According to you, how does it seem to you? —Much better.
02:17   According to you, do people in Tunisia know that it is better here now? —Of course.
02:20   And more are leaving? —Of course. Of course, more are leaving every day. Every day.
02:24   Yesterday, I heard two other boats left at one, at one in the night.
02:28   Where are they now? — They are arriving. They are arriving. —Here? —Of course, here. — Now, Europe
02:32   says that those who arrive here will be redistributed to several countries.
02:36   Good. Yes. Good. —Have you heard this? — I have heard. Germany
02:40   has talked about this. Also in France… — Good news? —Of course, it is good news
02:44   for this motive… [unintelligible] the boys back now.
02:52   Now, right now, the law is changing. When they hear that
02:56   they are not sending the boys back, you will see what happens further on.
02:59   Within a week, you’ll see. Every day.