War-Gaming Armageddon

German authorities are obviously preparing for significant civil disturbances in the near future, but it isn’t clear whether their greatest fear is a terrorist attack launched by “New Germans”, or an uprising by native Germans who have finally reached the limit of what they are willing to tolerate.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

The first video shows war-gaming for an expected major terror attack, whose source is unspecified:

The second video shows an anti-terror drill in the Central Railway Station in Nuremberg:

Video transcript #1:

00:00   Wave of terror nationwide in Germany
00:03   The Baden-Württemberg Counter-Terrorism Agency (BWTEX) expects a nationwide wave of terrorism.
00:07   Against this background a large-scale exercise of about 2,500 participants will be held in October.
00:11   This is reputed to be the largest exercise of its kind to date,
00:14   reported the press portal Karlsruhe Insider.
00:17   Under the planned scenario, several terrorist attacks
00:20   will have already occurred in Germany, causing more than
00:24   120 deaths. The high point of the exercise is a simulation
00:28   of a terror attack with 30 deaths and up to 70 wounded.
00:31   The police involved in the simulated crisis are so overwhelmed they must request the assistance
00:36   of the German Army. The entire process,
00:39   from the first shots to caring for the injured will be practiced,
00:42   explained project manager Daniel De Giuli from the state police headquarters.
00:46   The task of the German Armed Forces will be to use heavy armored vehicles to transport the injured
00:50   out of the hazard zone and remove explosives, according to
00:53   Lieutenant Colonel Frank Peter Thomas of the German Armed Forces.
00:57   The large-scale exercise takes place at the military training ground in the Sigmaringen district.
01:01   In order to make the exercise as realistic as possible, huts and masts for mobile communication
01:06   will be erected. The exercise will take place from the 18th to 19th of October
01:10   with a team of 1,000 policemen and 270 soldiers participating at a cost of about €250,000.
01:18   It appears that the security authorities are expecting civil war-like condition in Germany.

Video transcript #2:

00:02   Anti-Terror-Drill at Nuremberg Central Station
00:23   First responders arrive at the scene
00:39   The situation is still unclear
00:49   A second assailant appears
00:57   and is shot
01:11   Task forces secure the area
01:27   Unfortunately a topic which has continued to be significant for years in Germany,
01:31   in all of Europe and in the world is the threat of terrorist violence.

7 thoughts on “War-Gaming Armageddon

  1. I think will be easier to clean up the country from this criminals and close the borders after them !, don’t you think -Germany? Or You aren’t thinking at all !!!

  2. I don’t expect this is being done over fears of native Germans magically finding their testicles. My opinion is this is being done because they expect muslim trouble in one of several other european countries, the suppression of which will cause the followers of the religion of peace to rebel in every european country. I would have to guess that it will start in France or Denmark and rapidly spill over into every european country that has been multiculturally blessed with a muslim ghetto.

  3. Should we be surprised? Of course not, the cultures of many countries in the Socialistic European Union, has and is being eroded year by year by certain political operations to bring about a full Multicultural community-that’s as maybe but the difference from those following the teachings of Islam is so far removed from Christian values taught in Europe hitherto, that strong resistance not to lose those individual cultres was bound to happen. As an Englishman with ancestry well over 1000 years, I am disturbed to see my own culture and traditions being underminded continually. The strength of Islam has gained a footing in my country, the result is that many of my countrymen are frustrated that, the authorities and others are not listening or seeing what is happening right under thei noses.

  4. The most dangerous threats facing each of the Western nations are our own governments and the mindset of the citizens that keep them in power. Until those problems are solved conditions will continue to worsen. IMHO the only one who will sort all of this out is our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who promised to do just that and shall do so.

  5. Look no further than the tribe to see the root of most of the evil in this world for at least the past 100 years. They still remember fondly their Messiahs – Lenin and Stalin.

  6. The globalists at the EU and elsewhere have engineered this crisis according to the Hegelian dialectic, which postulates that by means of constant manufactured crises, a society can be moved inexorably toward Marxism.

    In brief, the idea is to manufacture or provoke a crisis, which then leads to a reaction, followed by a resolution or synthesis. The “resolution” is so designed to give the original authors of the crisis what they have wanted all along, i.e., in the case of the Euro-elites, greater centralization of power, greater wealth and greater control over Europe.

    Fifty years ago, European society was prosperous, stable and reasonably content. Since these conditions were not idea for fomenting revolution, the elites moved to disrupt this state of equilibrium, foremost by importing millions of non-European “guest workers” into the heart of old Europe, fully-aware that such individuals would only with difficulty assimilate, if they managed to integrate into European society at all.

    The ticking demographic time-bomb was found in the large numbers of Muslims imported into Europe, for the soldiers of Allah were/are the oldest and most-implacable enemies of traditional Christian/European civilization.

    All of those Turks migrating to Germany had no intention of becoming Germans; they instead intended to force Germans to adopt their ways, to assimilate to them. To live under sharia law, to say the shahada, to follow the five pillars of Islam, to become Muslims or else pay the jizya tax all infidels must pay.

    Similar scenes played out elsewhere in western/northern Europe.

    When the proverbial fuse is lit on this crisis and things finally explode, it will provoke the “resolution” or “synthesis” the EU elites will use to wrest further control, wealth and power for themselves. As they had planned in the first place. “Just give us what we want,” they will say, “and we will restore order.” Or words to that effect. Always ask of events – cui bono, who benefits?

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