My Big Fat Turkish Wedding

Wedding celebrations in the most culturally enriched countries of Western Europe are opportunities for “New Europeans” to ostentatiously showcase their wealth while laying claim to the territory that used to belong to Europeans.

The following translation by FouseSquawk reports on one such wedding in Rotterdam. The translator includes this note:

Turks and Moroccans are constantly doing this during wedding processions. Recently a cop was beaten trying to intercede. This is also a problem in Germany and Belgium.

The translated article from De Telegraaf:

Fireworks and a Lot of Noise Nuisance

Rotterdam Police Seize Ferrari in Wedding Procession

September 15, 2019

Police in Rotterdam have seized a very expensive Ferrari because documents of the driver, who was riding in a wedding procession that cause a lot of disturbance, were not in order.

This is what was reported by a local police officer on Twitter. The wedding procession was making its way though the Maas [part of Rotterdam] on Saturday evening with a lot of outward show. According to the police, the speed limit was considerably exceeded. Naturally, one motorist was arrested.

The driver apparently wanted to brighten up the inner city with fireworks and with a lot of noise nuisance,” a local agent, Wim Rietveld, described euphemistically on social media.

Countless expensive cars rode in the wedding procession. The driver of a white sport car received a citation for traffic violations; the Ferrari driver had to turn over his car. “Of the required documents, none turned out to be in order.”

Twitter post:

@Police Rotterdam — This evening, a driver from a wedding procession, who apparently wanted to brighten up the Rotterdam inner city with fireworks and with a lot of nuisance noise, got a citation for his annoying behavior.

Such showing-off of cars is the order of the day, the Turkish-Dutch entrepreneur and publicist told De Telegraaf earlier. The wedding processions used to be more modest. “It has become pure showing-off of cars. The young men stand above the police. They are the boss, and they let it show.”

Beating of police officer

That another annoying wedding procession goes through Rotterdam stinks. At the beginning of this month, the police agent Gert Jan de Jonge was knocked unconscious by a driver in another wedding procession, after complaints about the nuisance had come in . The police are still looking for the perpetrator. Despite several calls, the person has not yet been located. Last week De Jonge told his story on the TV program Jinek. The local policeman Rietveld ‘watched it with anger’, he wrote on social media.

Twitter post (Rietveld):

Watched with anger after the episode from @JinekLive in which my colleague, Gert-Jan@Politie_Rdam tells his story about the violence that was done to him on the job. Riff-raff who have this on his conscience. Do you have knowledge of this incident? Report it!

Since the beating, the debate about marital marriage has flared up. The police deny nuisance horns have received more attention. “We pay attention to all nuisances. If something leads to a dangerous situation, we will do something about it,” states a police spokesperson.

7 thoughts on “My Big Fat Turkish Wedding

  1. “marital marriage”? What other kinds of marriage are there?

    “Since the beating, the debate about marital marriage has flared up.”
    seems to correspond to
    “Sinds de mishandeling is het debat over trouwstoeten opgelaaid.”.

  2. I never understood who lends such expensive cars to those dimwits. We are talking here and often in Germany too, about 250k$ items. I have never seen a car rental with those in the yard.
    A possible cure could be: the police seizes the cars( which will anyway be recovered next day by a lawyer) . OK so far.But what if someone puts some sugar in the tank which will burst the 65k$ engine after 50 miles? That would really spoil the business.Another thing is the cars belong to a relative far away.So what? Bring him on and we return the car to him.

    • In the UK Paki weddings involve driving a convoy of ‘super cars’ at very low speed whilst revving the engines at every opportunity. As far as I understand it the super cars belong to Paki companies that hire out these vehicles – very often Lamborghinis.

      • and I think that this lending is part of a mafia-like system: the renters are endebted for years ahead and thus ” owe” some favour that can be claimed anytime and not only in cash.

  3. I guess this is how Mohammed used to celebrate after conquering his Kafir women. The Sirat Rasul-ullah records that his henchmen would decorate the Kafir woman, and then Mohammed would rape her in a tent while his henchmen stood guard outside. They didn’t have Ferraris back then, but whatever loot they obtained from the kafirs would have been paraded.

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