Is Sweden Going Under for the Third Time?

The immigration-induced crisis in Sweden seems to have passed the point of no return. In many urban areas the police are unable to exert their authority. The violence and lawlessness have now spilled over into less culturally enriched areas, and have become so serious that even some of the mainstream media outlets have begun to take note.

Fjordman has written about the situation at Snaphanen (in dansk or norsk; I can’t tell them apart): Er Sverige ødelagt? (Is Sweden destroyed?)

Our Swedish correspondent LN has translated three articles about the catastrophic failure of Sweden. The first one is from Samtiden:

Sweden is “a complete political failure,” writes Janne Josefsson. “State power is being hollowed out bit by bit,” writes Wilhelm Agrell.

Now Both Janne Josefsson and Wilhelm Agrell Raise the Alarm: Sweden is Going Under

by Dick Erixon
September 13, 2019

Two heavy public opinion makers, the journalist Janne Josefsson and the peace researcher Wilhelm Agrell, each in his morning newspaper, have today emerged with an emergency call that Sweden is undergoing violence and lawlessness.

Is that violence now approaching the establishment events in the media and academia?

The stench of powder smoke

Janne Josefsson writes in the DN Chronicle, “It is gunpowder smoke in the world’s best country” that Multiculturalism has created de facto apartheid in Sweden. Less than one percent of pupils have Swedish as a mother tongue in the Shumila school at Hisingen in Gothenburg — maybe four pupils out of 500.

Sweden is no longer a country; it is different worlds, and “a politically perfect failure”. But once the denial begins to dissolve, the government and Morgan Johansson (S) [interior minister] are being labeled “abominable beasts”. The words get worse: “The less they know how to solve the social situation in the country,” Josefsson writes.

The schools are “transmission belts” that deliver boys to the criminal gangs. At Shumila School, 26 percent of the boys were prosecuted for a crime within a few years of completing school. “We get the society we deserve,” concludes Josefsson.

Sweden’s internal armed conflict is sinking it

The state’s monopoly on violence no longer exists, the professor in intelligence analysis Wilhelm Agrell writes in a debate article in SvD [see the bottom of this post].

“We must act to save the country.”

He writes that “the phenomenon of internal armed conflict can help highlight the dynamics of an event that has great destructive potential for a society. In the typical internal armed conflict, different groups are fighting each other and to varying degrees a state power that has completely or partially lost its monopoly on violence.”

In such situations, violence escalates, as it is easier than reversing it. The latches have been released and the violence has its own dynamic. Agrell cites Lebanon in the 1980s and the Balkans in the ‘90s as examples where internal armed conflict has escalated to war. In an internal armed conflict, social functions break down and those who are able to flee the country.

Agrell believes that the development of violence has been uninterrupted for too long because both citizens and politicians have regarded Sweden as a safe country. The authorities are very slow to begin to consider serious organized crime as a social threat. “The violence is not only becoming more brutal and escalating, the victims may be anyone who happens to get in the way or anyone who is perceived to stand in the way…” State power has been cut out bit by bit and no longer exists. The country is broken. He believes that it is “the destructive dynamics of the internal armed conflict that we need to pay attention to and fight for if the country, the country in which we want to live, is to be saved.” Otherwise it will quickly get worse.

Will the government wake up now?

Will the government, with its support parties, wake up and take note of the fact that people within the establishment groups are now also sounding the alarm that the situation is extremely serious and acute? My answer is: no. You do not have the mental and intellectual capacity to understand that Sweden is no longer like it was twenty years ago. You also do not want to understand. You are afraid to comprehend reality. Therefore, they will continue to estimate while at the same time throwing out those who warn of the development — which of course mainly applies to the Sweden Democrats, who are ten to twenty years ahead of everyone else.

To acknowledge the situation is to acknowledge that Jimmie Åkesson is right. They would rather let Sweden go down than do that.

The only people who can break the deadlock are the Swedish people. They can show who they sympathize with. An edge in the opinion polls is probably the only thing that can induce the political powers to begin to take action.

The second article is from Fria Tider :

Bomb deaths in Sweden shock US police chief: “Nothing like what we have seen in the US”

The American ex-police chief Rick Fuentes is surprised at all the explosions in Sweden. There is nothing like it in the US, he tells Expressen.

Former US Police Chief Rick Fuentes is in Sweden to help the Swedish police fight gang crime.

On Tuesday he held a press conference with Ulf Johansson, the regional police chief in Stockholm, concerning a collaboration between the Swedish police and Rutgers University in New Jersey, where Fuentes currently operates.

But the former police chief is surprised at all the bombings in Sweden.

Has seen nothing at all like this in the United States

“I haven’t seen a grenade attack. It has not happened. We have not seen the use of explosives in murders and wounding people; it has not happened. It is a level of violence that we have not seen,” he tells Expressen.

He also explains that it is much more difficult for the police to deal with the violence that takes place by means of explosive blasts, but that there are definitely measures that can work against the gun violence.

At the same time, Expressen notes that gang violence has reached such a level that it “causes terror in Sweden”.

Finally, the op-ed from Svenska Dagbladet that was referred to above:

The shootings in Sweden

It is the destructive dynamics of the internal armed conflict that we must pay attention to and fight against, writes Wilhelm Agrell.

Agrell: We must act to save the country

Society’s monopoly on violence, the very hallmark of a sovereign functioning state power, has been hollowed out bit by bit and no longer exists. Armed criminal violence has effects that are more and more similar to terrorism, writes senior professor Wilhelm Agrell.

This is an argumentative text intended to influence. The views expressed are the writer’s own.

Serious social threats can either take the form of sudden and obvious events or emerge more gradually and at a creep. The sudden progress may come as a surprise and more or less take society unawares, but also the gradually-emerging threats can have the same effect. Society here does not perceive what is going on, looks back instead of forward, and takes too long behind the protection of a sense of continued normalcy. Too little and too late is the saying that describes the consequences. The trivialized, difficult-to-grasp or too unlikely threats will not be subject to preventive measures until afterwards, as they may already be overplayed, as with the overdue measures against the flow of volunteers to ISIS.

Sweden has suffered from increasing and more serious criminal violence. This development is not new, but was long considered a local law and order problem. The changing criminal violence can be described by statistics, but is also reflected in an increased concern among politicians, government officials and large civic groups.

The situation in the violent areas is sometimes described as a war zone, and in the moments when shootings and blasts occur, it is the war zone’s reference frames that are validly applied: the broken facades, gunshot victims lying on the sidewalk. The reference to war may be exaggerated and alarmist, but the phenomenon of internal armed conflict may help to highlight the dynamics of an event with great destructive potential for a society.

In the typical internal armed conflict, various groups fight each other and to varying degrees a state power that has completely or partially lost its monopoly on violence. This socially threatening effect is actually far more important than the number of deaths per year, which terrorism illustrates. These internal armed conflicts have a number of recurring characteristics, irrespective of the driving forces behind them.

The first such feature is the edge of violence, or rather the threshold. It is much easier for the parties in a conflict to seize and escalate violence than to return to a lower level of violence. The possible barriers that exist have been removed, and violence then acquires its own meaning and impetus, often sabotaging attempts to mediate and otherwise dampen the conflict. This is an observation from Lebanon in the 1970s and 1980s, the Balkan conflicts in the 1990s and Syria after the Arab Spring of 2011, just to name a few.

A second recurring feature is that the internal armed conflict affects, and by extension shreds, basic social functions and people’s everyday lives and, in extreme cases, their possibilities for survival, which sooner or later results in escape, where those who perceive in time the development of conflict and have material and mental resources are those who flee first.

The path to internal armed conflict and escalated violence is rarely clear, and may contain episodes of more or less absurd normality, such as when conscripts from the Federal Yugoslav army fought against Croatian forces queued at a Croatian bank office to raise their daily allowance, which they used to do.

Now it is found in shots on our streets and explosions in our residential areas, but we can still drive and shop in the shopping center, and if there are any open bank branches we would certainly be able to withdraw money there. Is this just life as usual, as it has been seen in so many countries for so long, and a result of Sweden simply being “normalized”, here as in many other areas?

It may be so, but this is also an important part of the problem itself. Sweden has been — and has been perceived as — a safe and secure country. Citizens have long taken this more or less for granted, and so has the state. The development of violence has therefore been able to continue for too long and gone too far before the warning signals have penetrated and countermeasures have been initiated. It was a long time before even the serious direct attacks by organized crime on the justice system were defined as a threat to society.

After the recent shootings there is a growing perception that what is going on is not only “the other’s” violence, internal settlements, but something that, just as directly as the direct attacks on the legal system, poses a threat to society as a whole. Not only does the violence become more brutal and escalated, the victims can be anyone who happens to get in the way or anyone who is perceived to stand in the way…

What we are forced to witness is a kind of insidious low-intensity armed conflict that is more than just ever-increasing violence.

Society’s monopoly on violence, the very hallmark of a sovereign functioning state power, has been hollowed out bit by bit and no longer exists. The institutions of society have been reduced to one of many perpetrators of violence. Armed criminal violence in this respect has effects that are more and more similar to terrorism, and, in the worst case, mutate in a direction where the boundary between the two is blurred. All of this is deeply disturbing and unsustainable; the country is breaking apart in a very fundamental sense.

So what is serious is not the situation here and now, which is bad enough, but where we are going. It is the destructive dynamics of the internal armed conflict that we must pay attention to and fight for if the country, the country in which we want to live, can be saved. All of these are things that should have been noticed and acted against while time was available. What is required now is crisis management, where the countermeasures are focused on the scale of threat we have not yet experienced and want to avoid having to experience.

Wilhelm Agrell is a senior professor in intelligence analysis at Lund University.

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  1. I bet that the Royal family in Sweden don’t give a crap about the fact that these black muslims rape and murder the Swedish women.

    • Of course the don’t. They have already built their villa’s in Argentina or New Zealand by now and their family capital safely tucked away.
      W.t.s.h.t.f. all they have to do is to board their planes and get the hell out of there.

  2. Ye gods, this is great!
    The very first thing a marxist regime does when they figure they’re winning is claim ‘a sole monopoly on violence’. All well and good. Remove the citizen’s basic human right to defend his person, family and property. No no, soyboy. The state will keep you safe in it’s iron embrace. You just concentrate on growing that beard, covering yourself in gross tattoo’s and seeking medical attention for testicles made gangrenous by skinny jeans.
    The state is in control.
    The muslims seem to be of a different mind.
    I cannot say I have any sympathy. In fact, as the war intensifies and ignites across the EUSSR, I shall be lobbying vigorously for the Americas NATO members to get the hell out. I know it is just a matter of time before the kommisars, seeing their rice bowl exploding in their faces, invoke Article V.
    “Please help us, you horrible, bigoted, slave-owning, uncouth Americans!”
    I say NO! Enough.
    We The People have born the brunt of bailing these dumb appeasers and social technicians out too many times. The cost in blood, in treasure, our futures and our souls has been too high. Again and again the peoples of Europe have demonstrated their desire to die, and take every one with them in one ill-considered, half-[backsided] political experiment after another. Soon, they will come snivelling, demanding we feed our children to the beast so that the inbred elites of europe may live to engineer yet another bloodbath.
    To quote another failed eurotrash revolutionary genius; “Nein! Nein! Nein!”
    I’d beat my shoe on the UN for emphasis, but I’m just a bare-foot country boy.
    But even the dumbest bumpkin knows enough not to stick his [unit] in a wasps nest.
    What’s our excuse?
    It’s long past time for an actual new world order.
    The challenges we will all face in retaining our democracy in the face of hostile alien social and political contamination will be hard enough. That whole modulus of goat rope will be further complicated by reams of starving former marxists from failed states to the south, and a wildly unhinged PRC intent on consuming and poisoning the entire planet in an orgy of third way gluttony.
    We must say NO to NATO, to the EU, and to the UN. We must say NO to the failed model of the socialists. We must reject the poison that is the People Republic of China.
    It is time to secure our house. It is time to turn away from the demands of ego-maniacal elites lusting for just a few trillion more.
    We must turn our eyes to the skies, get back to the moon which flies an American flag and bears the footprints of free men and reclaim our birth right! Heavens gate is right there, 100 klicks up; all the energy, resources, lebensraum and wealth needed for all humans to prosper with out destroying our home world.
    The first step is simple and obvious. We take a page out of the marxist playbook.
    Marxisim must be destroyed. We cannot move ahead until this is accomplished.

    • Kono…your isolationist, American synopsis could materialize if Donald Trump is re-elected President in 2020. Otherwise, America will soon join other Western countries in being overrun by Socialists Marxists and our indigenous citizens (majority Caucasians) soon replaced by third world, economic migrants! This will thus allow our weak, two party political system to dovetail into a Venezuelan, Russian, or Cuban style government with one domineering party at the local, state & national levels if such entities continue to exist in the next decade. Socialist Democrats have already embraced cultural Marxism & secularism along with Canada, Australia, New Zealand & Europe. As a veteran soldier, my only hope is old salts & Patriots like me take up their cache of weapons and go *full metal jacket* on Antifa, leftist progressives, and any political group(s) trying to destroy or dismantle our Constitution & Bill of Rights! Don’t think for one moment that our veteran population & Patriots could stop a full out global war if China & Russia also enter the fight. At least we go out as proud warriors and not sniffling, shocked, skinny jean progressives who have *zero* contingency plans for a failed, multicultural state of affairs. [intemperate recommendation redacted]. Winter is coming!

      • Apology: For all the lengthy polemics, I am sorry, but not too much…

        Old infantryman with many years in dar-al-islam, fren, and a quite a few notches all bought by friendly, peaceful, well-armed sons of marx and allah, and no tears shed. My one regret is that we were not using large enough bullets.
        Think big. Much, much bigger.
        While blunt, naked force is never my first, or even sixth choice, I do know that lots of heat is the only thing that works on totalitarians 😉
        These pals of marx and mo hate us. The eurotrash aristocracy hate us and have been trying to screw the United States into the ground even before the ink was dry on Hancock’s john henry, long before [Marx reached puberty].
        Why? The founding fathers took the power away from the kings and said ‘your divine ichor is naught but blood, as common as any one else’s’. Not a new idea; Diogenes told Alexander of Macedon the same damned thing.
        The American experiment is a completely new way of doing things, unprecedented in all human history. When our education was informed by this, We Did Things. We accomplished more in 200 years than was done in all preceding eons of human history.
        Standing on the shoulders of giants, yes; but literally iron-age to space age in nothing flat. Western Liberal Democracy has boot-strapped the entire planet out of the stone age. The eradication of smallpox alone has earned us our salt. All other humans share in this birth right, and yet have done nothing except invent maxisim and [redacted]. Nothing could be more plain, for as socialism metastasises in our democracies, we have been stagnating. Thompson said the wave broke in 1972, and he was correct. It was around then that I noticed the first wave of university incubated socialista’s appearing in the schools, and we turned away from the stars.
        The fact that the peoples of Western Democracy do things way off the primary central curve is what really terrifies those who’s thoughts are those of the dark ages.
        Let’s face facts. If we stay bottled up on earth with these fascist pygmies gnawing at our ankles, we all go extinct.
        And yet, that is exactly the program of the maxists and the muslims. Just look at obama-era diktats.
        So here is truth. We’re going to have to roll up the sleeves, gird our loins, beat plowshares back into swords and do the hard, horrible things that must be done.
        Failure to face facts and harden our hearts is a death sentence for the species, and only ( I hear a lot of autistic lefty screeching starting out there… ) the American Way can prevent that.
        That is the simple truth of the historical record.
        Keep yer powder dry, mates.

        • The American experiment is a completely new way of doing things,

          That is so risible.

          It was, from the start, developed as an elective dictatorship and designed to give “the people” symbolic rather than any genuine power to influence things.

          Take a more realistic look at what is happening in the U.S.A. It is in as great a mess as almost every one of the two dozen or so elective dictatorships and elective oligarchies, currently ruled by coalitions of delusional and pusillanimous politicians who have studied fairy tale histories rather than anything resembling authentic histories.

          To anyone with eyes to see the American”experiment” is as great an abysmal failure as any other polity on Earth.

  3. That is an unmerited judgement. You say “I bet…” which means you don’t know. Why spread your ignorance?

    • It’s a shame you just can’t throw a milkshake us, eh?
      ‘I’ll bet’ is a folksy narrative device.
      The observed truth of the matter is, when the waste products intersect the blower in one or another of these various workers/socialist/national socialist/peoples or islamic paradises ( weird that they all think of their stinking death traps as ‘paradises’. And they accuse the right of chronic dog whistling ) the leadership caste beats feet for somewhere else most riki-tick, always with a bag of stolen swag, forged documents, a concealed bucky, and frequently in drag.
      In the future, if you have nothing ( as usual ) constructive, informative or at least funny to contribute, [ad hominem invective redacted].

  4. Forever War, jihad is forever war. Criminal activity when saracens feel they are weak. Gradually getting more violent, until saracen victory. Kufr submitting to islamic rule per sharia law. Forever War over, then Forever Slave, unless kufr convert to islam. The abdulla, slave of allah. Congrats (mozel tov) you’ve reach hell.

  5. .
    Massive explosion in Lund: Woman injured in
    “incredibly powerful bang” 14 September 2019

    A woman has been injured at an explosion in central Lund .
    The police have blocked off a large area due to the extremely poweerful bang.

    It was at 02.41 last night that the police received several alarms about a very loud bang on Stora Södergatan in central Lund.
    A woman had been injured and taken to hospital. It is unclear
    how seriously injured she is.
    A witness describes the bang as “incredibly powerful” and explains that the entire concrete building he lives in is shaked. In addition,
    the devastation at the site should be great. Window panes along
    50 meters are crushed.

    The bombing in Lund is compared to the Balkan War.

    It was a passing woman who was injured in the huge bombing in Lund during the night, police now confirms.
    Police have also confirmed that the extremely powerful explosion in Lund last night was a detonation and that it was aimed at a small shop in a multi-storey house with flats.
    “A passing woman has been injured at the incident and she has beien taken by ambulance to hospital. The injured woman is in her 20s,” the police write on its website.

    The woman who was near the very powerful explosion in Lund
    last night is seriously injured.

    The hospital now says that the woman has been seriously injured in the head, writes Kvällsposten. Exactly what the damage is about is unclear. But a witnesses has said, among other things, that he heard the woman screaming “really loud” for help and that she was bloody and injured in her face.

    The bombing victim in Lund is seriously damaged.
    The severely injured woman is a university student.

    It was a student at Lund University who was badly injured in connection with the very powerful bomb in Lund last night.

    – We are deeply concerned that an innocent young person has been injured in a heinous act, says Per Nordén, security manager at Lund University to Kvällsposten and confirms that she is studying there.

  6. No solution to Sweden’s problem can work without addressing its root causes – the violence and utterly incompatibility of Islam with the high-trust/high-IQ societies of western/northern Europe – and the treason and perfidy of the globalist Swedish and EU leaders, so-called, who set this crisis in motion in the first place.

    Brussels pretends that it has the mandate of heaven where immigration and migration policy are concerned, but this is false. The EU was not sold on the basis of its eventual purpose – i.e., the demographic transformation of old Europe into something its ancestral peoples would not recognize. The European Union, therefore, was sold and was approved on the basis of false pretenses.

    The Swedes will have to choose whether they wish to survive as a distinct nation and people, or whether they value obedience to Brussels instead – because they can’t have both. If present trends authored by Brussels continue, Sweden will drown in a sea of third-world peoples imported to replace them. Invaders and conquerors by any other name.

    Regarding Islam, they must cast off the choking yoke of political-correctness and see it as the existential threat to Sweden that it is. While this may not be possible in public, the Swedes nonetheless must begin to resist, if nothing else, amongst themselves and in private. The same mindset must be employed as a nation under occupation by a hostile (foreign) power; an underground resistance must come into being and begin making its presence felt. And make no mistake: Sweden is a nation occupied by a hostile foreign power, two of them in fact: the EU and their Muslim allies.

    The harshest test will be given to Swedish men: Are they willing to sit by – idle, calm and unperturbed – as the soldiers of Allah rape, pillage and assault their way across Sweden, or will they at last be moved to act? Final outcome – TBD (to be determined). Thus far, they have failed the test, but the final act has not yet been written.

    The test also applies to Swedish women, especially to mothers. Are Swedish women content to remain idle and do nothing as the “new arrivals” cut a swath of jihad across their once-peaceful land? Are they willing to see their children abused, raped, taken as slaves or addicted to drugs given to them by “immigrants” everyone knows are in fact Muslims?

    In better times, the Swedes used to boast about their high standard of living, and the fact that Sweden consistently scored very high in world rankings of quality of life and happiness. Now, the only thing of which Swedes can “boast” is being one of the rape capitals of the first world. An ugly statistic but there it is. Sometimes the truth hurts.

  7. It’s my view that all these muslim countries have expelled all of their insane, violent and criminal citizens and sent them to Europe.

    And Sweden has been stupid enough to accept them.

    • @ John in Cheshire

      Re: “It’s my view that all these muslim countries have expelled all of their insane, violent and criminal citizens and sent them to Europe.”

      Yes, that’s true, as far as it goes… but all of those young and often-times violent young men aren’t getting there alone, or without help. Nor are they getting into Europe proper without help.

      Matt Bracken, the highly-respected ex-Navy SEAL officer, combat veteran, and now author/current events analyst, has asked some very pertinent questions concerning all of those sea-going craft full of “refugees” that keep coming from North Africa to places like Italy.

      These craft – small ocean-going vessels – are often new, and well-outfitted. How can these supposedly destitute young men afford them? If they aren’t paying for these vessels, who is? If you answered, “George Soros,” or one of his billionaire globalist colleagues, you are correct.

      Bracken went on to note that although these and other means delivering the flood of “refugees” to Europe are supposed to look spontaneous and harmless, they are actually anything but. Bracken hypothesizes – correctly, I believe – that these movements of people form the vanguard of a massive invasion of the European continent, one as well-organized and funded as the D-Day Invasion of Normandy seventy-five years ago.

      Only, this time it isn’t Anglo-American forces rushing ashore to liberate Europe from the Nazis, it is an invasion of Old Europe by its ancient enemy, Islam, and the Muslims who have been trying to conquer the continent for some 1,400 years. Aided and abetted by the EU and the globalists.

      Re: “And Sweden has been stupid enough to accept them.”

      No, that’s not quite right. ‘Sweden” isn’t a person; it is a geopolitical entity, lines on a map if you will. My point being that specific Swedes had to make individual decisions in the past – countless decisions, great and small – to arrive at this point.

      In nation-states, elected leaders are entrusted with the sacred duty of protecting the homeland, it’s integrity, safety and security. Protecting its people from harm. Individual citizens surrender to the state the right to use violence – in return for the state assuming the responsibility to protect its citizens. We say that the modern state thus enjoys a “monopoly on violence,” in regard to the use of lethal force by its military and police forces.

      In other words, Swedes voted for political leaders assuming that they – the leaders – would honor their part of the bargain in return for all of the perquisites, prestige, power and wealth which often accrue to such people. The Swedish people had every right to feel this way; it is part of the implied social contract between the people and their government.

      But now, we see that many (perhaps even most) of the political leaders of Sweden are doing not the biding of their fellow Swedes, but of the globalists at the EU. In blunt terms, these turncoat leaders are traitors, Quislings who have gone over to the most-ancient and implacable enemy of western civilization – namely, Islam.

      Of course, few people speak in such blunt and unambiguous terms in Sweden proper, as there are controls upon speech and what is permissible public expression. Being an American, I – for now, anyway – am not bound by their laws and can speak freely.

      In examining the present circumstances in Europe and in places like Sweden, one is reminded of the parable of the shepherd guarding his flock of sheep.

      If the shepherd falls asleep, and a wolf enters the fold and preys upon the sheep – then yes, the wolf is at fault. But so is the shepherd, who failed in his duty to protect the flock. That would be a case of negligence. However, what about a shepherd who actively allows the wolf into the fold, and then does nothing to stop it as it preys upon the helpless sheep? That’s not negligence, it is something much worse.

      Unfortunately, in the case of modern-day Sweden and some other countries besides (including France, Germany, Britain and Holland, to name several), mere negligence is not at fault. Treasonous leaders are to blame; people who aided and abetted those who came to prey upon European civilization. People who let wolves in amongst the fold.

      Let us ask: Which is worse? A wolf which preys upon sheep, or the shepherd which allows him to? The wolves, the Muslims, are doing as they have always done – prey upon the kufir, and wage jihad against him by any means available. The traitorous politicians and public officials, however, are truly vile creatures – they are traitors, betrayers, Quislings. People who sold out to the enemy. They have the blood of innocents on their hands, including defenseless women and children.

      • No, Soros is NOT bankrolling the migration into Europe. He said he intends to make a profit from all these operations.

        He is facilitating it, brokering it. He acts as the logistics officer, if you will. Arranging for everything to happen, making sure the money flows to all the people who can get the job done. But he’s not financing it; someone else is. He just takes his cut.

        As for who that someone is, I can’t say precisely. However, I know the EU has guaranteed those credit cards that are being handed out to migrants when they reach Greece or the Balkans. So I assume the ECB is involved.

        • @ Baron

          Re: “No, Soros is NOT bankrolling the migration into Europe. He said he intends to make a profit from all these operations.”

          You and I must define the term differently. Billionaire Soros funnels multi-million dollar “donations” to non-profits he controls through proxies and cutouts; these “non-profits” then funnel the money to the facilitators and eventually the “refugees” get their vessel, their credit cards, whatever the case may be.

          Perhaps we are arguing semantics, but I’d call that funding the operation. Bankrolling it, if you will. The fact that Soros and his globalist colleagues are funding things indirectly does not alter things appreciably in my view.

          I’m sure that you are correct that Soros intends to profit from all of this in some manner. That’s what the man does, and at this stage of his life, small-change doesn’t interest him much.

          Baron, how are you holding up? Hope things are going as well as can be expected for you.

          • Soros is not funding it. He simply funnels some money to the culture-enrichers, applies some to the logistics of the operation, and pockets the rest. But it’s not his money; it’s coming from somewhere else. He’s the paid service provider.

          • Re: “Soros is not funding it. He simply funnels some money to the culture-enrichers, applies some to the logistics of the operation, and pockets the rest.”

            With great respect, Baron, I do not agree… I believe that the evidence points in a different direction. However, that said, I’ll quit being the bastard who’s arguing with a bereaved man.

          • Soros himself said in an interview that he made a profit from his “refugee” operations. The refugees are not productive and generate no income from their activities; therefore someone else is funding them. Unless Soros was lying, of course, which is always possible.

            The EU and Mastercard (I think it was Mastercard) acknowledged that they had issued the credit cards that were given to the refugees, with the ECB guaranteeing them. Soros’ organizations handed out those cards, but they did not fund them.

            I’ve been reading massive amounts of material on the refugee scam since long before the Great Crisis of 2015, and even before the Syrian “civil war” of 2011. The Italian tipsters drew my attention to what was happening at Lampedusa in 2007.

            Yes, Soros’ NGOs are running the show. But someone else is paying the bill. The ECB is definitely part of the cabal, but beyond that I know nothing for certain.

  8. Two recent incidents come to my mind reading this.
    First a black Rapper in Sweden who poses in a video with a white girl who wears a dog leash around her kneck, kneeling beside him. And second an African in Sweden who calls for the killing of white Swedes on social media.

  9. “The harshest test will be given to Swedish men: Are they willing to sit by – idle, calm and unperturbed – as the soldiers of Allah rape, pillage and assault their way across Sweden, or will they at last be moved to act?”

    Apparently they are.
    But you are right, maybe the final act hasn’t been written yet.

    At some point, it’ll become a question of whether they prefer to be “un-PC” or to die / become refugees themselves. A majority will probably choose the second option, but there’s no knowing what the outcome of action by those who choose the first option will be.

    I predict that there will be another Holocaust-like event in Europe at some point. I don’t know whether Muslims will be on the receiving or giving end of it. Either way, it’ll be ugly, and the whole thing would have been avoidable with timely pre-emptive action.

    • @ Mike

      Your analysis dovetails pretty well with that of Matt Bracken, who has already stated that – in his view – some sort of civil unrest, violence or other conflict is already a foregone conclusion in many of the nations of northern/western Europe. For many of the same reasons you list. To use a forest fire analogy, the timber is dry and the tinder and kindling are abundant. They lack only a spark which will set them ablaze.

      Let us all hope-and-pray that cooler heads and sound judgment prevail, but since this is Europe we’re discussing, that’s a pretty remote possibility. Historically-speaking, it is much easier to list the (few) years the continent has been at peace than the many it has been at war.

      • You had better hope and pray that hard ruthless men start the Great Purge soon, because it will only get far worse as time slips by. War! One way or another, is inevitable whether you like it or not. It is because of so called cool heads and so called sound judgment that we are in this predicament in the first place. So I would prepare for what is coming, or be a statistic. Because what is coming is going to be the land of wolves, not the sheep.

  10. Many years ago, I was involved in a Zen-like group (not sure if I can say ‘cult’) but anyway two aphorisms I remember from that time are “Everything turns into its opposite” and “The bigger the front, the bigger the back”. The situation in Sweden reminds me of these sayings. Similarly, to Northern Europeans in general.

    Vikings have morphed into soy boys. The phlegmatic character of the British, the wish to be polite and ‘nice’ and not be too ‘passionate’ about anything, which once made them fine warriors, and a truly successful civilization, has turned to passivity and weakness.

    If everything does indeed eventually turn into its opposite, my hope is that DNA will at some point kick in, and Northern Europeans will be roused. In the meantime I weep.

    • @Astraea

      There may be cause for hope yet, for not all modern Europeans have turned into Eloi. The eastern Europeans, nations such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, and Hungary, the “Visegrad Four” nations – aren’t buying what the EU is selling, and have closed their borders and told the mandarins of the EU to pound sand. Nor is this simply political posturing. The Czechs recently amended their constitution to make it easier for private citizens to acquire/own firearms.

      These four nations have been, in recent historical memory, under both the Nazi and communist boot, and in more distant times, the Islamic one. Perhaps that accounts for their hard-headed, realistic and utterly sensible attitude.

      Thus far, at any rate, the Danes and Finns seem to be better-resisting the madness which seems to have infected their Swedish and Norwegian cousins.

      The Russians, the favorite whipping boys of the leftist deep-state these days, also suffered greatly at Islamic hands at various times in Russian history. They, too, have long memories. The Beslan school massacre wasn’t all that long ago, either.

  11. All i can say is the chickens have come home to roost In South Africa we have been subjected to this kind of violence and sought to secure our future but the west would have none of it The wose is yet to come wait till the violence spjlls over into your current secure residential areas. It is only a matter of time We know we face the tyranny corruption and murder of the current communist ANC government every day You have invited terror into Sweden If you don t act now Swden will be lost

  12. I live i portugal algarve. This place is full up with these leftist cultural marxist liberal hippy dreamer types, any person who dares open the subject of whats going on in europe, with this planned invasion, kalergi replacement of us all, will be ostracised, have no friends, no one want sit with you, or talk with you, they black list you, they use facebook groups, bars and cafes, whispering slander, defamation behind yiur back with the intent to harm you, and destroy you, simply because you dare speak up about the destruction of europe, and they label you as right wing neo nazi.

    These scum, leftists, have voted to destroy europe, there own countrys in name of pc, and we are meant to all be silent by the use of violence bybtgese leftist nazis, and commit collective suicide, and also pay for our own collective suicide,

    Communists, leftists, femi nazis, are the real problem here, we must deal harshly with this group, theyvare the traitors inside the gates, and must be stopped!!!! Before we can deal with invaders islam, and political biught off stooges.
    Its time to face off these leftists, confront them wherever yiu find them.
    Shame them in public, and shout them out.
    The Balkan war 2 is on the horizon because of these socialist nazis and feminist female white man hating fools.

  13. So, what will it take for the Swedish left to realise that their emigration policies are totallly erroneous? Unfortunately, Irish politicians seem to be incapable of learning from Sweden’s misery and seem to be determined to replicate every error Sweden made. They will have to be punished for it; most painfully.

    • The actions of those Swedish and Irish politicians aren’t “errors,” as you put it – but deliberate acts. Chew on that one a while, and see what you come up with. Incompetence and indifference are one thing, but out-and-out treason and betrayal are another. The military folks have a saying which applies: “Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action”… we are way beyond happenstance and coincidence, don’t you think?

  14. What a load of [disparaged substance] this website is. All these facts are opinions and not facts. It urks me to see when blogs like these are taken as serious journalism that create populistic views and hurt the actual and professional journalism community. Go to school and get an education and stop blaming your misery on outsiders, when indeed the problem starts with yourselves.

    • Righto, off back to school for me, then again, what the schools are churning out these days does not inspire confidence, you are obviously a product of a recent crop, [vulgar word redacted], seems the snowflakes are striking again today, maybe next week.

    • Peter, the one thing that warms my cold heart is thus, when reality hits people like you close to home, and you shout to the rooftops why me? Look in the mirror, and see that shiver run down your spine as you face yourself for allowing it and yet, you did nothing to stop it. You are ensuring when the spoils of war are settled, you will be ruled and have no say so in a bloody thing, as it should be. You have wrought all that is coming upon yourself and yours. I have no more sympathy nor empathy for you and your ilk, for you richly deserve what is coming.

  15. .
    Police: “A car has been blown up in Lund”

    Published September 20, 2019 A car has been blown up in Gunnesbo in northwest Lund overnight to Friday. Police will now investigate possible connections to the bomb in central Lund last Saturday.
    Last Saturday, an extremely powerful bomb exploded in central Lund, which among other things resulted in a passing woman getting very serious facial injuries.

    Tonight it was time again.
    At 04.30, the police region’s command center received several alarms about a loud bang in an outer area in Lund.
    “Police were quickly in place and were able to detect that a car had been blown up,” the police write on their website.

    ————————————————– –
    Suspected bomb in central Malmö: “imminent danger”

    Published September 20, 2019
    A suspicious dangerous object was found in central Malmö on Friday.
    Right now there is “imminent danger” of an explosion in central Malmö since the police were alerted about a suspected dangerous object. It was at 8:47 am that the police received a call about an object outside a property on Amiralsgatan.
    Police blocked off parts of Amiralsgatan and the national bomb shelter was dispatched to the scene.

  16. …”The only people who can break the deadlock are the Swedish people”…
    Send them more chalk crayons it will empower them for action !!

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