Enforcing the Climate Narrative at Carleton University

In the following interview from last weekend’s retreat in Canada, a young woman named Christine describes her experiences at Carleton University in Ottawa. She took a course related to environmental science, and discovered that no dissent on the “climate change” narrative would be permitted — not unless she wanted to fail the course.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for conducting the interview and uploading the video:

One thought on “Enforcing the Climate Narrative at Carleton University

  1. ». Ossis are more likely to be nationalists and religious Christians than their enlightened brethren in the West, «

    I doubt the claim “religious”. It’s said there are over 50 percent atheists in the former DDR; the region is sometimes called the least religious in the world.

    Also “nationalist” may not be correct. IMO these people just had little opportunity to forget you have to work to sustain yourself and they certainly have a long experience in lying authorities, mistrust in the state.

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