Napalming Western Culture

The three videos below seem to me to be related, even though Miss Piggy discovered them seriatim and translated them separately. Taken together, they provide a disturbing gestalt of the political and cultural nightmare that has engulfed Modern Multicultural Germany.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

#1 Islamization

Ralf Stegner is the current leader of the SPD (Social Democrats) in Schleswig-Holstein. The following brief video shows remarks made by Mr. Stegner at the SPD regional conference (a sort of town hall meeting for SPD members, who were permitted to ask questions) in Saarland on September 5. He is a candidate for the leadership of the SPD, along with the woman sitting next to him, Gesine Schwann.

#2 Napalm

The second video features remarks by a German vlogger about a young comedienne who displays the typical attitude held by affluent and well-educated Wessis (West Germans) towards Ossis, citizens of the former DDR. The latter region is sometimes referred to as “Dunkeldeutschland”, or “Dark Germany”. Ossis are more likely to be nationalists and religious Christians than their enlightened brethren in the West, which is why they are often treated as objects of contempt by the bien-pensants.

#3 Kill the Christians

The final video draws together the threads in #1 and #2. It shows a cell phone video recorded by a teenage girl in a high school in Halle, in which you can hear a Muslim immigrant acknowledge that it is his duty to kill Christians.

This provides a glimpse of who — after the successful Islamization of German communities — will deploy the cultural napalm against the benighted nationalists and Christians of Dunkeldeutschland.

The article below (also translated by MissPiggy) from Politikstube accompanies Video #3:

Halle: Muslim wants to slaughter girl (17) because she is a Christian

A 17-year-old girl from Halle, Germany posts her story on Facebook and gets mobbed by “good” people for just telling the story:

Linda from Halle: I deal with these guys every day. I live in Halle, in a bad neighbourhood, although the area is actually very nice, with many trees. But all you hear is: “A Syrian stabbed someone, the wife of an Afghani was robbed, young children threaten smaller children with knives, or refugee stabs German man.”

Two years ago, at the age of 15, I was almost raped. I have already been spit on, kicked, pushed against the elevator, in my own building. I live in a tower block. My dogs have been spit on and kicked when I wasn’t looking.

Two weeks ago I was sitting in the tram, and a foreigner was standing next to me, pressing his thing against me constantly. The first time I thought to myself, OK, he did it accidentally maybe, but he did it three more times. Then, of course, I told him my opinion.

Here’s the saddest thing: I published a video about it and what kind of reaction did I get? “You’ve started a smear campaign”, “It’s disgusting how you just lump them all together”, “JUST because you’ve had a bad encounter ONCE doesn’t mean every foreigner is like that.”

Despite having clearly stated my point of view in my post, most of the people who commented just twisted my words any which way they wanted.

Source: Facebook

Video transcript #1:

00:00   Most people have no problem with their community being Islamised.

Video transcript #2:

00:05   “The only thing that can save this state now is a mixture of Red Army Faction and Royal Air Force,” is what Jan Böhmermann said
00:12   about Saxon after the elections there recently. Yes, very funny, you might be thinking, but it gets even worse.
00:19   A comedian recently said something at Nightwash that has me… well, it has pretty much outraged me.
00:27   But before I show you this I want to point out that I don’t want this girl to be stalked or that any violent fantasies get posted here.
00:37   If something like that appears in the comments I will delete it directly.
00:42   So… and now before you watch, take a seat because it’s really intense.
00:47   “What annoys me about avocados is that they turn brown very quickly if you leave them lying around too long.
00:52   Just like the Saxons. They were left lying around for a long time, but there’s a trick for that.
01:00   You just take a little lemon juice and pour it over the avocados and they don’t turn brown.
01:06   So here’s my suggestion: we just take fire-fighting planes carrying lemon juice and let them fly over Chemnitz.
01:14   And if that doesn’t work: Napalm. That sounds a bit harsh. End of story.”
01:27   Using napalm bombs on Saxon. Yes, very funny. This simply shows the typical spoiled millennial generation,
01:33   which has no concept of what living through a war is like. They are so far removed from the actual problems,
01:39   and the way they express themselves becomes increasingly radical. Exactly these kinds of people should visit
01:44   some war-torn areas where something like napalm was used. There’s a reason napalm bombs were prohibited,
01:51   because it is barbaric as f***. So this girl is now calling for, yes, for her own population to be bombed.
02:00   As you can see, I’m just made speechless by such crass statements, but I have to add, this girl is just the result of
02:09   total manipulation and total brainwashing. It’s so apparent that this girl has absolutely no clue what she is talking about.
02:19   The worst part is, the audience is just sitting there laughing and clapping. Not one of these people stood up to say
02:26   anything against what she just said. It’s like this picture, where everyone standing is doing a Hitler salute,
02:33   but one guy has his arms crossed. Except in this case, there’s not even one person with crossed arms.
02:38   No, everyone’s applauding this crass asocial statement. Really, could it get anymore asocial? I seriously doubt it.
02:47   The opera was on fire. The castle was burning. The Zwinger was burning and the Italian village. We were surrounded by flames.
02:55   I said to myself, “we’re never going to get out of here. We’ll never get out of there.”
02:59   People were terribly mangled. Their clothes torn off their bodies.
03:05   I was really beside myself. I watched as our house went up in flames. At the time I was a schoolgirl,
03:13   so I climbed over a wall and fell, on the other side of the street, into a pit among a pile of dead people.
03:23   Just take a look at this girl. She looks like the girl next door. She could be the neighbour of any one of us,
03:29   but she’s making such outrageous statements. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t have any real concept of what she is talking about.
03:36   She does it because everything is becoming more radical at the moment, and especially against the right.
03:43   And, well, in order to be edgy, you have to top tasteless with atrocious.
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Video transcript #3:

00:07   Boy threatens to slaughter girl for being a Christian.
00:12   Now you’re afraid to say it because of the camera, right?
00:16   Go ahead. You just said you slaughter people like me. Say it again.
00:19   I will. —Oh, so you’ll slaughter people like me? Don’t touch my phone.
00:23   Put it away! —You’ll slaughter people. —Drop it! —You’ll slaughter; no.
00:27   You said you’ll slaughter people like me? —Yes. —Because you’re Muslim?
00:32   Yes. —So Muslims like you slaughter people like me for being Christian?

5 thoughts on “Napalming Western Culture

  1. So, the ‘enlightened’ West Germans want to be rid of those backward East Germans who are inconveniently Christian and have a firm moral and ethical sense that guides them. Instead of the having Dunkel’s blood on their hands, they send in the dogs, I mean….. to do their dirty work for them with the excuse that the ‘dogs’ are commanded by their bible to do so. The situation in Germany smells like what dogs leave behind. At least cats have the good manners to bury theirs.

  2. I’m stunned how this young Germans, generations, brainwashed by Merkel &.CO , lying media, propaganda, outrageous!!, who are their parents of this kids ( that girl on the second video) ??? They are brainwashed too? Unbelievable..

    • It’s not “these young Germans”, it’s Mainstream Media who are manipulating us. We are supposed to believe everyone thinks like that.

      About the girl who wants to bomb Saxony again, this time with Napalm – well she’s simply being clever. She has got a good job withe state media, a REALLY good job for someone her age. So she says the sort of thing that is supposed to be “funny” for those Leftists who are still in command, but she doesn’t really think what she says. In other words she doesn’t think at all. I’ve stopped to get upset because of these people.

  3. The young girl advocating violence is advocating someone else be violent on her behalf – clearly it never crosses her mind that her advocating violence might bring violence to her. Typical head-in-the-clouds liberal, tripping over the cracks in the pavement.

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