Woman Gang-Raped by “Germans” on Mallorca

An 18-year-old holidaymaker on the island of Mallorca was raped by four men whom German media identify as “Germans”. If they’d been Swedes or Russians living in Germany, they’d be identified as “Swedish-Germans” or “Russian-Germans” — they would have received an ethnic hyphen. But since they’re Turks, they’re just called “Germans”. When an alert reader sees the swarthy faces of the punks, or their first names — Serhat, Azad, Yakub and Baran — it becomes obvious that they’re Turks.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Four Germans are accused of raping and aiding and abetting rape of an 18-year-old on Mallorca.
00:06   At the airport in Palma, the men were arrested by Guardia Civil officers.
00:10   They were about to fly back to Germany.
00:14   They wanted to fly back home, but at the airport in Palma, the police arrested the Germans.
00:20   They are accused of group rape and aiding and abetting rape.
00:24   The four men met a the 18-year-old on a stroll
00:29   and then brought her back to their hotel room in Cala Ratjada.
00:33   These men also spoke to me and cousin. They asked if we wanted
00:38   to go with them to their hotel room and have a drink. —They were really a bit pushy.
00:42   After the incident the young woman went immediately to the police and pressed charges.
00:48   Four men have been arrested and are in custody here in Mallorca.
00:51   The police are trying to determine which men
00:54   participated in the rape. —One man was released during the evening
00:58   and is said to have an alibi. The other men will brought
01:02   before a magistrate today. The Germans being charged: Serhat, Azad, Yakub and Baran.
01:49   An eighteen year old raped! Germans on Mallorca arrested.

6 thoughts on “Woman Gang-Raped by “Germans” on Mallorca

  1. That video on the gay Yemeni in Malmo I’ve just sent was taken down while I was watching it…it had been there only a couple of hours…I saw most of it…the fellow says that Malmo is going to BURN if things keep on going the way they are…left Yemen to go to a secular country and finds himself in the middle of Islam again.

  2. She meets 4 ‘pushy’ men on a walk and goes with them to their hotel room. Did this Natasha expected to have a discussion about Nietzsche philosophy with fine German man?

  3. Is there not a problem with Spanish Rape Law? Basically that the victim has to “fight” back, or, that a rape attack has to be “violent”, for example if the victim is say incapacitated by alcohol, then it is a sexual attack and not the graver offence. See the case of the Pamplona “wolf pack” in which justice has now finally been achieved for the rape victim.

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