Clare Lopez: Reversing the Effects of the Great Purge

It has been almost ten years since I first heard Maj. Stephen Coughlin give a briefing about Islamic law, jihad, and penetration of the U.S. government by the Muslim Brotherhood. That introduction lasted nine hours (with a lunch break), and was quite thorough.

It was during that briefing that I learned the details about the scrubbing of the word “jihad” from the FBI’s terrorism training materials. Maj. Coughlin had searched the documents, and there were zero instances of the word. “Islam” was mentioned as little as possible, and the mujahideen were “extremists”.

That sort of thing was to be expected when Barack Hussein Obama was president. However, here we are in the third year of the Trump administration, and the situation hasn’t significantly improved. The Muslim Brotherhood still seems to be calling the shots.

In the following video from the Glazov Gang, the former CIA intelligence analyst Clare Lopez discusses the urgent need to reverse the Great Purge:

Hat tip: Matt Bracken.

2 thoughts on “Clare Lopez: Reversing the Effects of the Great Purge

  1. I’m afraid Clare Lopez is her own worst enemy, mixing her hyper-rabid, neocon viewpoint with what is a very different matter: protecting the US government from infiltration and subversion an identity group: the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Note to Clare: you don’t have to bomb the hell out of Afghanistan for the next few decades in order to not want the Muslim Brotherhood sitting next to the President in cabinet meetings.

    I read Stephan Coughlin’s book very carefully, several times. Not only does he give a detailed account of the Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of the government, but he tells how and why they do it. He also describes the on-going campaign in the UN to criminalize criticism of Islam. I hope the neocons won’t decide that if the UN helps them to bomb the hell out of Afghanistan, it’s worth tolerating.

    A big part of the problem is Trump’s strong tendency to appoint to important staff and cabinet functions, people who actively opposed not only the Trump 2016 platform, but Trump himself. National Security Adviser Bolton is a prime example example of someone opposed to Trump’s promise to pull us out of expensive, dangerous, costly wars.

    So, with Trump’s limited attention span, and with the US President, even a laser-focused President like Richard Nixon would not be able to personally supervise lower-level decisions, it is critical for him to appoint people who independently support his views and program. Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller together in the White House, each elbowing the turf of the other, might generate enough oomph to reconsider snowflake decisions like kowtowing to the Muslim Brotherhood and purging national security materials.

    But Trump has consistently avoided strong, independent appointees who support his program.

  2. I wonder if there are references to “Christian extremists” in the materials from which references to Islam were scrubbed.

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