Gateway Pundit Exposes the MSM Narrative on Church Burnings in France

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit, exposes the refusal of the MSM to name this particular evil. He has some links to other sites which give cumulative damage to churches in France.

Makes one wonder if this is a growing phenomenon which will only intensify now that the Big One has been taken down.

Here’s Jim’s home page, full of interesting American news. Scroll down to see the link to a news item from the U.K. Sun, claiming that 875 churches were damaged last year in France.

So who is Macron demonizing? Why those gilets jaunes, of course. In many respects, they are the French equivalent of America’s MAGA hat troops. They want their country back.

2 thoughts on “Gateway Pundit Exposes the MSM Narrative on Church Burnings in France

  1. Fox News is pretty much gone save for Tucker Carlson and Lou Dobbs. I watched the coverage of both Shep Smith and Neil Cavuto, and they both cut off people who mentioned previous attacks on churches in France as “speculation”. They both kept repeating “we can’t speculate sir!”. Like 875 attacks on churches and recent attempt of arson in St. Sulpice have no bearing on burning of Notre Dame.

    Unfortunately for those “journalists”, those attacks were not speculation or fiction, they happened and are well documented. So to prevent speakers from pointing that fact while the most famous church in France burns is a good sign in which direction this network is going. But hey that’s the plan. If their prerogative is to turn Fox in CNN 2.0, then that’s it. Freedom of speech is vanishing from the US with astounding speed. Journalists like this are certainly making sure of that.

  2. They may want their country back, but as my great aunt use to say “[defecate] in one hand, wish in the other, and see which one fills up first”. The French will have to be prepared to kill to get what they want. It’s time for the French Revolution 2.0

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