A Planned Terrorist Attack on a French Kindergarten Has Been Thwarted

A “Frenchman” has been arrested for planning to take a kindergarten hostage and kill a policeman. Thanks to the sophisticated surveillance system used by French intelligence, the would-be terrorist — an admirer of Mohamed Merah, the Butcher of Toulouse — was arrested before he could carry out his plans.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating this news report, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   According to information BFM TV has received, a man was arrested for planning an attack on
00:03   a kindergarten and also against a policeman. Cecile Oliver from the police justice service is with us.
00:08   Cecile you are the one who brought us this information. What happened, exactly?
00:11   A 31-year-old man was arrested on March 25th at his home in Seine-et-Marne by the DGC.
00:18   This man was recognised by interior intelligence for being radicalised since the end of 2010.
00:25   It was learned by the DGC that this man was planning an attack on a kindergarten,
00:32   and he was in the process of procuring weapons. He was stopped, and taken into custody.
00:38   While in custody he confessed his plans. He wanted to or was thinking of going into a kindergarten,
00:46   taking the children hostage, and planned on killing the police who came to liberate the school.
00:56   In addition to that, he confessed to planning to kill a police officer from his county who had arrested him
01:03   in the past for a rebellion (?). He had already found out his home address.
01:13   Another thing which is particularly worrying about this suspect is that he a huge admirer of Mohamed Merah.
01:19   He even claimed to be his spiritual son, from whom he got the idea to target the school.
01:25   So Cecile, to what degree of progress was he able to advance his plans?
01:29   It is still difficult to evaluate, but the investigators are pretty sure he’s been trying to obtain weapons
01:37   since August of 2018. That’s when one of his childhood friends in France was stopped by customs
01:42   because he was trying to import weapons. This man has also been indicated in this case for being
01:49   associated with terrorist criminals. The suspect also told the police that he had chosen the school.
01:55   The hasn’t been confirmed. The digital data has been seized, but there doesn’t appear to be any evidence
02:02   of research, looking for schools or jihadist propaganda. However, the experts have proven that he deleted
02:09   digital evidence by going on the Dark Web. Another thing our source is emphasising is that
02:16   this man has psychological problems. During his interrogation he admitted to having psychological
02:23   problems. He even tried to justify his act by explaining that he was depressed and that he wanted
02:27   to exalt his suicide through a strong media impact.

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