Bannon Goes Against a Modern Pope in a Post-Modern World

A reader’s comment on the shrinkage of the Easter worshippers drew me to this.

Dr. Turley has some surprising information on Steve Bannon, late of Breitbart News and of the Trump administration. And as it turns out he’s moved on — ever a restless spirit — to Belgium, where he has started a group called “The Movement”. Not a felicitous name but then his organization is going to be fighting for nationalism and against the globalist sludge, so maybe…

I have paid little attention to Steve Bannon, though the general outlines of his life (he’s a Virginia boy and Irish to boot) have been out there in the ether, where we see ideas and personages and some of what we see sticks. So this video required that I do a bit of research. I took the quick and dirty route, through the muds of Wikipedia. Sorry, but it’s all my health/stamina allows. Thus, from the Wiki on his life:

Bannon is supportive of several European right-wing populist national conservative movements such as the Hungarian Fidesz, the French National Front, the Spanish Vox, the Dutch Party for Freedom, Alternative for Germany, the Italian Northern League, the Brothers of Italy, the Freedom Party of Austria, the Sweden Democrats, the Finns Party, the Flemish Vlaams Belang, the Belgian People’s Party, the Polish National Movement, and the Swiss People’s Party.

Another wiki, this one on Bannon’s Movement group, says:

Bannon initially discussed his plans for the organization with The Daily Beast, saying he wanted to create a populist “supergroup” bloc that could win up to a third of all 700+ MEP seats. He said he thought of the idea when he was invited to speak at an event hosted by Marine Le Pen. Bannon also believes that Sweden’s 2018 elections created the perfect timing to launch The Movement.

The Movement stands as a counterpoint to George Soros’ Open Society. Bannon has referred to Soros as “evil but brilliant”, and expressed a desire to promote nationalism instead of globalism.

Finally, an American paying attention to Europe. Overdue but welcome. By the way, he spoke out against Tommy Robinson’s imprisonment. He is also moving directly against Pope Frankie — Deo Gratias! — before that dude single-handedly destroys the Catholic Church. Bannon is a devout Catholic and appears to be a bit of a Don Quixote, though he refers to himself as “a Cromwell among the Tudors” [my paraphrase of his summation of life among the Trumps].

I like Bannon — his energy, his dedication, his willingness to fight back. Despite what the naysayers claim, he’s not a Jew-hater, he doesn’t trust Islam, and he’s not racist. Get over yourselves, NAACP.

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  1. I learned of the book “Camp of the Saints” because of reading about Bannon on Wikipedia. Whenever a person declares a certain book to be their most inspirational, it’s always interesting to take a look. I have not read it yet; it presaged in the 70’s what is now happening in Europe and I don’t think I have the stomach for it right now.

  2. There is good information on Bannon in the book on the Kushners:

    The author is a leftist, and holds the usual establishment assumptions. But, she’s a good and thorough reporter; hence, her very interesting and revealing information on Bannon and Trump.

    According to “Kushner, Inc”, Bannon in the beginning of the Trump administration, was the engine of driving the fulfillment of Trump’s campaign promises. Bannon was the campaign profession, organized and driven by ideas, who made a list of Trump’s promises and tried to systematically implement them.

    What happened then is a bit murky, but Bannon fell afoul of Jared and Ivanka Kushner. It was a huge tragedy when Bannon was forced out his position at the White House because Trump is anything but organized and desperately needed someone with authority to track his actual issues. Immigration, limitation on foreign workers, border security, limiting the wars the US is involved in to actual security needs: all were the issues Bannon was not only pushing, but was organizing effectively to implement.

    Trump, in the end, was too weak to stand up for his most valuable and effective adviser. This may be a key factor in why Trump is pretty much ignoring his campaign promises, immigration, deportation of illegals, ending birthright citizenship and foreign interventions in particular.

    • Way I heard it, Bannon was fired because he was discovered to be the leak inside the White House. Indeed, the constant leaks to the press stopped immediately after Bannon left. Hmmm.

      And after watching the fiasco around Roy Moore, I concluded that Bannon isn’t in this for the West; he’s in it because he sees himself as the kingmaker, and as the power behind the throne. (Which doubtless went over poorly with Trump.)

      So while he’s smart and often useful, I don’t entirely trust him.

  3. He’s starting an Academy in Italy, a year long programme to teach about Western Civ. To young people planning to work in politics.
    See his interview on World Over Live on EWTN on April 4 this year.
    I think he’s flawed (as we all are), but genuine.

  4. Great post, Dymphna! This is why I’m so glad to be a reader and $upporter of Gates of Vienna. (It’s like having my own Intelligence Agency ! )

    As one of those (getting-long-in-the-tooth) conservative Traditionalist Catholics Dr. Turley refers to in this excellent video, I thought Turley nailed it in his assessment of the situation in the Church, and the world, and why I hope Bannon doesn’t flame out, or get taken down.

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