Update on the Senegalese Bus-Burner

Ousseynou Sy is a Senegalese migrant in Italy. On Wednesday he kidnapped 51 children and later torched the bus that was carrying them when police intercepted it. Thanks to resourceful students and competent police, the captives escaped from the bus without serious injury.

In the following video Giorgia Meloni — the leader of the anti-immigration party Fratelli d’Italia (Brothers of Italy) and a member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies — talks about the imperative to strip Mr. Sy of his Italian citizenship.

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Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article about Ousseynou Sy from Il Giornale:

The Senegalese who hijacked a bus with 51 small children on board is not apologizing for what occurred. He forcefully affirmed his gesture, and in fact, in front of the magistrates, explained the motives for the attack on the bus. “Repent? No repentance. It was something that I had to do and would do again. One hundred times. Why did I do it? To send a signal to Africa. The Africans must stay in Africa.”

Words that weigh and in fact underline how determined the man was in his death plan. As Corriere della Sera reports, the words of Sy are the confirmation of the strategic matrix of the driver’s gesture. He doesn’t even fear justice and the long legal process that he will have to face. “That’s nothing, I took it into account. I wanted a consequential gesture. The world had to talk about me,” he confided to his lawyer. Which instead seems to point to a mental infirmity. “In my judgment, he showed serious signs of imbalance, and the manner in which the investigating judge had to carry out the interrogation was aimed out verifying this aspect,” said the attorney, Davide Lacchini. “To him, he was not interested in the national reaction, but the impact on an international level that his action could have. He wanted to go to Linate [Milan’s airport] alone. Today, as yesterday, he constantly repeated that he didn’t want to hurt the children.”

But now, in fact, after the attack on the bus the doors of San Vittore prison have already been thrown open for him. There, other inmates have welcomed him with eggs and oranges. One throw landed against his cell. The prisoners didn’t allow him to close his eyes. He is located in the fifth [corridor], that for protected prisoners, the prisoners who cannot be housed together with the others. Within the prison code, those who attack children receive an added penalty which is experienced on a daily basis in relations with other prisoners. The rule doesn’t change for Sy, who has had to deal with this reality. He is seen in his cell with t-shirt and jeans over a checkered shirt. Slippers on his feet. As reported by Corriere, his clothes, those he wore on the bus, were partially burned. The final sign of a day of madness that has left a mark, perhaps forever, on the lives of 51 small children and their teachers.

Video transcript:

00:00   Italian citizenship must be immediately revoked from the Senegalese
00:04   who yesterday tried to set fire to 51 children.
00:07   And if in the previous administration we had passed the Brothers of Italy’s draft law
00:11   dealing with the withdrawal of citizenship from all migrants who commit crimes, this person —
00:16   because of his criminal record — wouldn’t be an Italian citizen now.
00:21   With the same discernment we use to revoke citizenship from those who show they do not love
00:27   our community, we should give it to people who act heroically towards this community.
00:36   So citizenship must be taken from the Senegalese who tried to kill the children, and given to
00:42   that 12-year-old foreign child who managed to save his classmates with his courage and strength.

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