Deadly Enricher-on-Enricher Violence in Barcelona

The following story is a reminder that culture enrichers from different ethnic groups don’t generally like one another. Even when everyone involved is a Muslim, Pakistanis and Africans do not get along.

Many thanks to Pampasnasturtium for translating this article from La Vanguardia. The translator includes these remarks:

Pity they can’t shout racism, because this looks like Mohammedan vs. Mohammedan.

By the way — given that music coming from musical instruments in particular (and fun in general) is haram, what were these guys doing in and around a filthy kuffar disco? Looking for narcotized easy female prey, maybe?

The translated article:

Regional police investigate a murder near Razzmatazz discotheque in Barcelona

A 23-year-old young man from Mali died in a fight on the 8th of February

News agency release, Barcelona, February 22, 2019

Mossos d’Esquadra (Catalan police force) are investigating an alleged murder that happened during the night of the 8th of February near the Razzmatazz discotheque, in the Poblenou neighborhood of Barcelona, as confirmed to Efe news agency by police sources.

As first told by El Periódico newspaper, the victim is Mamadou Haidara, a 23-year-old young man from Mali who died allegedly due to the blows he received ‘in a fight with a group of persons he confronted’.

After going to the discotheque with a friend of his, he had a row with a young man of Pakistani origin who may have called some friends to come to the place. Haidara’s friend escaped by running away, but the young man did not manage to escape and may have died due to the blows he received.

The victim’s family has summoned a demonstration for this afternoon at 4pm in the Ciutadella Park in Barcelona to ‘appeal for justice’ for the victim, whom they want to bury with dignity. ‘We’re here to return my son to Africa,’ stated Sadio Haidara, the father of the dead young man, to Efe agency. The demonstration, with the attendance of some fifty persons, walked through the main streets of the city’s center, passing by Colón’s Promenade and Sant Jaume Square.

Regional police are keeping the investigation open with the aim of finding out what happened.

5 thoughts on “Deadly Enricher-on-Enricher Violence in Barcelona

  1. mamadou haidara means literally in Arabic Mohamed Haidar
    Haidara is an alias name of ALI Mohamed’s cousin and closest friend , the name is common among Shiite muslims specially Iraqis n Bahrainis, Perhaps the Pakis -mostly radical sunnis- thought of Mamadou as a Shiite Kaffirr and eliminated the poor Senegalese.

  2. The victim’s family wanting to bury him “with dignity” meaning “in Africa” is too good for words.
    So, they’re OK with living in the dar al-harb for the quality of life and the free goodies (even when these people are not on welfare here, public health services, sanitation and schools available to them run almost entirely at the expense of the taxpayer, and so, free for everyone at the point of delivery – all of them of a standard they wouldn’t dare dreaming of in the place where they come from)… but their sanctified Mohammedan dead bodies will not rest in peace under infidel soil?
    I assume our spineless native bureaucrats will be begging to pay them for repatriation and burial costs, plane tickets for family members attendance at the ceremony, catering and all.

    • You have the wrong idea. Don’t criticize them for wanting to go back to Africa. Praise them!!!!!

      And for sure, give the relatives, all the relatives, plane tickets back to Africa. Unfortunately, the budget may be so crunched, the tickets will be one-way. But, that shouldn’t deter them, since they’re carrying out their sacred duty of being on Muslim soil.

      • Hadn’t thought of it. I can only wish!
        Maybe after living here for so long (having seen how bad the damage that multi-culti indoctrination has done to the local collective mind is), my own mind is altogether blocking the mere consideration that this type of specimens (and their welfare leeching extended families) will be interned and deported once it’s verified that the only thing they are is troublemakers, proven and persistent.
        This kind of inter-ethnic grievance and confrontation can be witnessed on a daily basis, albeit at a smaller level – and it’s only getting worse and becoming more frequent.
        The minute a Chinese man asks for something more complex than a loaf of bread at the counter of a Pakistani or Indian supermarket, or an Andean man asks for anything more complicated than the advertised sandwich&coffee offer at the Chinese bar till, bad mutual looks will start and all previous half-attempts at communication in basic-intermediate Spanish will cease (even more so if the employee or supervisor is a woman – cold silence and a direct ‘I haven’t; goodbye’ may quite simply follow). No politeness, no further enquiry leading to bidirectional commercial satisfaction, no civility…
        It’s not just that extractive-mentality, honor-based societies cannot live within altruistic, trust-based societies without imperiling the well-being and continuity of the latter; it’s also that different types of the former cannot live close to each other.

  3. Believe me, it is hard to be sarcastic in a case like this,but: “return and bury with dignity”! That is alright with me. But why are they demonstrating? Get your credit cards ready, go to a decent undertaker.
    He will do the job back to Mali for 15K $. They might as well bury their son in Spain, the place of their choice.

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