Culture-Enriching Kidnapping and Rape in Yakutsk

The following report comes from the autonomous Republic of Sakha, also known as Yakutia, in the Far East of Russia. Its population is 300,000, 47% of which is Yakut and 38% Russian. The Yakuts are a Turkic people, and speak a Turkic language, but they are not Muslims. The Kyrgyz enrichers are also Turkic, but they are Muslims.

Many thanks to RR translating this article from the Rosbalt news site:

In Yakutsk, About a Hundred Buses Out of Service Due to Anti-Migrant Sentiments in the City

Nearly 100 bus drivers of migrant origin were afraid to go to work because of the hostile attitude of citizens to migrants after the kidnapping and rape of a local woman by a labor migrant born in Kyrgyzstan. This was announced to the media by Andrei Sharygin, the director of the United Dispatch Service.

According to him, this halted service for 90 buses, out of 430 working in the city. Sharygin noted that drivers are worried about their safety. All vegetable kiosks [a type of “farmers’ market” entirely controlled by migrants from Central Asia] all over the city of Yakutsk [capital of the autonomous Republic of Sakha] are closed for a second day.

The head of the SoyuzAvto partnership, Andrei Kositsky, said that passengers got into numerous confrontations with migrant bus drivers yesterday, refusing to pay and insulting drivers.

In addition, local media reported yesterday that that there were clashes between citizens and kebab shop owners and staff [again predominantly migrants]. On Monday a video appeared, showing a man with a gun dragging a native of Central Asia to an unknown location.

Yesterday tens of thousands of residents of Yakutsk and the nearest uluses [clan groups] met with the authorities in the city. Officials assured the protesting crowds that they would conduct mass raids to identify illegal migrants and illegal businesses, and then deport violators.

A very brief video of the demonstration is here.

An afterword from the translator:

That’s how locals react to this sort of thing in a country I have long considered “oppressive”, “tyrannical” etc. In Germany recently, when a handful of people joined the funeral march for a victim raped and slain by “refugees”, they were attacked and dispersed by the culture-enrichers and German antifa… Where is the oppression now?

5 thoughts on “Culture-Enriching Kidnapping and Rape in Yakutsk

  1. Yakutsk (Russian: Яку́тск, yah-KOOTSK) is the capital city of Yakutia (an ethnic autonomous republic the size of India) and one of the oldest and coldest cities of Siberia.

    I am seriously impressed.

  2. Here is a video with an attempt of reprisal.
    Men in the car, judging by the dialect, most likely Russians. They urge the Yakut to release the migrant.

    Unfortunately, this video from YouTube has already been deleted, it remains only on FB
    In it, the Yakut (characteristic accent) threatens the migrant. A migrant shows him a Russian passport, to which the Yakut declares that he will deal with those who distribute these passports to migrants.
    Here is the news from the Russian city of Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad)
    The migrant attacked and raped a resident of Volgograd, who was six months pregnant, and then took all the money from her. A day later, the suspect was detained, he confessed to what he had done, the regional administration of the TFR reported.
    No one came out to smash the migrants.

  3. I wanted to say something along the lines of how proper this reaction is, but the translator’s afterword summed it up perfectly.

  4. This signaled a breakdown in local administration, as does the example in Germany where mourners were attacked and dispersed. In the case of Yakutia, the authorities were not enforcing the immigration laws effectively. In the case cited in Germany, the police seem to have long since given up impartial enforcement of security and allow red mobs to attack citizens unimpeded.

    It’s a truism that the smaller the unit of government, the more responsive to local concerns. Autonomous local control over the police focused protests specifically on elected local officials, who responded. The US founding fathers who opposed the adoption of the Constitution used exactly these arguments: as a central government assigned more powers to itself, the influence of the citizens of any state would decline.

    • The Empire begins to collapse from the outskirts. Yakutia is a very resource-rich republic. As in all of Russia, the voice of local residents is never taken into account. In Russia there have been riots on a national basis in the past. But for example in Kondopoga, the authorities crushed them very harshly. In Yakutia, this will not work. I already see that the authorities are much softer.

      Despite the fact that Yakutia is a trough with food for Putin’s oligarchy, people live there extremely poorly. And migrants exacerbate the situation. This is one of the causes of unrest.

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