“Why Does the State Magically Find the Money to Subsidize Migrants?”

In the brief video below, several fishermen in Sicily express their opinions about mass immigration into Italy.

Many thanks to He Ha for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   No, (the ship) must not disembark here. I think this:
00:05   I am 75 years old. Throughout these 75 years I’ve seen many politicians…
00:10   The only politician whom I can consider a real patriot is Salvini.
00:16   He has two balls like this. He’s really a patriot.
00:20   The others are just parasites, opportunists.
00:23   Haven’t they seen how Italians are starving?
00:28   There are people who can’t even buy bread.
00:31   I know many of them: people who go to bed without eating.
00:43   (Those migrants) should be sent back to their countries, it’s pointless that they remain.
00:46   I mean, they come to steal jobs from us. Let’s be clear, I am not a racist.
00:52   I even worked with a migrant who had a working visa in the past.
00:57   In my opinion, they should be sent back to their countries… I am sorry for the children.
01:02   With the unemployment rate here in Syracuse…
01:06   …we keep letting more migrants in, who will take more jobs from us?
01:10   The state spends lots of money on subsidizing migrants.
01:17   As for us Sicilians or Syracusans, with all the unemployment we have
01:21   and with all the people asking for a job — because they want to work —
01:25   not only they say that there are no jobs, but the state doesn’t even subsidize the unemployed?
01:29   Why does the state magically find the money to subsidize migrants?

6 thoughts on ““Why Does the State Magically Find the Money to Subsidize Migrants?”

  1. More and more people throughout the Western world are asking these questions; as opposition to the status quo grows support for it must fall. The establishment is showing signs of anxiety – but what can it do? The status quo is what keeps it at the top!

  2. It’s like the old saying, He who robs Peter to pay Paul can count on the support of Paul. Get enough migrants into a country, give them freebies and let them vote. They won’t vote for people who intend to end their free ride.

  3. They won’t steal jobs from you, gentlemen. They’ll just cause you to have to pay more taxes to subsidise their welfare.

  4. Politicians love to show off to the world about their largesse at the expense of ordinary workers who become slaves to subsidise these grand plans unable to afford children of their own while paying others to breed profusely. Disgusting and racist against their own people.

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