Beclowned in Virginny

The Baron has been compiling a file of material and links on the ongoing Governor Coonman crisis. To entertain himself he includes nicknames, side remarks, etc. of his own composition. I’ve become alarmed, because it seemed he might crack a rib from laughing at everything, so I thought I’d better post this and put his mind at rest.

Note: I’ve redacted some of the naughtier soubriquets.

  • Governor Ralph Northam (white Democrat) a.k.a. Coonman

    Had a photo of someone in blackface & the KKK in his med school yearbook. Admitted putting shoe polish on his face to do a Michael Jackson act, including a moonwalk.

  • Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax (black Democrat), a.k.a. Junior Assistant [Clown]man

    A woman named Vanessa Tyson, also black, accused him of forcing her to perform oral sex on her years ago. He says the act was consensual.

  • Attorney General Mark Herring (white Democrat) a.k.a. Ras[cal] Honky

    Told Gov. Coonman he should resign after the scandal broke. Later admitted wearing blackface to mimic his favorite rapper.

  • Next in line: Speaker of the House of Delegates Kirk Cox (white Republican)
  • Supporting cast: Virginia Rep. Bobby Scott (black Democrat), a.k.a. Congressman [Clown]

    In 2017 Ms. Tyson told his office about Justin Fairfax’s alleged molestation of her. Bobby Scott also has a #MeToo shadow in his past.

And here it is, Stephen Sondheim’s “Send in the Clowns” from his play A Little Night Music.

Dedicated to the many clowns who keep popping up in the Old Dominion, like characters in a play by, say, Aristophanes.

As (perhaps) Solomon reminds us in Ecclesiastes, there really isn’t anything new under the sun… especially not in politics, especially not in the game as it is played in our battered Commonwealth. Thomas Jefferson would be turning in his grave were it not for his own peccadilloes.

Plus ça change, eh?

14 thoughts on “Beclowned in Virginny

  1. In reality only scandal of today worth looking at is Lt. Governor Fairfax alleged attack on that woman( new Dem dogma teaches us that “ we have to trust the survivors “-see Kavanaugh confirmation) and Governors Northam call to kill newborn babies, as long mother and service provider agree(he at least doesn’t call that monster a doctor).Other stuff with black faces is just put simply their usual game of division of people in opposing groups so they could easier install full bore communism pardon “socialism” as original plan. Fact that their own soldiers fell in trap of their own zealotry and doing will not change that. They have a plan, and they are serious when they talk about it. People should listen the first time, but knowing my history somehow I don’t think they’ll listen. If they did, Democrat aka Communist party would be long dead and buried.

    • At one point he does indeed call the monster a “doctor”.

      The fact that Northam himself is a pediatric neurologist makes his statements about abortion infinitely more appalling than they would be otherwise.

      • One certainly has to wonder what happened to Hippocratic Oath. I guess Primum non nocere(Do not harm) is most certainly out of fashion for many “doctors”. Murder of the new born babies definitely doesn’t sound like that quite simple rule all doctors swear to before they start their practice. It’s sound more like something from stories of Herod and his actions in Bethlehem two millennia ago. That certainly caused outrage compared to quite relative silence of today. I guess it’s just sign of times we live in, where many blink on something like this or in many cases openly cheer for abortion even at late term of pregnancy and in the same time scream on top of their lungs about sanctity of life for “refugees”, in 90 % able and fit military aged men, without any second doubts.

        • Many years ago the reciting of The Hippocratic Oath at graduation ceremonies of new medical graduates was dropped specifically because the Oath includes a statement that physicians will not procure abortions.

      • The late conservative columnist, James Jackson Kilpatrick, long associated with National Review. He might have been expected to have opposed abortion without reservation.

        He did not do that. Instead, he spoke of an experience he had as a cub reporter when he visited a morgue in, I believe, Chicago. While there, he saw the corpse of a 17 year old girl, who had hemorrhaged to death after self-inducing an abortion. That image stayed with him for decades, possibly moderating his views.

        My wisdom fails me on the matter of abortion, and I am inclined to be suspicious of those who affect a general moral certainty on the matter.

        • My wisdom fails me on the matter of abortion, and I am inclined to be suspicious of those who affect a general moral certainty on the matter.

          If we had a culture that supported mothers and fathers, it would go a long way toward dropping the rate of abortion here. While it abortion is sometimes the only way out, I don’t think it ought ever to be celebrated as some kind of “freedom”…back in college, my rather dour moral philosophy adviser insisted I do my senior thesis on abortion. I was whelmed. Impatiently, I told him I already knew the subject – which I was sure I did. So he calmly responded, “well, this will be easy then, won’t it”? and reminded me that he expected good primary source citations…That was a learning experience.

          Months later it resulted in a moment of metanoia, a paradigm shift.

    • Heh. The next in line after these three is the Speaker of the House, a conservative Republican.

      Our DMV is how I imagine dealing with Russian bureaucracy must be: grim and soul-draining.

      BTW, we noticed how much the set-up of our original federal government seems to have been based on the Virginia model. Of course, many of the authors of our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution were Virginia-born. They were deists and for the most part, admirers of the (Scots-version) Enlightenment.

  2. Northam wore a sheet one day, two eyeholes cut for sight.
    He claimed he wasn’t under it – the truth has taken flight.
    Fast forward to the present day, his heart grew dark as night,
    for Northam likes your babies, but to live they have no right.

  3. Were Michael Jackson still alive would he be condemned for White Cultural Appropriation?

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