Unaccompanied Foreign Rapist Terrorizes Women in Barcelona

Yet another culture-enriching “youth” in Barcelona has expressed his youthful exuberance by coercing women to alleviate his sexual emergencies.

Many thanks to Pampasnasturtium for translating this article from the Catalonian daily La Vanguardia:

Regional police accuse an ‘unaccompanied foreign minor’ of six rapes in Barcelona

The 17-year old minor allegedly attacked women aged between 40 and 78

by Mayka Navarro
February 7, 2019

Last October, feminist organizations of the Poble Sec neighborhood gathered to publicly condemn two sexual attacks suffered by two (female) residents of the area. Another four women, one of them on the same surroundings of the Montjuïc Promenade and the other three around the Vall d’Hebron area were also sexually assaulted.

[Translator’s note: The two areas are quite distant from each other, but both have in common that they’re places where the city starts to fuse with the mountains that surround it, so there’s a mix of paved/built-up areas next to wooded, poorly-lit ‘natural’ walkways.]

The regional government’s police (‘Mossos d’Esquadra’) revealed yesterday that since the 7th of December of last year the alleged perpetrator of the six attacks has been in custody in a juvenile detention center. The suspect was identified and arrested after an extremely complicated investigation for which policemen had not a single image available. None of the victims was able to see his face.

None of the victims was able to see his face

Hardly any information about the alleged sexual attacker was provided yesterday, since he’s a minor. It did emerge as a matter of fact that he arrived in Spain last year from Morocco, and that he was under public guardianship in one of the regional government’s reception centers for minors, which he often escaped from. He consequently arrived in Barcelona with the last group of ‘unaccompanied foreign minors’ of last summer.

The attacks had generated widespread alarm in Poble Sec, where several organizations not only demonstrated, but many women changed their habits and stopped going out alone for a walk in the streets. There was no pattern in the (attacker’s) behavior. Victims fall into a range of ages that runs from 40 to 78 years old, and they were assaulted at all times of the day, during the dark night and in broad daylight. One thing is certain: in all of the assaults the attacker was careful to accost his victims when they were in a park area, without security cameras around that could tape them.

The victims were attacked from the back, at any time of the day, and with violence

Victims did agree, however, in stating that the attacker must have been young, of a considerable size, and some of them claimed that the shouts with which he intimidated them and ordered them not to shout or scream had an accent that could have been Arab.

He attacked them all from the back, threw them to the floor with force, and sexually assaulted them. He used great violence in his actions, hit some of them and in addition twice took the money the women had with them.

Detectives of the group against sexual attacks in Barcelona took a while to connect all the assaults to a single perpetrator. Between the first and the second attack a month passed. The remaining four took place in just ten days. The last one happened on the 5th of December. Two days after that, the suspect was arrested after detectives took to walking the streets of the two areas in which he would act, trying to come across a detail one of the victims had provided. Policemen have been able to trace all of the attacks to him due to a DNA match in some cases and via images recorded on the metro in which, once arrested, it was discovered he had used in coincidence with some of the rapes.

[Translator’s note: This last sentence does not make sense in the original piece in Spanish, but due to the construction of the sentence it may refer to his clothes.]

7 thoughts on “Unaccompanied Foreign Rapist Terrorizes Women in Barcelona

  1. Spain’s young men will have to organise themselves into community patrols.

    The unemployment rate is high enough that there are plenty of young men with time on their hands.

    I doubt Franco would have allowed this. It is a sad commentary when countries today do a worse job of controlling certain crimes which the dictators of the past kept under control.

    • The young men are too busy playing video games to be bothered for such activities. Feminist ideology and socialist indoctrination in schools has destroyed every society it has infected, and has emasculated males by purging natural male aggressiveness through social policies and medication.

      Dictators like orderly societies; undoubtedly, Franco would have had no problems with putting a bullet in the back of the Morroccan rapist’s head. Such criminal activity challenges the authority of the state and it’s monopoly on violence, and therefore is not tolerated. Franco probably would not have tolerated hordes of Morrocans and assorted sub-saharan human debris from invading Spain either; disinfection with lead would have been the likely course of treatment.

      • Worst of all, if the local young men had indeed the guts, the intelligence, the decision and the upbringing that are needed in cases like this to go after the attacker/s, taking the matters in their own hands in whichever (illegal) way, those same “feminist organizations” would not only not consider themselves defended, protected and avenged, but instead they’d consider themselves still more aggrieved and that insult has been added to injury. They’d quite likely both publicly denounce them very vocally, and be against them if the law has to intervene. Collectivism and submission to the state, no matter what, even if immoral.
        So, why would the local young men risk life, limb and treasure to defend a still integral part of the tribe but that anyway either ignores or scorns them – and that thinks the ONLY possible answer to war and physical attack is ‘being nice’, no matter what, so that the time will sooner then later come when the criminals will inevitably (by osmosis I guess) become nice just like us, maybe even more than us?
        (Don’t worry: knowing the local young men, they-just-won’t-do-anything).
        *Anything* that requires vigor and a firm response that’s both moral AND disproportionate in the use of force, like here, is totally rejected by both the powers that be and the considerable portion of indoctrinated population that supports them. Eloi reactions to Morlock aggression. They lost both their memory and their imagination.
        They hate Bolsonaro madly, but the arrival of a Bolsonaro might actually prevent and even avert what would otherwise happen at a later stage of decadence in absence of leaders who *still* want to use force ruthlessly *within* the law.

    • I am saddened to hear this of Spain’s young men.

      I haven’t been there for almost 30 years and at that time, in Basque country, these rapists would have been cleared out tout de suite. The Jesuit schools were turning out young men with at least some honour and a healthy respect for the culture of Spain. ETA was still very active and would not have put up with this either.

      Metrosexuals be damned

    • It’s a little too late for Ferdinand & Isabella at this point; we need an El Cid or Torquemada to drive out the traitors and islamists now.

  2. And still not a single news outlet is talking about it. I guess they are waiting to see if he has a Spanish ID, then they can decide if they hide his nationality or say he is a Spanish national

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