German Police Lie About Migrant Crime Statistics “To Preserve Civil Peace”

Whenever you see statistics about culture-enriching crime — not just in Germany, but anywhere in Western Europe — keep the following report in mind.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Statistics are always brought up in these discussions, this example shows how, subtly, they can be tweaked.
00:15   The criminal statistics show “that refugees, on average, are just as likely or less likely to commit crime compared to
00:23   the local population.” (quote from Thomas de Maizière Nov. 2015) — 37% of perpetrators that are asylum seekers commit
00:30   offences, violate residency laws or the Asylum Procedure Law. 30% commit theft and 19% fraud.
00:39   The percentage of criminal refugees that commit sexual offences is under 1%. (Source: Criminal statistics from 2014)
00:46   That’s according to the raw numbers in the statistics, but these statistics are collected by people.
00:52   A newspaper in Hannover raises the question whether the violent crime statistics are tweaked.
00:57   A state police officer is quoted as saying: “There is no lying, nothing hushed up, but things are deliberately left out.”
01:04   “There are orders to use our latitude of interpretation to preserve civil peace.”
01:11   The journalist Dieter Wonka met with the state police officer. Now he knows specifically how the statistics are tweaked.
01:23   There is no written instruction to falsify the statistics. There are certain terms, for instance, honor killing or sexual offences
01:34   That, if at all possible, should not appear in reports. In the case these terms do appear in police reports,
01:41   from what I have understood, the police chief will make a written note on the report which says: “Please review this.”
01:48   This is a signal to alert the police officer who wrote the report to remove certain terms which are provocative
01:53   and could have a negative influence on the statistics. In these statistics you will find the term assault instead of sexual assault,
02:03   without any further specification. This means the statistical accumulations are differently weighted and presented differently
02:14   as what the clear insights in detail would reveal.

12 thoughts on “German Police Lie About Migrant Crime Statistics “To Preserve Civil Peace”

  1. This country is a one big fat lie !!!whole government, police , Bundeswehr under this useless Von Leyer , this all big circus on the wheel, who is paying heavy price ??, Germans big time, dark ages ahead , communism are back ..

  2. “There is no lying, nothing hushed up, but things are deliberately left out.”

    Leaving things out is the dictionary definition of something hushed up.

    • Actually, its called ‘lying by omission’.

      Practically all mainstream news media sources lie this way nearly all the time.

      If you have no web access you have no means to detect the deliberate deceit.

  3. I find the GoV headline to be misleading. The report confirms that the police do not lie about migrant crime. Instead, they find ways to register and report a crime without doing either.

    One way is to simply not record whether an immigrant did it. Then one can truthfully state, as was done for a while, that the statistics do not support immigrants being any more criminal than the indigenes.

    Another, which I noticed in our local Polizei’s report about this year’s Silvester, is to summarize the events in anodyne terms and then describe them as “normal” for the time of the year. In this case, to know what “normal” meant, you had to look back a couple years to an excited Silvester report, by I assume, a young and not-yet-leashed press officer. It was, shall we say, a very busy night. For example, instead of a single fight between two people the previous year, and none the year before, the police had to stop four mass brawls involving more than 200 people, all over town.

    In turned out that some on the force were particularly unhappy with calling this year’s Silvester “normal”. Late in the evening, some recent immigrants started shooting rockets into a crowd of some 4000 who had gathered before midnight. The police moved in after a couple young women suffered burns, whereupon, many more recent arrivals joined in and directed a withering fire at the police.

    As far as I can tell, the police are not being compelled to lie, but to commit sins of omission. Departments, everywhere, are severely understaffed and they depend on the politicians to fund more positions.

    • Omission IS a lie, it is probably the worst lie that we in America are subjected to by our mainstream media. Anything which doesn’t support the agenda of the Left is hidden, hushed-up, goes unreported, such as active shooter incidents that are stopped by civilian gun owners who use their legally carried firearm to save people who would otherwise have been killed.

      Fake news includes no news about topics the MSM don’t want known. Lying by omission is a favorite of the followers of The Religion of Peace™. It is called “kitman”, deceit by omission. Perhaps that is why the MSM appears to favor islam over Christianity – they have more in common with muslim liars and child molesters.

      If German police are being directed to leave information out – like crimes of sexual assault by muslim “refugees” and “asylum seekers” – then the police are lying by omission. Hence, there is absolutely _nothing_ msileading about the title of this article, nor the article itself. Try again, Johnf. Maybe you will get it right next time.

      • Unfortunately or fortunately, I am not sure which, the German police are not lying. All lies are acts of commission. The police are being pressured to commit acts of omission. The former are legally actionable; the latter, except under very specific circumstances are not. If the police were lying, they could be taken to court, so they are very careful not to risk that.

        Suppose that they were lying and you punished or removed those who did not report the unpleasantries. What would that achieve? Instead of getting tidbits you might be able to analyse, you would get *nothing* because there are no press officers left, and understandably, no one foolish enough to take the job.

        I don’t like this corrosive non-reporting any more than you do. Quite possibly, I like it even less because I live in Germany and must live with what isn’t being said. If you want to stop it, however, you need to attack the source – the politicians and media, that, with their radical left-green ideology, are driving it – if that is possible.

  4. EVERYBODY ‘over there’ is lying now.
    The Police.
    Deutschland’s ‘Lugenpresse’
    Their ‘education’ establishment.
    Your typical ‘man in the street’ interviewee.
    The ‘man in the street’ interviewer.

    …………………..and the ordinary German who willingly AND KNOWINGLY accepts it all as fact while knowing that virtually all of it is a fabricated lie.

    This does not end well.

    • But it does end well. We need the conflict in order to garner the opposition to what is.

  5. I think the misleading use of statistics is lying.

    We constantly hear in the US how illegal immigrants have a lower crime rate than natives. This hides the fact that the surplus in native crime is almost totally created by US blacks. If you compare white native crime with illegal immigrant crime, there is no comparison.

    But, strangely enough, a study of federal prisons showed that illegal, and even legal, immigrants accounted for a proportion of the prison population way out of proportion to the proportion of immigrants in the general population.

    Nicholas Stix, crime reporter for, wrote that when attacked by blacks in New York, it was impossible to get the police to file a report on the attack.

    • Ronald, perhaps that is because immigrants – especially illegal immigrants – come from cultures where crime is a way of life. Also, like criminals everywhere, they have no desire to follow their “host” country’s laws.

      muslim ‘refugees” and “asylum seekers” (aka, mostly muslim men in their late teens and older) don’t care about the culture or the laws of the country they have entered (or been brought to, been “settled” in by organizations paid millions to settle these “refugees”). Both the illegals, and the ones that Obama and the Deep State “legally” 9by fiat) brought in to flood our country with muslims, live by the qur’an, by sharia. They have no interest in following our laws and customs.

      So non-muslim women are groped and raped, and gang-raped, toddlers are groped and gang-raped and urinated upon (Twin Falls, Idaho), and the spineless, gutless local authorities do nothing about it, at the worst giving the muslim scum suspended sentences.

      Infants continue to be genitally mutilated, with crude instruments like paring knives and old razor blades (unsterilized, of course). Daughters suffer “honor killing” (an oxymoron as stupid and as senseless, and as immoral as an oxymoron can be), wives are beaten, suffering broken bones, and women are disfigured for life by acid splashed upon their faces.

      We don’t hear much about these things because _our_ police are made to lie by omission, and the newspaper stringers, the researchers employed by TV news agencies aren’t allowed to mention these things in their “news” broadcasts or in print.

      It has been many decades since our American newspapers and other news agencies prided themselves on being truthful, and accurate. Now, they are merely propaganda organs, seeking to please their owners, there “masters” by only divulging the lies they are permitted to divulge.

      Truth goes to the media to die.

      • There actually is an active community of real journalists and pamphleteers. It consists of shoestring, self-funded, crowd-funded operations like Gates of Vienna, and many others. The truth is there, at least in the US. In other countries, you can get the truth by using a VPN and surfing with a US address.

        Once an organization becomes too large, its focus diverges from the truth and becomes its own existence and its accumulation of wealth. Most mainstream journalists are far more entertainers than journalists. The technology companies originally devoted to furthering communication are now devoted to filtering and censoring. You can get a lot out of Twitter and YouTube, but have to keep in mind that real journalists and real thinkers are always subject to arbitrary censorship and de-platforming.

        I repeat: the truth is available. You may have to subscribe, or dig, but it’s there. If you want the truth, you have to pay. Gates of Vienna exists on voluntary contributions, although it’s free access.

        The very worst thing that can happen is to put communications under government control to insure access. This is a form of free rent: you’re trying to get for free (open access for your opinions) what would not be given by the providers like Google and Facebook. I have no respect for them whatsoever, but if you want the availability of truth to vanish, then use the government as a means for your convenience.

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