Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens

The latest on the Minstrel Show in Richmond:

The Virginia Legislative Black Caucus has called on Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax to resign. They were one of the last holdouts in the Democrat Party still supporting the lieutenant governor, so Mr. Fairfax basically has no political supporters left. That alone should seal his fate, but the Democrats in the House of Delegates are also preparing articles of impeachment against him if he doesn’t resign by tomorrow, as they have demanded.

As for Governor Coonman, he’s still hanging in there. He’s vowed to leave the party and become an independent if necessary, in order to hold onto his office. However, the NAACP has now called on him to resign because of the WAYCIST picture in his med school yearbook, so his position is getting shakier.

The main protection for the governor is the fact that Attorney General Mark Herring is also admittedly guilty of wearing blackface, which means that he, too, would have to resign. The imminent fall of the lieutenant governor means that the last man standing in the chain of succession would then be Speaker of the House of Delegates Kirk Cox, who is not only white, but — gasp! — a Republican. He would become the interim governor, pending a special election. So my bet is that the Democrats will allow Northam to hang in there as a vestigial figurehead, devoid of any real political power.

But who knows? The whole mess has attained its own momentum, with its own internal dynamics, so anything can happen.

I must go pop another big bowl of popcorn — this farce may go on for quite a while longer.

Thanks to Nash Montana for the meme pic.

5 thoughts on “Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens

  1. So my bet is that the Democrats will allow Northam to hang in there as a vestigial figurehead, devoid of any real political power.

    Our governor’s office is already pretty much a figurehead. They serve for four years which gives them plenty of time to look for other work. Both of Virginia’s two Senators are former governors. Democrats.

  2. Both the governor in his campaign, and the attorney general used racial virtue-signaling and personally don’t deserve the least consideration.

    But, the principle to be established is, does a 35-year old incident which harmed no one and which may (or may not) genuinely offend someone today, qualify an office-holder to lose his office forthwith? Such an exacting standard would probably disqualify most of today’s politicians…especially since those who enjoy politics tend to enjoy social occasions which may be a bit off-color (or on-color).

    Even though a black lieutenant governor is caught up, the principle of ramming someone out of office on the unsubstantiated word of a woman accuser prior to a real and fair hearing of the charges, is valuable enough to make Fairfax acceptable collateral damage. After all, the bulk of accusations pushed by the press will be against Republican white males, so the benefits to the Democrats are obvious.

    I would love to see some principled Republican (are there any do-do’s left?) say that the blackface allegations, even if they turn out to be completely, 100% true, do not rise to the level of a removable offense.

    If they want to go after Northam for his abortion stand, and against Herring for his hypocritical pontificating about Northam, then it’s a legitimate political debate. But blackface 30 or 35 years ago….who cares? We all know its political posturing by racial identity groups and cultural Marxists to establish their power in the political process.

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