The Canadian Version of “Killing Free Speech”

Vlad has made the full movie of Killing Free Speech available for New Year’s Day. His post is mirrored below.

Today only: Full movie: Killing Free Speech: (The Canadian version)

Film maker Michael Hanson, is allowing us to show the Canadian version of his excellent film, Killing Free Speech, a kind of sequel to his movie, Killing Europe, which was banned from the Ottawa Public Library at the last minute by leftist activists including Antifa, accused election fraudster, Tim Tierney, then city councillor and head of the library board, and SJW lawyer Richard Warman. The details of that will be made clear in this movie.

Please enjoy and spread the link to all who may benefit from seeing it. This is a one day only showing of the film and exclusively at this website, and Gates of Vienna.

A Happy New Year to all who click this site!

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