Dignity Good! Yellow Vest Bad!

In the following talk, French President Emmanuel Macron seems more like an android or audio-animatron than a human being, never mind a statesman. Watch his hand-gestures — copied from TV news reporters and presenters. It’s creepy.

Anyway, now we know what he thinks of those impertinent “Yellow Vest” protesters.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Dignity, my dear fellow countrymen, is also the respect
00:04   of everyone. And I have to say it: I recently saw
00:08   the unthinkable and heard the unacceptable.
00:12   We live free in our country only because
00:16   generations who preceded us fought
00:20   so they wouldn’t have to be subject of despotism or any tyranny. And this freedom
00:24   requires a Republican Order. It demands the respect
00:28   of everybody and of all opinions.
00:33   That some use a pretext to be speaking in the name of We the People,
00:37   but — which one? — From where? — How? And being in fact nothing more than the spokespersons
00:41   for a hateful mob. They attack representatives, the police
00:45   journalists, Jews, foreigners, gays.
00:49   It’s simply the negation of France.
00:53   We the People is sovereign. It expresses itself
00:57   during elections. That’s when it chooses its representatives
01:01   who make the law. Precisely
01:06   because we have the Rule of Law.
01:10   The Republican Order will be reinstated without indulgence.
01:14   Because I’m expecting from everyone the respect
01:18   that is essential for life in society.

One thought on “Dignity Good! Yellow Vest Bad!

  1. Of course, Macron was seen to be a marionette from the time that he was ‘elected’.
    It appears that technology has advanced to the stage at which strings have been dispensed with.
    It’s that … or robotics is churning out world ‘leaders’.

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