Culture-Enrichers on the Rampage in Amberg

A group of four “youths” of various culture-enriching ethnicities went on a rampage for several hours last weekend in the Bavarian city of Amberg. In their boyish enthusiasm, the young miscreants indulged themselves by insulting, harassing, beating, and kicking passers-by in the public spaces of the city.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is an article about the incident from Bild, also translated by MissPiggy:

Amberg — New details are surfacing about the assault orgy in the center of Amberg. The police now say twelve people were injured by the mob of young asylum seekers. Originally, the police said nine people were injured.

The four young men (17-19 years old, two Afghans, an Iranian, a Syrian) went on a rampage for several hours, and seemingly indiscriminately assaulted passers-by this past weekend. The investigating judge remanded the refugees in custody. They were taken to different prisons.

The mob even beat a girl.

The violent rampage began on Saturday (Dec. 29, 2018) at 6:30 P.M. At the train station, one of the refugees first kicked Nino M. (just 13) in the stomach for no reason, then hit Marco S. (29, landscape gardener) in the face.

At the station forecourt the next attack: One of the men is said to have insulted and harassed a girl (17) as a “hooker”. When the girl’s companions (both 17) intervened, they were injured by blows to the face.

In addition, according to eyewitnesses, the asylum seekers are said to have shoved a man down a flight of stairs at the train station.

Another victim (17) to Bild: “They cursed one of us as ‘nigger’, punching us immediately. We tried to run away, but they caught up to us at the traffic light. There were at least six of them. Three of my friends were punched, I was beaten down and kicked.” The vocational student was brought to the Mariahilf Hospital with bruises and concussion. A man who tried to help the victims was also beaten up.

Then the attackers fled. On Nabburger street they attacked two other passers-by, injuring them moderately. Immediately thereafter, three police officers captured the four men. One of them resisted, and insulting a female officer as a “c**t”.

Amberg Mayor Michael Cerny (CSU) wrote on Facebook: “The judiciary must respond with the appropriate severity, and subsequently the asylum authorities and youth welfare services. Of course, one should not generalize, but on the whole these idiots have done a disservice to peaceful and committed asylum seekers.”

Video transcript:

00:00   Following the attacks by drunken asylum seekers in the Bavarian town of Amberg,
00:05   in which twelve people were injured, the German Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer
00:09   announced a plan for strengthening laws on deportation.
00:13   “The events in Amberg have upset me very much. We can not tolerate these acts of
00:17   excessive violence. If asylum seekers commit violent crimes, they must leave our country.
00:22   If existing laws are not enough, they need to be changed,” said Seehofer in a statement
00:26   to the Bild newspaper. In addition, he plans to submit proposals to the coalition.
00:30   The Interior Minister also said the obvious xenophobic attack in Bottrop had concerned
00:34   him deeply, adding it was necessary to treat both cases sternly and decisively in order to
00:41   maintain political credibility. Christoph de Vries, the CDU domestic expert, expressed himself
00:45   similarly recently, saying, “the unrestrained violence of these younger refugees from the
00:49   Middle East is stunning. How can they treat the society that provides them protection
00:55   and assistance from war with such brutal violence and irreverence?”
00:59   It is important now that justice system impose severe penalties. In addition, youth social
01:03   services must help to make it clear that this anti-social violent behavior has consequences.
01:08   The head of the German Police Union, Rainer Wendt, demands that the federal government
01:13   make a statement on this issue. “The spokesperson for the federal government must
01:18   give an explanation for this case. It is unacceptable that the term “manhunt” is used only when
01:21   referencing right-wing extremist offenders,” Wendt said to The BILD newspaper.
01:24   Wendt says further, “in cases like these, the motives of the offenders are always ‘unknown’.
01:29   I can tell you the motive: It is a deep contempt for our government and the people who live here.”

34 thoughts on “Culture-Enrichers on the Rampage in Amberg

    • “Were there none in Amberg?”


      You have to be your own sheepdog. Or accept the depredations of the wolf.

      “The judiciary must respond with the appropriate severity,…….”

      It is to laugh. You let yourselves be disarmed and now you reap……

    • Everybody who dares to fight back will be accused of being a Nazi.

      You know, a few years back a drunk afro-american asylum seeker attacked two drunk Germans. They won. So the afro-american walked to the next Police Station and accused the two Germans of being nazis, attacking him, the poor defenseless foreigner etc.

      The Police arrested both Germans, flew them to Karlsruhe, because the highest prosecutor of Germany had pulled this case into his clutches as NAZI-cases must be heard in Karlsruhe. And the biggest german tabloid BILD ran articles about Nazis everywhere for weeks.
      The entire time the two Germans were pressured into admitting being nazis and being the attackers. They refused.
      Five minutes before the trial began, a Police officer looked into the Smartphone of the afro-american and voila, he had recorded the entire affair. And, no surprise, the afro-american was the attacker.
      So, the entire affair was swept under the rug, disappeared from the news and the two Germans were released.
      But, because it had taken so long and they had lost their jobs and could not pay their rents, their landlords had dropped their belongings into the garbage and the two Germans were left only with the clothes on their backs and had to pay the landlords for the outstanding rent.
      Yes, the state payed them 25,- per day minus 7,- for Food = Euro 18,- but that is your fate in Germany if you are accused of racism, attacking poor defenseless foreigners and not succumbing to the”suggestions” of the Police.

      Any questions still open, Kienzle?
      (in a german political Show at the end the one moderator asked the second one after explaining everything: “Noch Fragen, Kienzle?”)

      • Thank you for making that clear.
        You are not allowed to defend yourself. If you do, you are really in trouble.
        They even make up fake problems, like they did the Hetzjagd in Chemnitz.

      • I can’t believe an Afro-American would be claiming asylum in Germany. Is there a war in the USA? Or did he just not like Trump?

        • Yeah. The whole story sounds made-up. I can’t imagine a circumstance where an American black would be requesting asylum in Germany. Also, if the guy was attacking two Germans, how did he record himself attacking two people?

          There are enough real incidents.

      • Let me recitfy the story: The incident happened back in 2006 when an Ethiopian by the name of Ermyas Mulugeta was allegedly attacked by two men who perfectly served the stereotype of the xenophobic East German. The case got huge media attention and I remember the scene when the two of them were shown on the prime time news show getting out of the helicopter that brought them to the Federal Prosecutor General in Karlsruhe handcuffed like Hannibal Lecter. Later it turned out that the alleged victim had alcohol problems and that HE started attacking the two Germans first.

        Sources (in German):

    • Wolves? Mutts more like. The four in the photo look like they couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag. They get away with it for now, not realising that those who are slow to anger stay furious for a very long time.

    • Well start bloody well learning to be the wolf, the sheepdogs are on strike for they see the sheep trying to turn on them.

  1. How can they treat the society that provides them protection and assistance from war with such brutal violence and irreverence?” (Interior Minister)

    I guess that the Interior Minister really doesn’t understand the end game of Islam, and its view of dhimmi like the Minister.

  2. The judiciary must blah, blah, and subsequently the asylum authorities and welfare services must blah blah. Blah, blah, disservice to peaceful and committed asylum seekers.


    This kind of criminal behavior will continue and increase as long as the good people of Germany put their trust in politicians and technocrats.

  3. Used to live near here. It was a US Armored training area in the 60’s and 70’s with M 60 tanks right by the main road. Gone now. So are the US soldiers – otherwise would never have happened here. Mutti Merkel, the childless ex- Communist, is a certifiable lunatic who hates her country and people.

    • Stop calling Merkel an ex-communist.
      She always was, still is and always will be a full-fledged hard core communist, period.

      • hmmm. You mean Neo-nazi ..Neo-fascist ?
        Like the rest of Germans who trust her so much according to new pool ..
        Old ,solid brown and so familiar real German colors are coming out from pealing and fading German facades…..
        IV Reich…and Führerin..

  4. Death penalty. So simple. All enrichers should get the death penalty if they commit a crime.

    • All enrichers should be given six months to leave – after six months they must be compelled to leave.

      • Do you know of a way to compel expulsion? It would be great if writing such a solution made it happen, but so far we have no evidence of that happening on a wide-spread basis.

        • Expulsion could be accomplished quite easily; the catch is there first must be political will to do so. And that is a very big catch.

          All the supposed excuses given by the German government as to why it is so difficult to expel criminal invaders stem from the lack of political will to do so. And lack of political will is only an issue because the German voters do not yet agree in large enough numbers that expelling any invaders let alone criminal ones is a compelling enough issue.

          Assuming the relevant laws were in place, the German government could simply require all invaders to report in person to get their welfare payments at which point any that have been selected for expulsion are taken into custody. Any who refuse to show up would be flagged, and their biometrics used to trigger a detain order the next time they tried to obtain govt services. They already have an extremely comprehensive police state in place, so this could be accomplished quite easily if only the will to do so was there.

          • Expulsion could be accomplished quite easily; the catch is there first must be political will to do so. And that is a very big catch.

            Yes, it is. Because who owns this “political will”? In the U.S. it’s owned by the politicians. Thus, despite the numbers of citizens who want illegal immigration to end, it nonetheless continues because there is a lot of money to be made on illegals.

            Mexico doesn’t have a problem with illegals. Just try overstaying your visa and see what happens. Yes, they let in The Caravan, and then Mexico let them barrage the U.S. Payback is hellacious.

            Trump needs to crack down on Mexico but he can’t easily do that until there’s a real border.

        • It’s not happening because the politicians don’t want it to happen. If enough of them did it would.

          • That’s what I thought I said. There is a huge divide between the political class – including the administrative state – and regular voters. The former are well-paid by lobbyists.

        • A way to compel expulsion is to arrest the ones that commit a crime and put them on a plane.

          If any SJW tries to stop the deportation just beat them until they’re quiet. Create a new crime, possibly “preventing or trying to prevent a criminal’s deportation” and give 20 years in prison for it.

          You’re asking about ways to compel. Those are quite simple. What’s not simple is what you talked about later, get those measures in practice.

  5. So, four (or six) young thugs terrorized a Bavarian city for several hours. Are there no men there? There are few places in the US where I could imagine that act lasting more than a few minutes. Shame on the Bavarians for letting it continue, and for encouraging copy cats. There will be more.

    • There are few places in the US where I could imagine that act lasting more than a few minutes.

      Try San Francisco. Or Portland – either Oregon or Maine. IOW, any blue bubble around. The slaughter in Chicago has been going on for years despite their strict gun control laws.

      • Using history as a guide, if Islam does successfully take over Europe, antifa will go the way of the left in Iran after 1979.

      • Actually, a more relevant event occurred in Chicago several years ago. On a visit, I noticed police at every streetcorner in the North Michigan downtown area.

        It turned out that that the downtown area was plagued by young, black “polar bear hunting” gangs. They would hook up for the occasion on social media, meet for the first time, walk around as a pack, and when they saw a vulnerable white, one (or more) blacks would go up to him and try to knock him out with a surprise punch. That was “polar bear hunting”.

        It was starting to affect the tourist dollars, so the police literally flooded downtown at every corner with two or three police.

        I guess very few people were able to fight back. The gangs probably chose people by themselves who looked vulnerable. I doubt they would have attacked a group of young white men.

  6. Hehehe.
    4 underage “male” kittens terrorized population small German city:-))
    Let’s be serious..
    I assure you it wouldn’t happen in Poland..They would consider themselves very fortune if whole story ended for them in hospital with some injuries..
    But it is Poland..Lawless country having problems with “European Standards” and “Rules of Law”..
    We can’t measure our primitive Culture with Super Advance German Culture …
    I think we should be kick out of EU..
    No place in EU for Culturally undeveloped Polish Barbarians …

    • You mean…. No place in EU for people who can’t the see Emporer’s New Clothes, but can see his scabrous, rotting body.

      • Dear Ellie.
        Polish people are feed up with EU..
        Poland has been colonized and deprived Sovereignty by Germans again..It’s become so clear for every rationally thinking Pole..
        We have been betrayed by German agent D.Tusk serving his German Fascist paymasters..
        What’s worse we have been betrayed by current government..
        Kaczynski and his political circle are Masons and Zionists..
        Hi is serving theirs interest …
        There is a huge change in current Polish Political landscape…
        Kaczynski will loose 2019 parliamentary elections.
        Patriotic ,Conservative, Catholics circles abandoning in mass Kaczynski and his rulling party.
        In Poland we identifying Berlin and Neo-fascist Germany as a biggest treat for Polish and European countries existence …
        We see Bruxell and EU nothing else thanl German Neo-fascist political tool.
        British.Italian political class start to realized what’s “cooking” and is stepping out from this German and Benelux Nazi project.

    • the photo above this thread is from another event years back. So not 4 kittens. The guys I see in town are often gym inflated thugs with a sick ego that even makes them attack bar bouncers.Often they are drugged up and would have no inhibition to kill.

  7. I’m sure the enrichers were just protecting themselves from the mean Germans, and they were on the way to their well-paying jobs where they earn money to pay taxes to support elderly Germans.

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