Strasbourg Death Toll Increases to Four

A fourth victim — an Italian reporter who was shot in the head — has died of wounds sustained in Tuesday’s Islamic terrorist attack in Strasbourg. The following Spanish-language news report has the latest on the case.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is a brief article from ANSA about the death of the Italian reporter:

Italian Reporter Shot in Strasbourg Attack Has Died
Antonio Megalizzi was hit in the head in terrorist attack

(ANSA) — Paris, December 14 – Antonio Megalizzi, a young Italian reporter who was shot in the head in Tuesday’s terrorist attack at Strasbourg’s Christmas market, has died, foreign ministry sources said on Friday. “This news saddens me a great deal,” Premier Giuseppe Conte told a news conference following this week’s European summit.

“Affectionate, emotional thoughts go to his girlfriend.” “We must unite in this pain”.

Video transcript:

00:02   Increasing the number of dead to four in the attack in Strasbourg , one of the wounded has died.
00:07   Another nine people remain hospitalized.
00:10   One of them is in a brain-dead state. This death occurred the day after the presumed terrorist
00:15   was killed by shots fired by police in the same neighborhood where he resided,
00:20   in the neighborhood of Neudorf, which during those hours was combed inch by inch
00:24   after two days of intense search. Cherif Chekatt, 29 years old, a Frenchman of Algerian origin,
00:28   was the most wanted man in France
00:32   after shooting at a crowd in the Christmas market of Strasbourg on Tuesday.
00:37   He was also being sought in Germany and Switzerland, where he had served prison sentences.
00:41   The investigation will continue, said the chief of anti-terror prosecutors in Paris,
00:49   to identify possible accomplices and co-perpetrators inclined to help
00:53   or encourage the preparation and run-up to action.
00:56   Also we are going to focus now on reconstructing the 48 hours that have just passed,
01:01   to see, above all, if he had help in his flight.
01:07   The prosecutor announced that seven persons remain under arrest
01:11   They include the parents of the terrorist, two brothers, and three persons of his close circle,
01:16   two of them detained last night.
01:19   Chekatt, a common criminal with 27 convictions,
01:22   was on the radar of the security forces because of his radicalization.

Hat tip for the article: Vlad Tepes.